Austin Proclaimed 2nd Best City to Find a Job

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In an article by the Austin Business Journal, an employment agency proclaimed Austin is the 2nd best place to find a job. The report looked at statistics analysis and national employment trends including unemployment rate, industry variance, and skilled labor supply, according to US Department of Labor and Statistics. Austin placed 2nd among the list with a low and steady unemployment rate, good balance of industries, and healthy educated workforce.

Austin's strong job market is strengthened by government, education and technology industries. With both private and public sectors having healthy and thriving job markets, Austin will always have a diverse portfolio of jobs.

Austin's job market is no newbie to "Best of Austin" lists. From 2009-2010, Austin appeared regularly in reports revealing the best job markets in the nation. Click the link to see all of Austin's past and current titles including Smartest City, Best College Town, and Strongest Job Market in America.


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Yes, I would have always thought in Texas that Dallas has more technology industries then Austin but I think I'm wrong. Heck, it sounds like I'm wrong. Austin still is not a "San Jose, CA" in regards to technology industries.. or anything but I love living here!
Austin Home on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 7:06pm.

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