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Sumina Bhatti


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Sumina Bhatti is a Realtor based in Austin, TX and has lived and worked in the city for over 17 years. Sumina uses her extreme attention (some would say obsession) to detail to assist both buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction.

Sumina has been in real estate for 10 years and attributes her success to providing exemplary customer service and negotiation skills. She is lucky to work primarily through referrals from past satisfied customers. She has seen the Austin market through the ups and downs of the economy and is skilled in handling the various hurdles and challenges of different market conditions.

Sumina is committed to moving the real estate industry forward through technology and education. She was president of the Austin Young Real Estate Professionals (AYREP) in both 2009 and 2010, and was a board member of the Austin chapter of the Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP) in 2008–2010, 2012–2013.

Sumina’s passions include finding unique local businesses and sharing them with friends and clients. When she's not showing clients around town, you can find Sumina sipping tea at her favorite tea shops, walking her dog, Mocha, or cycling through the streets of Austin.


  • Platinum Top 500 REALTORS® 2018
  • Realty Austin Sapphire Circle Top Producer 2018

December 22 2019

My wife and I worked with Sumina Bhatti buying our first house and would highly recommend her. She knows her stuff, down to earth, knows what to look out for in properties, and felt like she had our back throughout the process. Whether you’re getting your first house or fourth, you’re in great hands. 

Chris and Ismary Tyre

October 25 2019

Our experience with Sumina has been far above and beyond what we could have asked for. We were introduced to her three years ago, and she has been very professional and consistent from day one through our entire process. She truly has a deep concern and cares for her clients, which allows everything else to flow much smoother. Words can not express our gratitude and thankfulness for having her on our side. Much love and appreciation for her.

Jerry W. Thomas

October 23 2019

Sumina is someone I truly trust. She's very knowledgeable and made our closing feel painless. She not only was just our Realtor, but we actually gained a friend who truly cared about us and wanted to make sure our needs were met. I'm so glad our daughter recommended Sumina!

Jolene V. Thomas

August 16 2019

We had an excellent experience working with Sumina. She went above and beyond to help us track down our house and help us coordinate everything from California. We will definitely be recommending Sumina and Realty Austin to any friends and colleagues that are interested in Austin real estate.

Tim Sheridan

July 19 2019

Sumina Bhatti is a very friendly person and easy to work with. She is on top of everything and keeps me informed about what is happening and is very helpful! This is our third property purchase through her! Sumina is very good at her job, and I can always count on her.

Arathi Badarinath

August 1 2018

Sumina Bhatti was recommended by a friend at work and was our guide through this homeowner process. She is everything we could have asked for and more. Our process of buying our home wasn't easy. We visited over 40 homes on our home-buying journey, and it was definitely a learning experience. We thought we knew what we wanted, but you don't know until you actually start visiting homes. We learned about what we liked, what we didn't, and through Sumina's expertise, gave us a lot of insights, guided our hands for things to look out for and if the home was really worth it.

Communication is key, especially when buying a home, and Sumina and her team were on top of things from day 1. From the initial email to her from being interested in a home to our 1-hr online video chat presentation/consult, to the following back-and-forth emails, they were always timely and kept us on schedule throughout. We also had a nifty little group chat which helped a ton towards the end. Anyone who tells you buying is not stressful is lying (unless you're buying new). You're potentially dealing with the seller(s) and their Realtor. In our case, the seller's Realtor was a pain in the you know what. But Sumina was on top of things and always quick to let us know of any updates (or even no update updates). We had multiple hurdles, multiple amendments to contracts and Sumina guided us through this promptly and swiftly.

Once our offer got accepted through this hopefully last house buying journey, I'm very glad and appreciative we went with Sumina. She always had our best intentions in mind, and her only care was that we got the right house for us. Thanks, Sumina and your outstanding team of realty professionals (Jennifer, Ashley, and Laura a big shout to you as well).

Andrew Samoranos

August 1 2018

The phrase “exceeds my expectations” does not come close to Sumina's performance. If there were a Realtor “Medal of Honor” award, she would definitely earn that metal. From the very beginning in negotiating the contract, she was able to capture the benefits that I had not expected. As my mortgage company could not meet multiple deadlines, in what can only be described as a nightmare of inefficiency, resulting in three extensions translating into 51-day funding, Sumina was able to save the day. I believe if it were not for her, this deal would have fallen through on multiple occasions. She was able to calm all parties, work with the mortgage company, seller’s agent and myself to get us to closing. A large portion of this work was done while she on her vacation and out of the country. I would like to also mention and thank her assistant, Laura Wilson, for helping during Sumina’s vacation absence. In short, I would highly recommend Sumina Bhatti and Realty Austin to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Araya Maurice

August 1 2018

We have loved working with Sumina. She really helped us through the process of buying our first home. Sumina was a sweet agent who matched our personalities well. I would definitely use Sumina again and pass on her name to anyone who needs an agent.

Jalissa Lowry

July 1 2018

I asked a co-worker who sold their house, and they told me they'd used someone who had helped another co-worker buy their own home. So I am a third-generation Sumina! Sumina Bhatti is a go-to Realtor. She is patient. She doesn't hesitate to make suggestions based on her superior marketing knowledge. Then you get the whole team too! Everyone I worked with was very professional. I will keep recommending Sumina to everyone I meet.

Arwen L.

June 1 2018

Sumina Bhatti has been our Realtor for three transactions now. She is knowledgeable and professional. We appreciate Sumina's expertise in negotiating as well as navigating any issues that come up to make sure that everything comes out in our best interest. I highly recommend Sumina to be a buyer or sellers agent; we've had great experiences with her on both sides of the transaction!

Amber West

June 1 2018

I would like to say that I had a great experience with Realty Austin. Sumina Bhatti was my Realtor, and she was very instrumental from start to finish. As a first-time home-buyer, I had no idea about the process, and Sumina walked me through everything and answered all of my questions throughout the process, start to finish!

Menelike D.

June 1 2018

Sumina is a pleasure to work with. She is a very giving person which makes the journey to sell and purchase our homes a joyous and fun experience. She instills the trust and confidence we need and that is why we keep coming back to Sumina. Should we ever decide to stay in one home, we will miss her deeply. But knowing us, we will probably buy or sell again in the near future. We will definitely keep Realty Austin in our “favorites”.

Mike West

June 1 2018

I would like to say that I had a great experience with Realty Austin. Sumina Bhatti was my Realtor and she was very instrumental from start to finish. As a first-time home-buyer, I had no idea about the process and she walked me through everything and answered all of my questions throughout the process, start to finish!

Menelike Deresse‎

April 1 2018

Sumina Bhatti is the best! As first-time homebuyers, she made us feel at ease every step of the way. Admittedly, we knew very little going into the home buying process, and Sumina made us feel like we were her only priority and that no question was a dumb question. She was always quick to respond to the zillion and one questions we had for her and offered her expert advice which helped us make some difficult decisions. Sumina seems to know everyone, which is great as she has tons of resources that we were, and are still able to utilize. Sumina is the Realtor that will go to bat for her clients, standing up for you when you won’t stand up for yourself. She came highly recommended from friends, and we completely understand why after having the privilege to work with her ourselves. We will continue to do the same, and recommend Sumina to anyone looking to buy or sell a home because you cannot find anyone better than her. One would consider the relationship over once the house has been closed on, but not with Sumina. She has continued to reach out to us, making sure we are adjusting well and answering any remaining questions. We have been truly blessed to find such an amazing Realtor, one that we now consider a great friend!

Cherice and Melissa Mumford

April 1 2018

It has been a pleasure working with Sumina to buy our first investment property in Austin, TX. We have been very impressed with her competence, efficiency, responsiveness, and pragmatism right from our first interaction with her.

Sumina is extremely methodical and has a concrete process that makes it easy to make decisions quickly. Her initial overview of Austin going over key areas, good school neighborhoods, public transport hotspots and prominent locations was very useful. She then worked with us to create a framework of criteria that we would look for houses within the area, price, schools, property age, property style and HOA. This ensured that houses that showed up in our search almost always fit our base criteria, so it was a productive exercise looking at the search results, picking ones we liked. She was always cognizant of the fact that this was an investment property, so helped narrow down the optimal size and age of homes we should look at, that would ensure we had decent returns on the investment.

One of the challenges of being remote from the place where you seek to invest is the inability to physically go and see properties to determine if they are a good fit. Sumina marvelously helped address this gap by creating informative and relevant video walkthroughs of each of the houses we shortlisted. Her candid, unbiased feedback about the different aspects of the property played a big part in our decision-making process. Knowing if the house is close to a busy junction for example or if it is located closer to more commercial complexes, is something that can be determined more obvious when viewing it in person. Sumina was very detailed in her summary of any property we requested her to check out on our behalf, and she covered all of these characteristics as points to note, so we didn't miss any detail.

Once we identified the houses we wanted to place offers on, Sumina handled the negotiation process very professionally, always keeping our interest in mind. She coordinated the offer process, amendments, inspections and closed with diligence, offering valuable advise when we had questions.

Sumina is very personable and easy to work with. Our first home buying experience with her has been amazing, and we would be happy to recommend Sumina and Realty Austin to others who might be looking to buy in Austin.

Manasvini and Sri Srikrishna

April 1 2018

Sumina was fantastic! As a first-time homebuyer, Sumina walked me through the steps and honestly made me feel at ease with the whole process. Her knowledge of Austin was outstanding, and she consistently provided me with insights to consider. I never felt like she was trying to get me to buy the first thing; if fact, Sumina was pointing out pros and cons of each place we looked at which was very refreshing. She set early and realistic expectations (e.g., there is no perfect house) based on the parameters I gave her and took very detailed notes of things I mentioned as deal breakers. I could go on and on about how wonderful Sumina is, but I suspect you already know this.

Christopher Patton

April 1 2018

Sumina is a gem! She is a rare find in real estate because she gives you the truth. Sumina is realistic and logical in how she approaches all transactions. She is an expert in real estate and answered every question we had with confidence and clarity. We have known Sumina for almost seven years and have had the privilege of working with her as buyer and sellers. Both transactions were smooth and seamless. We cannot thank Sumina enough for her business prowess and friendship.

Rich and Sara

April 1 2018

Sumina helped me buy my first home, and it's hard for me to describe exactly how much I valued her guidance, support, and expertise. Hire her - I can't recommend her enough! Sumina is extremely knowledgeable, forever patient and positive, always available when you need her, and nimbly guided my unusual offer to completion. She helped me understand the market and the process so I could determine if it was the right time for me to buy. She was there for me at every step of the process, pointing out warning signs and resell potential when searching for the right house; giving me the expert advice I needed to make the hard decisions during the offer and option periods. Suina is still there for me after the closing, checking in to see how she can help make this a home for me. Sumina knows Austin in and out, seen every trick in the book, and I have no doubt that she'll do everything possible to help you with your real estate transaction. Sumina and Realty Austin are truly experts at their job. Hiring Sumina is a no-brainer!

Mary Cecelia Hoy

February 1 2018

There just are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe our experience with Sumina. She was truly an answer to prayers. Not only are we completely new to Austin (and Texas for that matter) but this was our first home purchase together. Sumina made us feel like we were the pros. She went above and beyond and always stayed in contact with us and was very knowledgeable. She pointed out things we couldn't even see or didn't consider. Her knowledge of Austin was very helpful as well. As newbies, having someone give us suggestions on things to do and most importantly, places to eat is a breath of fresh air. She went to bat for us on so many occasions and was very patient with us during this process. I seriously can't thank her enough. We cannot stop talking about her to our family and friends. Now we just need to win the lotto so she can help us buy our upgrade. No in all seriousness, Sumina was fantastic, and we are so grateful to have her as our Realtor (now she is also a friend). Thank you.

Jenelle Simpson

January 1 2018

We worked with Sumina at Realty Austin, and she was absolutely fantastic! She was very patient, thorough and thoughtful while working with us and we would highly recommend anyone to her. She's extremely knowledgeable about the Austin real estate market and made the stressful process of buying a house much more manageable. Sumina was with us every step of the way, and we see her a friend and adviser.

Gezim Drenova

January 1 2018

My family and I chose to work with Realty Austin, specifically, Sumina Bhatti, and it has been an excellent experience. Sumina is highly knowledgeable and professional, all the while maintaining a positive and calm demeanor in all circumstances. Sumina guided us in our first home buying experience, and we are so fortunate to have had her advising us. I highly recommend Sumina and Realty Austin.

Veena Viswanathan

December 1 2017

Sumina was and has been such a pleasure to work with. I was very apprehensive about going through the real estate process again because home buying was so stressful the first time. This time I was selling and buying, but Sumina somehow made it bearable. From the beginning, she presented a detailed plan and timeline for the sale of my townhome, was very well organized, extremely patient and most importantly, reliable. I was able to keep in constant communication with her about the selling process, and home buying process which we are still going through. I was most impressed with her responsibility and care for clients, in that she still managed to check in during vacation time even though she had left backup agents in place (that is truly above and beyond). Sumina also seems to have a genuine interest in personal details of what makes a home for each and does not go through the motions or check the box, but instead is familiar with what will work or not work for you, and stays ahead of the curve on potential homes. After working through the summer and not finding a new home in time, I decided to take a break and come back with a fresh mind and new energy when the market picks up again in spring of 2018. I look forward to working with Sumina again, as I can’t imagine starting over with someone new. Thank you Sumina, and Realty Austin team for your stellar services!

Olivia Gutierrez

October 1 2017

Sumina went above and beyond to help us with our home search! She was incredibly organized, thoughtful, patient and thorough in her approach to orienting us to the Austin real estate market. It is clear that she draws from a deep base of knowledge and genuinely cares about finding her clients a place that is the right fit. Along each step of the way, she was a source of consistent support and guidance. Also, she brings a great sense of humor and is delightfully candid. I initially heard about Sumina through work and will pass along the recommendation to home-seeking colleagues. In fact, my Aunt Lisa is planning on reaching out in January to find a new house. A hearty thanks to Sumina and the Realty Austin team!

Ariel and Ebru Travis

September 1 2017

It was awesome working with Sumina! Sumina rocked! We couldn't have done it without her help and expertise!

Jason Blaies

July 1 2017

We had a very good experience with Sumina. Sumina is very professional and very friendly. We really liked Sumina and will recommend her to our family and friends.

Pragna and Rashmi

May 1 2017

Sumina was an excellent agent. She is informed, a great listener, and made me feel at ease through the whole home buying process. She not only is professional and excellent at what she does, but she also takes the time and effort to go above and beyond to make me feel that my business is appreciated. This really means a lot. I have already recommended Sumina to other potential clients and will do so moving forward. Sumina is the only agent I trust.

Nina Kuragayala

February 1 2017

Simply put, Sumina Bhatti is an exceptional realtor! Those who have had the good fortune to work with her can certainly attest to this truth.

As first time home buyers, my wife, Emily, and I had questions…many questions. Sumina not only answered them all, but did so happily with kindness and patience. Throughout the entire process (viewings, inspection, offer, closing, etc.) we were supported with extensive market insight, candid conversations, and timely humor. When you are making such a large purchase and/or sale, it is important to feel comfortable, safe, and confident in your choices. Sumina’s commitment, patience, and transparency will surely leave you at ease and assured in taking that next big step. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, you need to look no further than Sumina Bhatti at Realty Austin. You will not regret your choice.

Christian Fredericks, Facebook Review

December 1 2016

I can not sing my praises highly enough. Sumina was just amazing. She has so much integrity as well as knowledge. I feel so grateful to have had her recommended to me, and will definitely recommend her in the future.

Jenny Korman

October 1 2016

Sumina Bhatti is one of the most professional and customer driven real estate professionals that I have worked with! She is extremely knowledgeable about real estate in Austin area, she is very detail oriented and she represents client's interest to best of her abilities with uncompromising standards. Me and my wife Bijal have been extremely grateful for having her as our realtor. She has this simple yet powerful process where at each step you become more and more confident about your overall success. Sumina significantly improved the shortlisting, finalizing, offer and closing turn around time with her sense of ownership, accountability, attention to details and exemplary customer orientation. I wholeheartedly recommend her as I wish that you can also experience the same level of quality of customer service that we enjoyed. Sumina's above and beyond professionalism is unmatched and deeply appreciated. Thank you!

Niket Vakharia, Facebook Review

October 1 2016

It was a pleasure working with Sumina. She worked with us for almost two years before we found the right place. We really appreciate her patience and persistence. I will highly recommend Sumina to friends and family should they need a realtor.

We are settling in, putting everything in place. Except for a couple of minor issues, which have been fixed by our handy, mechanically inclined son-in-law, everything is coming together.

We look forward to possibly working with Sumina again in the future.

María Elena Ovalle

August 1 2016

My experience working with Sumina was awesome. She was thorough, insightful, honest and always available when I needed her.

She was patient and upbeat when I wasn't and encouraging when I became doubtful. I'm so glad she found me my forever home. I will miss working with her.

Your agents have represented you well, and I would gladly recommend my friends and family for their services. Thank you again for excellent service!

Julie Lynch

July 1 2016

Sumina Bhatti was amazing to work with! She helped us understand the whole home buying process and led us through what we needed to do step by step. She had excellent recommendations & contacts for a loan agent, house inspector, plumber etc. She was easily accessible 24/7 and stayed in constant contact when it was needed. We found a gorgeous house, she helped us get a great price, and I could not be happier with the whole process. Would recommend her highly to anyone!

Shailaja Hayden, Google Review

April 1 2016

Had a Wonderful experience with the team at Realty Austin, Sumina Bhatti one of their Agent is extremely customer oriented and I would definitely recommend her anytime you are in the market to buy/sell a home in Austin area.

Rakesh S., Yelp Review

April 1 2016

Sumina has gone above and beyond from "searching for a house" through the on-time closure of contract and support. Her exemplary customer orientation has continuously WOW'd me and her professionalism has been top class. She has been a role model of a real estate agent that I would like to work with and I have already told this to my friends and family!


March 1 2016

When it came to buying a home in Austin, we were referred to a Realtor who had helped a number of our friends into their homes. Sumina Bhatti is experienced in the local Austin market, and is a true professional at what she does. It didn't take long for Sumina to understand what we were looking for. She tailored our home search to our desired areas and in no time we had houses to view. Sumina is very easy to communicate with, she always follows through on what she says she will do, and most importantly, she is easy to get hold of. Sumina was able to accommodate showing houses around our busy schedules, and also had great insight into the homes we viewed. Sumina is an impressive Realtor, and is someone you can trust. Thanks to Sumina and Realty Austin, our home-buying process was an exciting experience for us.

Andy Tan, Google+ Review

March 1 2016

Sumina is amazing!

Jason McLean

January 1 2016

Sumina is excellent at her job. She's professional and personable, easy to talk to, organized, good at managing her time, a great listener, really sharp, and super knowledgable in her field. Her practical eye when we looked at properties together was also really helpful, because she noticed things we wouldn't have, particularly as first-time buyers. We were also happy with her network of contacts (for example, the inspector she set up for us was excellent). I can't recommend Sumina highly enough. 6 stars.


January 1 2016

I had a wonderful experience working with Sumina. First of all, she was recommend by my previous house-mates. All the advice she gave me corresponded to the research I had done and home-buying seminars I had gone to, but she gave much more personal advice based on hand-on experience. She was willing and able to accompany me on every step of the buying process including property visits, my inspection, two walk throughs, and my closing. She was both realistic and considerate when advising me on certain properties. Most importantly, I feel like she was understanding of my specific situation and cared about me as a person. I will be recommending her to others.

Kelly Thurmond

November 1 2015

I have many agent friends - some of whom I worked with many years ago in Austin when I first moved here in 2005 and I can definitely say that there is no better agent than Sumina. Period.
Here is why: There are some must have attributes that an agent needs to have and Sumina has them all.
1) The agent must hear & listen to their client.
Sumina's greatest skill by far is her ability to listen to our needs and really listen to what we are saying or trying to say. She showed us properties that met our requirements but then encouraged us to think outside the box in terms of what was important to us. First floor master bedroom, first floor laundry - we didn't explicitly state these requirements but she figured it out quickly and articulated why based on how we live, these requirements might be important. That is hearing us. She had a very nice process from the initial client meeting (required) to actually seeing properties and really heard our requirements and thoughtfully guided our thinking throughout.

2) Know the market - every detail.
Sumina knows Austin - all of Austin. From the Eastside to Westlake she knew the ins and outs of neighborhoods and really opened our eyes to some interesting neighborhoods that we would not have considered. She knew all the local eateries and the details that makes each neighborhood unique. That knowledge isn't learned from a website or an Austin magazine. It leverages all 15+ years of experience she has in this city and how it has changed overtime. Knowing the changes is key and differentiates her from everyone that I had met previously. That type of knowledge is priceless.

3) Lots & Lots of Patience.
Ok, maybe this is her best attribute. Sumina never pressured us into making a decision or even speed up the process. She worked within our timeline and she made a huge decision very manageable by not putting additional pressure on us. I'm not the easiest person to work with - I ask a lot of questions, question "market value" and am analytical - not touchy feely. I also drove the process on our end. Sumina always answered my questions immediately and was just so pleasant even though I'm sure I irritated her at times. She never let it show and was just so patient with us. She understands that buying a home, and that to a first home, is one of the most expensive and important decisions one can make and she never added any additional pressure on us during the process.

4) (Last one) Exceptional Communication
Let me be specific. Sumina set up a group text between my wife, myself and her to communicate the plan and status every step of the way. Sumina always picked up the phone unless she was with another client. And even then, she would call us back within the hour. Sumina and her team made it simple to get the closing process completed and Sumina showed up to our closing - she always does. Communicate is key when making a huge decision like buying a home - especially for first time home buyers who don't know the process. Sumina knows the process, anticipates questions and pitfalls, and communicates every step of the way. She is articulate, smart, thoughtful and precise with her language so there is no room for misunderstandings or ambiguity. This is what you want in an agent.

Every house I buy or sell in Austin, I will use Sumina. No doubt about it. There is nobody better for us. If I know anyone who is thinking about selling or buying a home in Austin I will send them to Sumina.

My wife and I not only had an amazing experience buying our first house from her but we gained a life long friend. She still keeps in touch with us regularly because we have become friends, but also because she is just kind.

Deepak & Yogini

September 1 2015

Sumina was our realtor and we couldn't have been happier. We purchased a home before (in a different city, with a different company) and were not impressed with our previous realtor. Sumina however, blew us away. She was honest and open about every house we saw, helped us remember what we originally found important and realign our goals when we were feeling tired of our search. She was also a fantastic negotiator, fighting for us when I would have just given in to make the negotiation stop. We love our new home and never would have gotten through the process without her. If you are looking for someone who will fight for you, be honest about problems she sees in the properties you see, and not just let you into houses that show up on your search, this is the realtor to ask for!

Sara B., Yelp Review

August 1 2015

Working with Sumina was amazing! She let us know how the process would go from the very beginning. When things got tough and stressful on the buyers side, Sumina made sure to keep us informed of what was going on the entire time. We never once felt out of the loop. She fought hard to get our deal closed at a price point that worked well for us. I honestly felt like she "had our back" throughout the entire process. Sumina is an awesome person and her personality made it that much easier to work with her. If anyone we know in the Austin area ever needs a realtor, we will definitely be recommending Sumina! We greatly appreciate the service she provided us.

Keisha Wallace

July 1 2015

Sumina was great! We were working with her from the past year to get a property in Austin and we recently did. She is a thorough professional and goes out of her way to help her clients. She also helped us get familiar with Austin and good areas there. Our whole family appreciated her in all the visits we had so far.


July 1 2015

My fiancé and I are first-time home buyers, and we could not have been luckier than to have Sumina Bhatti help us navigate the process! Sumina was recommended to us by a friend of mine who worked with her several years ago -- and her recommendation was right on the mark! Sumina was organized, efficient and extremely professional from the very beginning - she made herself available to us 24/7 and was often working with us late into the night on offers and contracts in order to accommodate our crazy work schedules! After spending only a few hours with us, Sumina had a very good feel about what we were looking for, and her intuition about different properties we viewed was spot on! We were consistently impressed with her knowledge about the various neighborhoods in Austin as well as her insightful observations about the technical aspects of prospective homes that we would never have picked up on or asked about on our own! Basically, we feel that Sumina was our advocate - she was 100% on our side, and was able to get us our dream home in South Austin within about 2-3 weeks of starting our search! We felt completely comfortable with her handling all aspects of what we saw as being an extremely important life decision...we will definitely be recommending her to all of our friends who are looking to buy in Austin!

Gemma Daly, Google+ Review

July 1 2015

We had a wonderful time working with Sumina. She was very accessible thru out the entire process and we are very happy that our first offer in Austin was accepted. She was instrumental in helping us get connected with the right people for lending. Most importantly, even after the sale, we continue to receive the same exceptional service she has displayed thru out. Top notch professional, we couldn’t be happier.

Rahul & Swas

July 1 2015

It has been wonderful working with Sumina, and we are happy to have her alongside us as my husband and I bought our first home together. She has been a blessing and I am recommending her to all my friends and colleagues at Dell.


June 1 2015

Sumina has been the best Realtor we have ever worked with! From the beginning of our process she was patient, understanding of our crazy schedules as me and my fiancé work polar opposite schedules but she made more than an effort to go above and beyond. She even went as far as showing us both the same house at different timings so that we could make this decision fast. Thanks to her we moved into a new house that we love this past weekend. She even sent over free pizza the day of our move which was fantastic and truly helped take some load off so that we could focus on unpacking. She started a joint group chat with me and my fiancé, that way things were communicated effectively and efficiently to both me and my fiancé. Overall we couldn't have asked for a better experience! We loved Sumina and she is a great asset to Realty Austin as well! We will be recommending her to all of our friends that plan on buying houses soon.

Sujita Joshi

April 1 2015

Sumina Bhatti at Realty Austin was referred to us by a friend. Our experience with Sumina was great. My wife and I were first-time home buyers and Sumina took the time to thoroughly explain the nuances of the process to us. Sumina was patient and level-headed throughout our search, and was extremely responsive/available in the critical timeframe when a property we were interested in became available on the market again. She also provided timely recommendations for an array of vendors which helped the process flow smoothly. We hope we have the opportunity to refer more business her way!

Jeffrey Cheng, Google+ Review

March 1 2014

I recently closed on my first home purchase with Sumina Bhatti and had a wonderful experience. I had many questions and Sumina patiently answered them all. While looking at properties, I didn’t feel pressured into making a decision. She offered her unbiased opinion pointing out pros and cons. She was thorough in her research and provided me with lots of information to make a sound decision. Sumina loves her job and it shows. I would definitely recommend her.

Lesley Ducran, Google Review

March 1 2014

Sumina has been so wonderful to us. My husband and I have sent her on wild goose chases out to Spicewood and back looking for the perfect home and Sumina was always so gracious. She would send us detailed videos of each property because we are out of state and have had to rely on her good judgement and the "truth" of the internet listings. We have developed a strong rapport and trust as a result of this long-distance purchase and we feel she is the best in the business. We happened upon Sumina by chance when we found a property she was the listing agent for. We can't help but feel blessed by that chance encounter. She knew it would be a few years before we would be making our purchase but she was patient and helped us remain as patient as possible, not at easy feat.

We are so relieved to finally have our home and have Sumina to thank for it!

Rich & Sara Dungan

March 1 2014

Sumina is the best!

Shion Deysarkar, Facebook Review

December 1 2013

Did Sumina exceed our expectations? Not only did she exceed those expectations, she exceeded exceeding them! So, we had some repair amendments, normal stuff. The buyer wanted to hack off a couple of grand. She said, "$500. I have 7 other offers on this house, 2 of them in cash. What do you want to do here?" Well, not exactly like that, but you get the idea. They went with the $500. Great, right? But wait.. it gets better!

Their lender was late in getting paper work in, like almost a solid week late. She charged them $200 a day for each day the lender was late. So, not only did she really get that $500 reversed, she got us $400 more! You can't beat that with a stick! But you know what? She did!

The day of signing, the title company messed up the paper work (she had documentation on hand showing they'd been supplied with the right information, booyah!) so it looked like it wasn't going to get done that day either. I took off for work, she hammered out a deal right there and called me back. Got signed and headed out the door. The bad part was I had to miss lunch to make it to work on time. BUT Sumina had known that there was a BBQ joint nearby that I had wanted to try, so she bought me a lunch plate and brought it to me at work!! So, not only did she hold the repair amendments to a minimum, and really get them reversed to a higher sell price, she also got me lunch!

You know, honestly, I feel bad for all the realtors I'll have to deal with from now on. They won't be able to meet that high standard. And I have repeatedly recommended her to my family, friend, AND neighbors (well, former neighbors now). And I will continue to do so for everyone I know moving to/from/around the ATX.

Joe Goodson

August 1 2013

I chose Sumina Bhatti as my agent after she was recommended by one of my friends. I must say it was a very good choice. As a first time buyer I was in a little over my head, but she made it quite easy. From helping me understand whether any issue was a big deal or not (after inspection) to negotiating the best offer on the house, her performance was star studded. I would highly recommend having Sumina Bhatti as your realtor!!


I was referred to Sumina by a dear friend who is equally in the home search process. From our first encounter, she was willing to deconstruct the home buying process in an easy way to understand, and clearly set the expectations from start to finish about what this process entailed. Also, her consistent communication via email, text, or phone were constant reassurances when parts of the process became tenuous or delayed. Her style of communication is what I appreciated the most, as well as her insight and extensive knowledge about real estate in general. Furthermore, as the process was underway and my interactions with my lender needed clarification, she was an additional source of information and went out of her way to seek clarification from the seller, broker, and HOA. Her willingness to go above and beyond was unparalleled, and she can trust that I will recommend her to colleagues and friends. I already have! I learned a lot from this process, and felt grateful that Sumina was on our side.


We recently purchased a new home in the Austin area with excellent help from Sumina Bhatti of Realty Austin. We were leaving a "small town" with a population of only 120,000 and perceived Austin as a huge unknown. We described to Sumina what we would like in a home and our price range. After asking questions to prioritize her search, she went to work lining up homes for internet viewing and scheduled any homes we were interested in seeing. She took us anywhere we wanted to go, and recommended locations based on the expected commute times. She is very professional and yet personable and friendly. She was our first new friend in Austin.

Ricky and Celia Cox

Thank you to everyone on the team: Jenna, Colby, Jennifer, Sumina, and last but not least, Lisa! We are in the perfect home in the perfect location!

John Clement, Facebook Review

I loved the whole home buying experience with Sumina. She understood what I needed for my first home, and was very patient as my preferences evolved when we started looking at houses. She gave me useful insight about the properties we saw, and guided me through the whole buying process. The thing I appreciated about her the most was that she was really strong with the other party, so much that I could take a back seat. There were issues that came up after home inspection, and she really stood for what was favorable for me. I would recommend her to anyone without any reservations!

Gagan Singh

Sumina Bhatti is amazing! She helped me sell my house for about 10% more than I was initially expecting, and I credit her with most of that difference! She made a few suggestions that I was skeptical about at first (such as hiring a professional stager), but the results blew me away. Sumina helped me make exactly the right decisions about getting the most bang for the buck with make-ready -- I would have been totally lost without her!

She was extremely professional and organized and always on top of things. I moved out of state and she still made the process incredibly smooth with electronic documents, giving me plenty of notice and keeping me updated through the process, and going above the call of duty to coordinate contractors.

She is also well networked, and everyone else involved (title lawyer, etc.) was also easy to deal with. She gave excellent advice, but also did a great job of asking around when there was any uncertainty and addressing all of my concerns. Having never sold a house before, I had tons of questions, and she walked me through all of them.

I cannot recommend Sumina Bhatti enough, and if you're lucky, you may also get a great friend out of the deal.

Sheena M., Citysearch Review

Sumina was a wonderful person for us to work with. At the time of our house hunting, we lived out of town in Midland, Texas. Sumina, did a fabulous job in meeting our needs to find a home in a timely manner. She is a professional and very diligent when it came to answering any questions we had.

We were house hunting over the Thanksgiving/Christmas/ New Year's holiday, and she made herself available by phone and in person, as needed. I will be glad to not only use her again, but to recommend her to any of our friends or family, that may consider moving this way. Realty Austin has a "keeper" in Sumina.

Dondi & Kimberly Dominguez

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304 Southern Carina Dr - MLS# 9008367
  • $730,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 9008367 
  • Gated Highland Horizon
  • 304 Southern Carina Dr
  • Round Rock, TX 78681
  •   4 BD 5 BA 3628 Sq Ft 0.28 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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5705 Highland Hills Dr - MLS# 3490615
  • $630,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 3490615 
  • Highland Hills
  • 5705 Highland Hills Dr
  • Austin, TX 78731
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1612 Sq Ft 0.23 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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2924 Cuero Cv - MLS# 5481942
  • $570,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 5481942 
  • Wood Glen
  • 2924 Cuero Cv
  • Round Rock, TX 78681
  •   4 BD 5 BA 4138 Sq Ft 0.86 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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3205 Whispering Woods Ct - MLS# 1835783
  • $565,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 1835783 
  • Behrens Ranch
  • 3205 Whispering Woods Ct
  • Round Rock, TX 78681
  •   4 BD 4 BA 4490 Sq Ft 0.21 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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1400 Roaring Frk - MLS# 8154659
  • $530,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 8154659 
  • Grand Mesa At Crystal Falls
  • 1400 Roaring Frk
  • Leander, TX 78641
  •   4 BD 3 BA 3040 Sq Ft 1.95 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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5705 Highland Hills Dr - MLS# 2263535
  • $522,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 2263535 
  • Highland Hills
  • 5705 Highland Hills Dr
  • Austin, TX 78731
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1612 Sq Ft 0.23 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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164 Estate Row - MLS# 1261162
  • $510,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 1261162 
  • The Forest At Colorado Crossin
  • 164 Estate Row
  • Cedar Creek, TX 78612
  •   4 BD 4 BA 3405 Sq Ft 1.94 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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5104 Saddleridge Cv - MLS# 7770921
  • $505,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7770921 
  • Great Hills
  • 5104 Saddleridge Cv
  • Austin, TX 78759
  •   4 BD 3 BA 2307 Sq Ft 0.15 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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1521 Weyford Dr - MLS# 7805150
  • $490,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7805150 
  • Wooten Park
  • 1521 Weyford Dr
  • Austin, TX 78757
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1462 Sq Ft 0.22 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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The information being provided is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. Based on information from the Austin Board of REALTORS® (alternatively, from ACTRIS) from January 17th, 2020 at 7:25pm CST. Neither the Board nor ACTRIS guarantees or is in any way responsible for its accuracy. The Austin Board of REALTORS®, ACTRIS and their affiliates provide the MLS and all content therein "AS IS" and without any warranty, express or implied. Data maintained by the Board or ACTRIS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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