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Discover How Todd Grossman Took His Career to the Next Level

In this episode of Realty Austin's Make the Move video series, Todd shares the stories of his success and how Realty Austin impacted the growth of his business. Find out how you can up your game by checking out our Careers Page, or fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch. 


Todd Grossman Production from 2009-2014

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After relocating from Vegas to provide a better quality of life for his family, Todd made the move to Realty Austin in 2009. Read more about Todd's successful real estate career.

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Transcript from Todd's Video

Todd Grossman with Realty Austin, I’ve been with Realty Austin since 2009. When I first started here, I think I was one of the first 20 agents with Realty Austin. Fast forward to where we are today, 6-years later, and Realty Austin has become this juggernaut of a real estate company. Once I made the determination to come onto Realty Austin, I saw that from where I was before with these other small brokerages, and what Realty Austin offered was something completely different. They’re not afraid to ruffle the edges a little bit to get to the next level. Realty Austin has changed my business in several different ways. Probably the most important one is the ability and the abundance of technology. In order to be successful in today’s industry in real estate, in my opinion, technology is key. Realty Austin keeps me in the forefront technology-wise on a daily basis.

I'm big on making as much money as I possibly can and spending as little as I possibly can. With Realty Austin, it’s given me the opportunity with the support staff to really handle my business and really not spend a lot. With the contract to close, with listing coordination, I don’t use anything else. I don’t have a personal assistant. I don’t have people running around doing things. It’s me, myself, and I, but I never feel like I'm on this island by myself. I’ve got this support staff behind me that make it easy. Realty Austin has allowed me in several different aspects to have that live/work environment. I don’t work many weekends. I don’t work in the evening. When I say that I don’t do this stuff, if I have to, I will. But 99% of the time I don’t have to because I’ve got so much support being done for me at times that I'm doing other things.

With Realty Austin, there are so many tools in place, again, from the transaction coordinators to marketing, and then just a great group of agents, that I’ve got an agent that watches over my business when I'm gone. The marketing department is still sending out marketing pieces. Transaction coordinators are still doing what they have to do, so I don’t need to sit there and worry about this being done or that being done. I don’t need to think twice, I'm taken care of. The stuff that’s put out by Realty Austin, by the support staff just makes me look better. It makes me look like I'm a heck of a lot smarter than I am. With my family being the most important thing, I need to be around an environment that has that same sort of style, aspiration, and feeling. That’s the biggest thing about the culture here, it’s very family oriented.

I often get asked what it is that makes me different. It’s nothing but consistency – following up with e-mails, calling clients, calling leads, and just doing what needs to be done in the business. My day doesn’t end until that’s over. My clients know – and the one compliment that I always get is that no one ever responds to their e-mail or phone faster than me.

I get asked this all the time. “Why don’t I own my own real estate brokerage?” The simple answer to the question is, “I can’t do it better.” It’s pretty easy. There’s no rocket science to any this. If you know how to sell real estate, why not work for the best real estate company? If you’re an agent that’s experienced, you can do it here with a heck of a lot less money than you’re spending now. If you’re a newer agent that meets the criteria to come over to Realty Austin, you can spend a lot less of your money to get started. So, why go anywhere else?


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