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Discover How Sari Pearce Took Her Career to the Next Level

In this episode of Realty Austin's Make the Move video series, Sari described the many ways Realty Austin is 'not like panda' and how we have helped her evolve and grow her business 5x in the 2 years since she made the move to Realty Austin. Find out how you can up your game by checking out our Careers Page, or fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch. 


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After 10 years selling real estate, Sari made the move to Realty Austin in 2012. Read more about Sari's successful real estate career.

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Transcript from Sari's Video

Hi, my name is Sari Pearce and I joined Realty Austin in 2012. I started looking around after two years of working with a family-owned real estate company. I had exhausted their support system or exhausted their resource. I needed a company who could support me, network and get me the leads. The leads that were available to me were real live leads. I was able to get referrals from the closings I had with leads and there were so many of them, it wasn't like one or two that were coming through a month, there were hundreds that I could choose from, literally, hundreds.

I always tell my kids and myself that I don't want to be like panda. Do you know what that means? Panda is almost extinct because they only eat bamboo shoots, you know set in their own way. Realty Austin also has that culture too, they're not a panda they are always evolving and trying out new systems here and there. Realty Austin will continue to grow. They're always searching where are we; what do we need to do? What are we doing wrong; what are we doing right? I love that about this company.

With Realty Austin is everything is transparent. It keeps me calm. It's just good to know where I stand in the company and that there's room to grow. Realty Austin supports me spending my own time with my own family. One of the things that Jonathan told me at my initial interview that struck me, was I shouldn't be going out with buyers all day on Sunday and that the family life is important. That I should be spending weekends with my family and that's the first broker who told me this.

I was a classical violinist first. When you're playing the violin, you follow through the system and you practice and practice and practice until you get perfect. You can personalize what Realty Austin offers you, but you first have to know what they are. So it's sort of like practicing scales, you have to learn what the instrument is before you can play, you know like Mendelssohn Concerto. With Realty Austin, the system is there like the classical music but you just have to learn it and make it your own.

Before I joined Realty Austin, I was doing everything. Trying to do a newsletter and I was trying to manage my own website, which was totally inefficient because I'm not a tech person. Realty Austin has everything lined up for me so all I can focus, all I get to focus is sell real estate and meet people and that's what the support of technology and the system Realty Austin has allows me to do. I can get support everywhere. If my sales manager happens to be busy, I have four others on my phone here that I can call up and it's great.

In the area where days on market is about 60-70 days I was able to sell this luxury home in less than a week and it has to do with the marketing for sure. I also don't have to work on a monthly newsletter because Jonathan puts out a fabulous one and makes it look like I did it all.

Agents at Realty Austin are happier. They're happier company. Happier agents make better colleagues. I can help other agents and be helped by other agents. We’re just like one family and it's a great culture to be in. I've never been in a company like this before and I feel like I have finally come to the broker to work with and the company to work with. Realty Austin there's only one Realty Austin and I don't think any other companies can offer what they're offering. You don't understand the depth of their support until you actually join and start to realize oh my goodness; wow, this, this, this…it's been fabulous.

I feel like I'm right in the middle of where I should be. It feels right. So after all these years of searching and almost 10 years in real estate, I feel like this is such a perfect match, and I'm here for good. I'm much happier and I'm making so much more.


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