Make the Move - Lockie & Warren Ealy

Discover How Lockie and Warren Took Their Career to the Next Level

In this episode of Realty Austin's Make the Move video series, Lockie and Warren Ealy share how Realty Austin helped grow their business by 122% within the first 12 months. Find out how you can up your game by checking out our Careers Page, or fill out the contact form below and we'll be in touch.


Ealy Team Production from 2012-2015

Total Real Estate Sales Since Joining Realty Austin

After 7 years in the business working for other brokers, Lockie Ealy joined Realty Austin. In 2013, Warren and Lockie joined forces to form The Ealy Team. Warren focused on growing their business with leads generated by Realty Austin. Read more about the Ealy Team's successful real estate career.

Bar chart of Ealy Team Production

Transcript from Lockie & Warren's Video

My name is Lockie Ealy. My name is Warren Ealy. And we're the Ealy Team.

I have been in the business for seven years and I felt like I was always looking for something and I wasn't quite sure what that was. When I came over, the transition was so much easier than I thought it would have been. There was a training set in place for the new agents on board. I was blown away. I couldn't believe that no one else in Austin was offering this for real estate agents. It was a no-brainer for me.

And being in this industry we can choose whatever company we want to work for, and there is a reason why we chose this one.

Realty Austin allowed me the opportunity to bring my husband on as a teammate. With him coming onboard, he was able to chase those leads and turn those leads into business, and then those leads refer business. Those are our strongest advocates, are the leads, and that's just at a business that we would not have had.

We perform together in music quite a bit, and that's a prime example of we're letting each other do our strengths.

Once we hit our groove and we have figured out each other's strong points, we were able to get out of each other's way and just let us each do what we do best. We also made it into the Diamond Club, which was a huge goal for us.

We ended up actually increasing our production by 122 percent from the previous year.

And then we got the Rising Star of the Year Award, which was completely unexpected and awesome. Before I would spend hours scheduling photography, writing up the listing agreement, getting MLS prepared. Now I just hand that over to the listing coordination. All of that is taken care of for me. And with closing coordination I send her the contract. She gets in touch with them. Everything is followed to a T.

And it just takes that burden off of us.

The other awesome thing about this company is that I'm not having to think every single month what am I going to put on a postcard? What am I going to e-mail out to these people? They're done by an entire marketing staff that takes care of their agents. Agents are number one in this company.

Realty Austin has made me a better mother. It's made me a better wife, and it's made me a better agent to my clients. It's allowed us the opportunity to work together, and we never would have had that opportunity at any other place.

Realty Austin isn't just a place to hang your license. It's a place to grow your business and be in it for the long haul. There is no need to look anywhere else. I mean we're 100 percent, 122 percent happier here than we could have possibly have been anywhere else. Realty Austin is the one place where you can push yourself to the next level and get your life back, and that's what it gave to us.


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