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Seth Joseph



Born and raised in New York City, Seth Joseph relocated to Austin, Texas in 2010 with the intention of finding a new beginning. With an education and background in customer service and hospitality, it was only natural that he should find himself drawn to helping others with their real estate needs. He found that the foundation of his real estate business has been built on the same principles of hospitality, which is building relationships and delivering on a promise. In hopes of establishing life-long relationships with his clients, Seth puts his client's interests above all else, a quality you won't find in every Realtor. Building life-long relationships is all about the long game, and Seth knows that can only be achieved by mutual trust, honesty and respect. The sale of your house or purchase of your home is among the largest and most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. Allow Seth to be your consultant when you have questions or concerns, as well as your advocate when negotiating strongly on your behalf, with only one goal in mind: to achieve YOUR goals.

Put Seth to work and let him help you find your dream home, investment property or help sell your house. Buyers and sellers welcome!

Seth received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Purchase in 2005, and received a certificate for the completion of The Restaurant Management Course from the well-renowned French Culinary Institute in New York City in 2008.

July 2018

What a guy! As a first time homebuyer, I didn't know it all to say the least. Seth sat down with me well before the rush of spring/summer home buyers came in and emphasized the value I would get out of finding the right place sooner than later. He was honest with his opinion and even helped inspect prospect homes. I overlooked the home I'm currently in and he brought it to my attention. It's already gained about 35k in equity and is in a great area. Seth is a great person which makes him such an amazing agent.

James Kuntz

February 2018

Seth did a FANTASTIC job! My wife and I couldn't be happier with the knowledge, attention-to-detail, and expertise as Seth guided us through the whole process. Seth is an excellent agent in every respect!

Gen Furukawa

December 2017

We cannot recommend Seth highly enough. He provides extraordinary customer service and is an extremely nice person, as well. We didn't know him before we started our house hunt...he responded to a question we emailed about a Realty Austin listing. I met him at that listing and, although we didn't proceed with that property, I liked Seth so much that we continued to use him as we searched for properties. Seth is an extremely patient and kind person, which is a great thing because he suffered with us through a number of multiple offer situations, as well as a transaction where we ultimately had to back out due to title issues. He never got upset, never made us feel that our difficult transactions were a burden to him, and was always there to help in any way possible. He was always available to answer questions, to show us additional properties, and to meet us where and when we needed him. When we finally were under contract on the property we just closed on, Seth skillfully negotiated a number of tricky repair issues with the seller. I cannot say enough good things about him. We would highly recommend him to anyone.

Suzanne Mitchell

December 2017

My partner and I were very happy with the job done by Seth. From the beginning, he made an ongoing point to provide the tools and resources needed for us to be educated about the process, which was incredibly helpful for a first time home buyer. We were also impressed with Seth's worth ethic. He would answer phone calls and emails at all hours of the day, and any time he did not have an answer to a question, it did not take long for him to find one. My experience is that Seth is the type of colleague that follows through to do what he says he is going to do. We both came away feeling as though he was working hard for the team to make this as smooth a process as possible. Realty Austin is fortunate to have Seth, and we would definitely recommend him to our colleagues, friends, and family.

Aaron Pyle

August 2017

We worked with Seth in buying our first home and he guided us through what turned out to be a very complicated purchase. We were buying a newly condo-ized house, and the paperwork was a nightmare. On top of that, the house ended up needing a bunch of work and we had to renegotiate with the seller several times. Throughout it all, Seth was always there and ready to take on the next challenge. Seth gave us great advice but was never pushy, and he went above and beyond in researching the questions particular to our house. On top of that, he works with really great people at Realty Austin who really help with all the paperwork and other complicated logistics of buying a home. We interviewed several Realtors and I’m so glad we went with Seth. I really don’t think we would have made it through (at least with this particular house) without him. Thanks, Seth!

Michael M. & Catherine C.

July 2017

Well, I just have to say I love Seth! He was by far the most attentive agent out of all the ones I was considering. Right from the point when I connected with him, I mentioned that I was curious about the value of my home and that I may sell it in the future (probably a year at the soonest). He came to my place and looked up comps to give me an estimate of what I could get for it. I certainly didn't get that kind of service from the other two Realtors I connected with. He continued to check in with me by phone, and even stopped by a second time to check things out. I kept his card on my refrigerator, and when I decided to make my move out of Texas a year ago, I gave him a call. Now, this was a year before I put my home on the market. I kept pushing the timeline out, and he was supportive at all times, never pressuring me to "sell it now." I am one picky cookie when it comes to customer service, and I was very impressed by him. He was also supportive of me emotionally as I dealt with leaving behind the first home I had ever owned, and leaving Texas to move to Kentucky. He's just been so wonderful. He was also very knowledgeable about the local comps, my value of my home, and what I should list at. It was such a great experience and went so smoothly that it was a bit unbelievable. When I share with others about my experience, they are surprised at how smoothly the process went. I attribute a lot of this to Seth, and also that I am just a really blessed person. Having him as my Realtor was one of the blessings in my life. I have mentioned how wonderful of an agent Seth is to my friends, and I will continue to do so.

Roxan Walden

June 2017

Seth is such a great guy. We connected back when I was just beginning to consider selling my home, but still on the fence, and he always had time to stop by and visit with me to answer any questions I had and to look into things he didn’t have an immediate answer for. He even did some investigating to see what my home could sell for long before I even decided to sell and was just curious. His level of customer service goes far beyond any of the other Realtors I had made contact with, all of whom didn’t really seem to want to take up their time since I hadn’t decided to sell for sure yet. When I did make the decision, it was a no-brainer. Seth was the agent for me. Good guidance, advice, and support through the entire process, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with his service.

Roxan Walden

June 2017

With the Austin market growing at a rapid pace purchasing a home long distance was overwhelming. We were fortunate to have Seth as our Realtor as he was there each step of the way. He worked diligently finding/showing properties that fit our needs not only now but long term, worked with our budget, and was always available to explain and answer questions in a timely manner. He also has an excellent assistant and team for inspection, foundation, and repairs of the property. He is a total package Realtor that anyone will be fortunate to have.

Marie Hawkins

June 2017

I've bought several houses but last year bought my first house in Texas - it was great to work with Seth to explain the local real estate rules and market and get me through the process of buying a fixer upper. He was flexible, hardworking, and always in touch, it made the process a lot easier. Thanks, Seth!

Ashley Odom

June 2017

My partner and I were looking to purchase our first home and reached out to Seth. I had worked with him at a previous job over 6 years ago and immediately thought of him when we talked about hiring a Realtor. He was passionate, hardworking, and very honest then, and has the same qualities as a Realtor now. We came to him with very general phrases; "I don't know, maybe North Austin or maybe East or wherever." What's your budget? "Ummm what should it be?" What are you guys looking for? "Somewhere to sleep and eat?" After our generalizations, he asked just the right questions and got the right feel from us to guide us along the journey.

We went to 5 or 6 houses the first day we looked and even went to 1 that wasn't on the market yet. We could tell the last house we went to was the winner because we ended up standing around and chatting with Seth for way longer than any of the houses we had been to. We aren't the easiest to work with (2 type A women with lots of questions and sass) but Seth handled us professionally and guided us through the action-packed first time home buying process with a friendly but professional demeanor. After an extended option period that was out of all of our control, Seth negotiated with the seller and got us the amendments we wanted and the (well under asking) price that we wanted to pay. I would definitely recommend Seth if you want someone to be honest with you and stay on top of everything during the whole process. Which is what I think everyone wants in a Realtor.

Rachel James Dolan & Erin Dolan

February 2017

Seth was extremely helpful throughout the home buying process. All the way from fully explaining each and every step and making sure I understood how the process would pan out, to being present for closing, he was incredibly supportive. I had very specific needs of what I was looking for and he went out of his way to fully understand and recommend the best fit for me. He helped me find the perfect home for me and he does the same for all of his clients!

Mariel H.

February 2017

Seth went above and beyond during our closing period to make sure we had everything inspected thoroughly and had good estimates for negotiations. He has continued to follow up even after closing and we will have him do a market analysis in a year or two.

Luigi H. & Leah F.

January 2017

It was really good working with Seth. He gave personalized advice on staging the home, comparative analysis, and negotiating the best deal possible. He and his assistant were attentive and swift in communication. We were in a good contract even before MLS listing. The entire selling transaction went rather smoothly, and that was a great experience! Five stars!


December 2016

Our experience with Seth has been one of ease, confidence, and reliability. Throughout the process, from looking at potential homes to the closing of the home we decided to buy, Seth was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. It's been a pleasure having him as our agent and we hope to stay in contact long after we have settled into our new home.

Don and Barbara O'Brien

September 2016

My family and I relocated recently from Houston to Kyle, and while we had met a few Realtors in the Austin area prior to our home search, none of them seemed to match our personalities and needs. After doing a bit of house hunting online, we got an email from Seth with homes in the areas we were looking in, so we decided to give him a call. Seth was incredibly knowledgeable and talked extensively with us during our first conversation. He took the time to really learn what we were looking for, and by the end of the phone call we felt very confident and comfortable with him as our Realtor. We arranged to meet and view homes the following week, and he was incredibly flexible and so easy to work with. He really knows what to look for when viewing homes, and pointed out things I wouldn't have even considered an issue. By the end of the weekend and over a dozen houses later, we made our decision. Seth was excellent during the negotiation, and got us in under our target price. He knew we were on a time crunch while selling our house in Houston, and communication with him was always quick and easy. He was also helpful during and after the home inspection, and was great at advising what steps to take during the repair negotiations. With his help we were able to get all the necessary repairs taken care of. Overall we had a wonderful experience working with Seth. His extensive knowledge of real estate and the Austin area combined with his easy-going attitude made relocating and buying our home a truly fun and pleasant experience. I would definitely work with him if we ever decide to move again, and highly recommend him!

Michael and Katheryn Rivet

September 2016

After trial and error, a couple of offers and a dance of faith, it paid off. Seth has earned the title of: Best realtor in Austin!! I have been so blessed to have worked with such a patient and resourceful gentleman! Thank you Seth, YOU ROCK!!

Tstuartdawn, Zillow Review

September 2016

Seth did an amazing job helping me and my fiancé find our home! He was very patient with us, thorough in understanding our requirements, and relentless in searching the MLS and bringing homes to our attention. Seth has a great way of working with people and helping them see the potential or risk in a home. From the beginning to the signing day to post move-in, Seth has been in communication and supportive through every step of the home buying process.

Not only would I recommend him to my friends and family, but if/when we are ready to move or purchase a new home, I will look to Seth to help us out!

Mario Andrade

June 2016

It was a pleasure working with Seth Joseph in the sale of my house on 6310 Monsanto Dr. Austin, TX, 78741. The house was flooded during the October 31, 2015 rains and I made contact with Seth shortly thereafter. This was a difficult time for me, as I did not live in Austin during the flooding. I mentioned this to Seth and he said that while he is not an appraiser, he would be happy to inspect the house and give a free market analysis. He told me the damage appeared to be minimal and that he should not have any issues selling my house for a good price. My daughter was the current tenant, and unfortunately, we were not on speaking terms. Seth was instrumental in talking to her and obtaining information needed to put the house on the market. He informed me that he would try to get the best amount for the house. He was the liaison between my daughter and me. He did not push or rush me into doing anything. He was patient and left the decisions up to me. Seth was able to market the house before it went on the MLS and I received two offers before it even hit the market. We received another 2 offers after it went on the market as well, for a total of four offers! I ended up accepting an offer well over asking price and was very happy with the final sales price. I was very impressed with how Seth and his assistant handled the whole transaction and worked with me throughout the process. He was very patient and understanding. I would recommend him to anyone and would not hesitate to use him again for my real estate needs.

Rosa M Flugence

June 2016

We thought we were in a tough position with the Austin market being so active and needing to find a home and close all within 3 weeks. Seth came in at a critical point in our process. He came to our house and sat with us for over 2 hours explaining the entire process. I really appreciated that because although we have purchased a home in the past, it was nice to break things down to fully understand the process. He went through terminology, process and what to look out for - extremely helpful for two people that live and breathe software design and home buying being a really foreign thing. We started looking at homes right away and Seth was available no matter what time we called, messaged or emailed. Once we found a home we LOVED, Seth’s market knowledge really played a big part in putting the right offer. He negotiated to get us the best deal possible and he always backed his decisions up with data or something we could reference back to in order to make the right decisions. Overall our experience with Seth was fantastic. I really appreciate all the details he payed attention to and helping us find our dream home.

Hperez Francis, Zillow User

As a young couple looking to buy a first house, we were looking for someone who could guide us through the whole process. Working with Seth was easy and made us feel way more comfortable with the process. He responded quickly to all calls, texts, and emails regardless of the time of day with helpful and timely information. Going to look at houses with Seth felt more like going with a friend that was also a realtor as opposed to someone whose main goal was to get you to buy. Highly recommended!

Molly Hahn

Seth did a great job from beginning to end of our home sale project. On our project he worked tirelessly to provide service to his clients, and to help manage the process of preparing the house for sale and getting it listed on MLS at the correct price. His team takes quality marketing seriously and did a great job making the property ready to get tons of attention. He stayed focused on us during the negotiation of our deal and with his team's help we got the price we wanted. I'd recommend Seth to anyone who is looking for a likable, capable and professional Realtor.

Andrew Seelye

Seth was my agent while I was looking to buy a house in south Austin. He was great; very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. We found a home that I closed on 6/30. I recommend Seth highly and will definitely use him again for all of my house buying and selling needs.

Melissa Brunoehler

Seth was fantastic to work with throughout the entire home buying process. This was my first home so he was very patient and thorough and took the time to walk me through every step along the way. His knowledge of the Austin market was extensive and I was impressed at how well he was able to gauge the quality/value of homes in the areas we looked. When we went under contract, he was able to negotiate the seller down thousands of dollars to cover a few needed repairs, and even a few cosmetic repairs! He put me in touch with a great lender who also provided excellent service. Seth made sure the entire process went smoothly by letting me know everything I would need to do/provide, and because of his help/proactivity we ran into no issues throughout the entire process. It was a great experience and I will be using him for house number two!

Bryan Williams

We recently purchased a home in Austin with Seth's help. After meeting him for the first time, Seth's professionalism and attention to detail is what set him apart from other realtors we had worked with. As first-time home buyers, we were the type of clients who needed lots of educating and a patient realtor. Seth went out of his way to work with our difficult schedules and was always 100% attentive. With Seth's help, we were able to purchase a home in the neighborhood we had long had our eyes on. We honestly don't think we would have been able to without him.

Given today's real estate climate in Austin, our home-buying process seemed to feature every possible obstacle a home buyer could encounter: losing out on multiple-offer situations, scouring the MLS pages daily for available properties, contending with buyers who looked stronger on paper. It's the type of environment that requires constant adaptation, realignment, and, of course, patience--and it's precisely the type of environment in which Seth's expertise really shines.

We are so grateful that our home-buying experience went smoothly, and we feel confident and happy about our purchase.

Another reason we felt so confident having Seth represent us as home buyers was his communication with other professionals. He leveraged his network of confidants to maximize our chances of successfully finding and securing a home.

If you want a realtor you can confide in and learn from, one who can help you navigate the scary waters of home buying at the pace of Austin real estate, we highly recommend Seth Joseph.

Omar Fabian & Elise Baumgartner

Seth Joseph is realistic, honest, and professional. He does what he says he will do and offers expert advice to his clients. Seth works hard to earn your respect and trust. I was able to sell my home quickly and for asking price. I would not hesitate to call upon Seth for any home buying or selling needs.

Cosette Nolen

Seth was an amazing resource and support throughout the process of buying my first home (a duplex)! He is incredibly helpful and professional. While he was not as experienced with the purchase of a duplex, he drew experience from his network and everything went off without a hitch. I felt comfortable calling him anytime with the most random of questions. Seth often calmed my nerves throughout this sometimes scary and stressful process. Even after the sale, he has continued to support me. I would highly recommend him to any homebuyer in The Austin area.

Erika Gonzalez

Seth was incredibly patient and accommodating to show my wife and I multiple properties in several areas around Austin. When we found the right one, he immediately went to work on the logistics for us. Seth was great throughout the entire process. The most important aspects of his approach for me were his timing, and his ability to effectively negotiate with the seller. We will definitely work with Seth again, he did a great job!

We had hoped to buy a house from overseas, and Seth was our agent. We decided not to buy the place we were looking at, but we were impressed at the time by Seth's attentiveness to our concerns, so when we returned to the States several months later, we called him. We had explored online a new urbanist community near Austin, and Seth immediately arranged for us to see a townhouse there that had just come on the market. He gave good advice about the offer and recommended an excellent agent for the mortgage. He put us in the hands of a very competent colleague when he had to be out of town. And he worked with the seller's agent to negotiate some issues, suggested good priorities, and got us everything we asked for. The process went smoothly and swiftly, with constant communication, explanation, and reassurance. If he didn't have an answer to a question, he said so up front--and then consulted with his contacts and zoomed back with the answer. We went from home tour to closing in precisely one month.

We know that the basic aim of a realtor is to close a deal on a house, but we also felt that Seth was taking care of us, knowing what we would want and remembering our doubts and concerns from the previous search. We trusted his professional advice and abilities, and as we became acquainted, we formed an opinion of him as a thoroughly decent person as well. We recommend Seth Joseph enthusiastically and without reservation.

Jim & Rosemary Nelson

My entire experience with Seth was great! Not only was he very knowledgeable but he answered all of my questions promptly. All of his recommendations were right on the money and I would encourage any buyers to trust him with their home purchase. Great job Seth!!!

Shell Bauman

After the house I was renting caught fire and left me homeless, Seth was the only realtor I called that helped me immediately. He worked tirelessly to find me a new home within my budget, in my prefered location AND as fast as possible. And he did it! I couldn't be more impressed with the help and dedication Seth gave me. Without him and his expertise I'd still be couch surfing with my dogs stuck in a boarding facility. His compassion and professionalism is why I'm no longer homeless and I couldn't be more thankful!!

Lauren Lund

Seth Joseph was a very professional and detailed individual. He always took into account and remembered what our likes and dislikes were for any future homes we may have looked at. He also would take notice to anything in the homes that he understood we may or may not have a problem with and brought them to light. He was not one that just showed up to let you see a house. We always appreciated his input and his attention to detail for our needs. Not only that, he stayed in contact AFTER the sale to help us with anything further we may need (locksmith, security systems, etc).


Mache Rocha

We used Seth to buy our first home in Austin, and he was quick to respond and diligent in his searches. He was available when we needed him (and spent quite a lot of time showing us houses!), and was very patient with us when we were waffling about what we wanted and adjusting (and re-adjusting) our expectations.

If you're looking for a competent agent who will help you navigate the real estate process without trying to squeeze you in with a dozen other clients, Seth would be a solid, no-nonsense, stress-free, and low-pressure choice.

John & Chelsea Scharbach

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1601 E Cesar Chavez St #206 - MLS# 7541667
  • $412,500
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7541667 
  • Waterstreet Lofts
  • 1601 E Cesar Chavez St #206
  • Austin, TX 78702
  •   1 BD 1 BA 1390 Sq Ft 0.03 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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5133 Meadow Creek Dr - MLS# 5390430
  • $395,500
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 5390430 
  • Emerald Forest
  • 5133 Meadow Creek Dr
  • Austin, TX 78745
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1317 Sq Ft 0.34 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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4700 Milburn Ln - MLS# 1602234
  • $325,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 1602234 
  • Gullett Gardens No
  • 4700 Milburn Ln
  • Austin, TX 78702
  •   2 BD 1 BA 767 Sq Ft 0.31 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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