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Discover How Burt Dement Took His Career to the Next Level at Realty Austin

Looking to take your business to the next level? Year-over-year top producing agent Burt Dement, changes his game after starting his career at Realty Austin. Find out how Realty Austin can change your game by filling out the contact form below.

Why Burt Dement Made the Move to Realty Austin

In this episode of Realty Austin's Make the Move video series, Burt Dement shares his past experience in real estate, why he made the move, and how he became a top-producing game changer at Realty Austin. Watch to find out how Burt Dement went from stressed to finding success producing $22M in sales with Realty Austin while achieving a better quality of life.

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Total Real Estate Sales Since Joining Realty Austin

After 13 years on his own, Burt was looking for a change. In 2011, Burt made the move to Realty Austin and he never looked back. In 2014, Burt closed $22 million and enjoyed a work-life balance. Read more about Burt Dement's successful real estate career.

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Transcript from Burt's Video

My business has benefited moving to Realty Austin. It's been a tremendous difference. I’ve been in the business for 13 years. I had a team. I was with a couple of different brokerages and my business model, when the market changed, I had to change with it.

I just kind of was scattered all over the place. I wasn’t streamlined. I wasn’t efficient. I had lost touch with my database. It was a perfect fit. It was just – I met with Jonathan and, you know, I was able to just plug in right away, re-engage with my sphere, just, referrals started coming in like crazy. The salesforce and everything being streamlined, having the marketing department where they don’t have to manage any of that stuff, and really, just coming in and doing what I’m good at and not trying to do all these other things that I’m not good at, being able to delegate to the coordinators, and really just selling. That’s it, really just making our job easy. I mean, really, I haven’t been stressed out since I’ve been at Realty Austin, which I was so stressed out before, so I’m just – I’m just glad to be here.

Let’s say you don’t have to do anything special. I utilize such a small percentage of the tools that are even available to you. You don’t have to try to come in here and reinvent the wheel. You have every tool available. Figure out which ones work in your business and just use those and – I mean just keep working. There’s nothing hard about it at all.

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