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Find out what our agents think of the quality and quantity of our leads, and learn how our leads, technology, and systems helped them grow their business exponentially since joining Realty Austin.

In this episode of Realty Austin's Make the Move™ video series, Realty Austin REALTORS® Josh Lasserre, Jeff Sehon, Alyssa Flores and David Ramirez share their experience closing Realty Austin's web leads, and the impact it's had on their business.

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The Realty Austin Effect

Production Closed and Under Contract Since Joining Realty Austin for Josh Lasserre, David and Alyssa, and Jeff Sehon

Bar chart of Josh Lasserre Bar chart of David and Alyssa Bar chart of Jeff Sehon

Transcript from Video

I have so much fun doing this. It's not work. It really isn’t. I have never worked harder, but had much more fun and more profit from my efforts than ever. What we are putting energy on we’re actually seeing results, and a lot of results.

Before Realty Austin it was so just like traditional. It was so antiquated. Where I was they would kind of put you on the phone and you would be getting rental calls, and trying to place somebody’s Rottweiler. I used to go knock – or go to builders, visit ten builders a day. It was door knocking. It was cold calling. It was anybody that you could get your hands on. It was pretty much go get your own business. It was a grind and it was something that I never, ever want to think about again.

It's so efficient now at Realty Austin to where our leads are a big part of our business and the technology allows us to focus on the money producing activities. I really think the lead system is the future of real estate. The misconception about leads is that people think it’s kind of like the junk food of realty and it’s really not. They’re real. People are registering at the site. They’re entering their e-mail. They’re entering their phone number. They’re entering their name, so they’re giving us information because they want help. At that point you will have met somebody that you wouldn’t have met otherwise, ever.

It took me a matter of two or three months to close my first lead and then it just started to snowball. It started to go and it was what we consider the Realty Austin effect. That first year and a half I was able to do $2.8 million. Then when I came to Realty Austin I just flipped it, so I did $8.2 million. That’s what the leads really helped me do was to increase my pipeline and richen my SOI. When I was able to kind of ease up on the type of work that I was doing and not have to work so hard to get leads was when I really turned it on and could see, like, God, this is like Manna from heaven. This is incredible.

Working leads is something that I could do every day. It's not terribly difficult. I do it in my robe all of the time. My neighbors think that all I have is a robe to wear. With the leads you could always be generating business. In one week I did eight deals during Christmas. As of today, which is mid-year, I’ve already surpassed last year’s total. We have the capability to – and the technology – to stay in contact and be front of mind without being too pushy.

A lot of other realtors are going to fall away if they don’t get a response in a week, or two weeks, or whatever. Their efforts cease. Ours don’t. Ours continue, and continue, and continue, because you’re going to be reminded through the lead system. Whether it takes three months, six months, or three years, we’re going to be there the whole way. I have leads from pretty much all over the country, East Coast, West Coast, Europe, Northern Africa. I checked it last night, 375 active buyers. That’s a lot. I'm constantly talking to 375 and I know every one of them. That’s the crazy part of it.

We have the ability to look at the browsing history of the consumer, and it helps us get a better idea of what type of home they’re looking for, what type of areas their budget. I can isolate leads by price point or location. So if I want to just look at leads that are $700K and above, and just focus on those guys I can. You just build, and build, and build, where you’ve got a body of, you know, 300, 500, 700 people that you are monitoring and watching how they’re acting on our website. We’re able to kind of be at the right place at the right time on purpose, rather than by accident.

With Realty Austin being the number one, most visited website and for agents that want to do business at the highest level, if you’re going after leads you are going to have the best chance of succeeding here, because they’re signing up on our website first. This year alone more half million, and million buyers than I did my whole career – I don’t know what they’re doing on the website. The website is out of control right now.

Whether in a thriving market or in a down market, it’s something that allows us to feel safe and comfortable and know that we will always have clients to assist. I'm probably getting like two or three appointments a week off web leads right now. I mean that’s stupid ridiculous. Let’s face it. The market will eventually change. It always changes. He really pushes us to adapt to the technology so we are ahead of the curve.

We’re changing all of the time. So he’s evolving the technology all of the time, because we have to. I think Jonathan is just relentless and I just really appreciate his drive. Our system is not something that you can just go buy off the shelf. Like, “I bought the system and we’re done.” You’re not, because that is completely customized. It's something that you can absolutely not purchase. It's not a system that another broker can go out and just buy and then you’re like us. It's not.

We’re among the best places to work, because we’ve got a fantastic, enthusiastic, happy culture. It's like a family in that you can rely on everybody to want to help you grow your business. This is a high level type of realty operation, and everybody you’re working with is high level.

We want everybody to be successful. All agents here back each other up. You want somebody who’s your enthusiast. They’re your fan. You can depend on the leadership. You can depend on our marketing. You can depend on other agents. We have all the support we can possibly have behind the scenes to where we can focus on doing what we do best. Working that more and more makes it very fulfilling, because you’re working how you want to work. That’s beautiful.


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