Make the Move - Lisa Muñoz

Discover How Lisa Muñoz Took Her Career to the Next Level at Realty Austin

Looking to take your business to the next level? Year-over-year top producing agent Lisa Muñoz proves she has what it takes to be a real estate industry leader. Find out how Realty Austin can change your game by filling out the contact form below.

Why Lisa Muñoz Made the Move to Realty Austin

In this episode of Realty Austin's Make the Move video series, Lisa Muñoz shares her past experience in real estate, why she made the move, and how she built her team to become a top-producing game changer at Realty Austin.

Lisa Muñoz Production from 2010-2014

Total Real Estate Sales Since Joining Realty Austin

After 10 years selling real estate, Lisa made the move to Realty Austin in 2011. In 2014, Lisa blew past her goal and sold 120 homes in one year which attributed to $30 million in total sales. Read more about Lisa Muñoz' successful real estate career.

Bar chart of Lisa Munoz Production

Transcript from Lisa's Video

I’m Lisa Munoz and I came to Realty Austin in 2011. It took me so long to come to a point of just being open to other opportunities. I had wanted to do over 100 transactions. In fact, I just wanted to help as many people as possible. In researching it a bit more I could tell that they were doing things very differently. Realty Austin has helped me at every level, grow my business. Realty Austin was able to position me in the marketplace so that sellers felt confident in me to get their houses the maximum exposure, sell them for top dollar, and get them great results. Everything improved, the work-life balance, the number of transactions, my average sales price, the amount of time my listings were on the market.

There’s so many agents here doing things so differently, but all very successfully, and here you can really figure out, what you’re great at and know that you’ll have the support to run forward with that and take your business to the next level. The people within this organization are every day looking for what are the best practices here. What are the trends moving forward? How can we get you and your team up and running to provide your clients with the best service possible?

I have created a team trained by Realty Austin to give my clients service every day of the week and then allow me time to rest, rejuvenate, and focus on my priorities, which are my family. When you’re here you feel like you’re part of a family and you can see that the leadership cares about you. People know each other and it feels like that kind of local Austin vibe in the company, but also with our clients.

We are really committed to making Austin a better place to live. We donate our time and our money to places like Habitat for Humanity, and Foundation Communities, and it’s something that our leadership here at Realty Austin really believes in. We are a culture of contribution, and play, and performance.

That’s what’s so great about Realty Austin is that we have a lot of high performers here and I would say that there’s a real culture of performance. When you have people performing at such a high level, we also have people having a really great time at a high level.

The Diamond Club is something that was created just a couple of years ago for the top of the top in terms of volume and transactions. It started as an award and now there’s just all this value add stuff there where we’re getting together, we’re masterminding and really just trying to make each other better by sharing and contributing and celebrating our success.

Every year it gets better, and better, and better. To be around people who really care about my success is kind of amazing.

Thanks, guys! Now let’s go sell some houses.


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