Sean McCormack

Sean McCormack


Sean Austin McCormack has practiced real estate ever since he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. His father is a commercial broker and while growing up, Sean always helped him out in any way possible.

Sean has a strong set of principles that he uses throughout his life and in his business. These include trust, communication, integrity, service, and accountability.

He is flexible, fast, innovative and reliable in his delivery. Sean always focuses on engaging and implementing service solutions to maximize delivery. He’s up to date on real estate education and trends which he happily shares his knowledge with his clients.

Sean guides his clients through the contract with humor, ease, style and panache from the beginning to past the close of contract.

These are the principles on which Sean builds effective client relationships. He approaches each client with a dedication to providing an equal and outstanding level of service. His goal is to achieve his client’s goals.

Sean wants to be your real estate agent for life. He wants to get you the best deal right now and the best deal in the future. He has your best interests at heart and he tries to help you in any and every way possible. With more than 20 years of education and industry experience, Sean brings an ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at any given moment. As a self-motivated Realtor and business management professional, he has a long history of successful sales generation and excellent client satisfaction. As your agent, he will bring his experience and history of success to work for you.

October 2018

Sean is incredible and he's easily the best Realtor I've ever worked with (and I've worked with a LOT of Realtors). I would recommend Sean and Realty Austin to anyone without hesitation.

Eric Ford

July 2018

Sean McCormack was a great Realtor to work with, and he was patient over a long process. He visited properties while I was out of town working and ultimately played a significant role in my being able to purchase the property I did. I highly recommend Sean.

Rodney W. Thomsson

January 2018

Sean gets the job done! He helped us sell our home in Austin and buy one in Pflugerville. He was great about responding to our countless questions in a timely fashion! He set up great home searches with parameters we wouldn't have considered. He was funny/entertaining and not stuffy as I imagine other realtors to be. His knowledge and experience shine through in his feedback and suggestions. AND like I said in the first five words of this review: Sean gets the JOB DONE!

Pamela L.

August 2017

Sean was an excellent Realtor. Sean provided outstanding service at all stages of the deal such as providing info based on a profound knowledge with real estate in general and Austin in particular, help with finding a property that matches our long list of requirements, negotiating and improving the terms, and tying up loose ends perfectly when closing the deal. For professionalism, Sean gets 5 out of 5 stars. From a personal aspect, it was a pleasure working with Sean. We really got 5-star service.

Dan B.

August 2017

Sean gave perfect, great and outstanding service. He was professional and was very pleasant to communicate with. I will recommend Sean to friends and family.

Itai Becker

July 2017

I highly recommended as an Austin Realtor. My husband and I were referred to Sean by a friend who used him as a Realtor a few years ago. Sean knows the Austin (and surrounding area) market and was able to give us great insight. He is very down to earth and told us his honest opinions, and he is super knowledgeable about what pitfalls to look for and if you need to worry about this or that. Sean helped guide us through the process as first-time homebuyers. He has great recommendations for home inspectors, repair guys, and mortgage lenders if you need it.


June 2017

Sean did a great job getting us into the house we wanted. He is also very good at staying in touch with his customers. We bought our house over a year ago, and he still checks in to make sure we are happy. I recommend Sean!

Andrew N.

April 2017

Working with Sean was a real pleasure. He's the best real estate agent I've ever worked with and I'll definitely recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

Avi Milstein

February 2017

Being first time home buyers, Sean coached us through the process, from making the first offer (that very day, day 0 on the market!), to submitting an escalation clause when we inevitably had to fight for the house against another offer, and all the many steps after that to close. We could reach him any time, day or night, with a text or a call. The convenience of digital signature forms kept the process moving, and we closed within a month of making our offer. The process, though nerve-wracking at times, was incredibly painless thanks to Sean's diligence, guidance and again, EXTREME PATIENCE with our million questions. He went above and beyond what we expected a realtor would and should do.

Sean is incredibly knowledgeable about the neighborhoods throughout south Austin and taught us a few things about the development we moved into. He has since recommended a few contractors and vendors to help with home repairs, so his help continues to this day. If you're looking for a personable, honest and hard working realtor to guide you through the home search and buying process, I wholeheartedly recommend Sean McCormack.

Emily F.

December 2016

Sean is a pleasure to work with. He's very personable and knows the Austin area very well. He took into account all of my input and offered helpful insights along the way with no pressure whatsoever. I felt I was able to make informed decisions throughout the entire process thanks to Sean's guidance. I would highly recommend working with Sean.

Will A.

October 2016

If you value patience and flexibility and getting a great friend on top of that then Sean is the Realtor for you! Sean first helped us sell our house in Shady Hollow. He did a good job helping us stage the, but it was his vision and connections to very talented friends that became invaluable. One of these professional friends, Ron, now another good friend of ours, with solid experience building houses from the ground up quickly executed on Sean's vision and voilà the house was sold at market price; everyone's happy!

Buying a new house, I can't remember how many homes we went through, but it was many. Sean was always very responsive, quickly set it up so we could take a look at the potential objects, however, what we appreciated here was that Sean did not push the easy sell meaning the first object that met most of our criteria. He approached it like he was invested in the purchase and it felt like he had our long-term happiness living in the house in mind. Sean would tell you straight up with no censorship what he liked or did not like about an object. Also, Sean will tell you what his professional friends can help you with to change an object to fit your needs and wants.

Our loan officer, Julie with Starkey, another good friend of Sean's was great and helped us a lot. Independent Title company was also very professional in helping us walk through the closing. It was a bonus having Sean and Julie there, all in the same room. That constellation also made it a very humorous and entertaining close (but still professional) if that makes any sense, I guess you had to be there.

Many laughs later and a few new friends richer, we are now in our new house, and we are so grateful for Sean's help and being the "grease that kept the machinery running" when we ran into obstacles that initially seemed too great to overcome. He does not only talk the talk, and he walks the walk. Thanks, Sean!

Johan A.

October 2016

Sean was super chill and didn't give off that pushy Realtor vibe. You end up spending a lot of time with your Realtor when buying a home and Sean made it easy. He also worked within our budget and helped us narrow down the perfect neighborhood for our growing family. He was honest about the condition of the homes we visited and gave a solid assessment of possible problems down the road. Sean was also very patient with us wanting to look at an absurd number of houses because we are super picky. Buying a home was a journey, and we were glad to have Sean as our guide.

Sherley G.

September 2016

Sean was a great guy. Like I said on another review site, he treats you like that family that you like. He handled a newcomer's (my son) and a newcomer's mother's questions brilliantly and was a star in the negotiation process once he found us a place in an area we weren't expecting to look in. Sean gave me money after we closed. Again, a family that you like!

Anna R.

September 2016

My husband and I wanted to find a house in Austin area. Sean helped us start the search six months before closing, and he is just wonderful. I'm very picky about the location, price, and condition of the house. It has to be close to my office, within our limited budget, has an open kitchen, and hardwood floor second floor. Sean is very patient with us, and always manage to accommodate our schedule for meetings. The search was a bit long and painful, but Sean made it much more comfortable than it could have been. We are super happy with the purchase in the end, and we will totally go back to him for future real estate related transactions.

Laura J.

July 2016

Sean could not have been easier or more enjoyable to work with during our recent home purchase. He was knowledgeable, professional, incredibly patient with my indecisiveness, and as an added bonus, he's really fun to be around. Sean is hilarious! I know that he must have had other clients, but he was somehow always available to show us properties with very little notice. Once we found the house, we wanted to purchase Sean helped us put an offer together that worked for us and won us the house over several other buyers. My husband and I will not hesitate to use Sean for any future real estate transactions.

Christy B.

June 2016

Sean has helped us purchase, and now five years later, sell a home. Neither time was simple, and he has been patient and assistive both times. He's very knowledgeable about the area real estate market, combining that with a sense of humor needed at times when stressed about making a large sale/purchase. Fully recommend.

Matt F.

May 2016

My family wanted to buy a condo in the UT area, and Sean went above and beyond to help us despite challenges our situation posed. I am an out-of-state student at UT. My parents and I knew nothing about Texas, let alone the Austin area. Sean was very knowledgeable about the UT area and Austin in general and informed us of which neighborhoods would be more quiet/convenient/etc. for students. Sean is a former out-of-state student himself, which may or may not have helped with condo-hunting, but helped me relate with him a lot more during the condo-hunting process.

I was the only one in my family currently living in Texas. As a college freshman, the idea of choosing a condo without any parental guidance seems a daunting task. Sean would always give me helpful tips while viewing different condos, telling me how a specific floor plan may be more desirable to future buyers or how a particular smell can be very easily fixed with a thorough carpet cleaning. This also meant that the vast majority of contact between my parents, Sean, and I was through email and phone tag. Sean never expressed any frustration by this inconvenient situation and instead made a tremendous effort to make sure that my parents were informed as soon as possible. He would call my parents immediately after viewing condos with me, telling them of which ones we liked and disliked, the pros and cons of each one, all of the works.

I had no form of transportation to view condos, sign contracts, etc. Sean went out of his way to pick me up (and sometimes even my future roommates) from my dorm to view condos. He also drove me to the title company to sign the final contracts. Sean even offered to get me coffee after I mentioned that the coffee place downstairs from the title company looked good.

As some of the previous reviews mentioned, he genuinely cared about and understood our needs. I never felt rushed into purchasing; we looked at so many different condos and worked with Sean for a good amount of time before finalizing our decision. He's also very professional, yet still manages to be funny, personable, and relatable (to a college student, no less). I very highly recommend Sean if you find yourself in need of a Realtor.

Audrey M.

April 2016

Sean has been fantastic! I contacted him about a month ago and let him know that I needed to find a place to rent. He set up a search for me and sent me properties daily. Sean was also kind enough to tell me that since the rental market is moving as quickly as it is that people are listing things for rent by owner and not using Realtors/MLS, therefore I should check other resources. He won't be able to make money off me that way, but I certainly appreciate his honesty! Sean responds to my emails very quickly and has offered great advice. I think I have found a property off of Craigslist so he won't be receiving any compensation for his fantastic assistance, but when I am ready to buy a home next year I will for sure be contacting Sean!

Brittany R.

January 2016

Sean just treated me to lunch. What a guy. I think he's a great Realtor too. I'm all over the country and I need a home base that makes me a little money. Hence why I live in a duplex. Glamorous? No. Money waster? No. Smart? Yes.

Dave F.

January 2016

So we found this "Sean" guy on Yelp after a phone call that we were being transferred to Austin after a stint in Milwaukee. After an email, a phone call, and a quick trip down here to scope things out we knew we'd found our guy. I think it was after my wife's wallet was lost after a night out at the local honky tonk, canceling some house showings, and Sean driving us around town trying to retrace our steps to find the said wallet, that we knew he was the real deal.

Once we finally moved here, found a ratty hotel to post up in, and hardcore start the search for our new home was when we knew we'd find out if we made the right decision. We had pretty high demands, as most home buyers do. Budget, style, location, and FAST.

Not only did Sean make us feel like we were his only client, but he met all of our criteria. He found us the mid-century home on .4 acres in Austin city limits, in our budget, and beat up (figuratively of course) the other realtor to get it at the price we wanted. At the time we were buying, getting a house for so much cheaper than asking while other houses were going for well over asking was pretty shocking. I remember being almost speechless when he called and said we got the house. (I wasn't being unimpressed Sean, I literally didn't believe you at first!) Here we are six mos later and still happy as can be. Let Sean handle your new home purchase. You won't be disappointed.

Gus H.

December 2015

When we were finally ready to hire a Realtor to buy our new house, it seemed like everyone had a recommendation of someone to work with. It was a little overwhelming with so many options. We did not want to work with someone who was too pushy or aggressive, but who we would be comfortable spending some time with and who would have some connections to help find the houses not necessarily posted online. My husband had found Sean a few years back when a friend was looking for a home and had a good impression from that experience. Sean did not disappoint this time! We brought Sean into our search knowing it was not the best time of the year to look for a house. We were also fairly picky about our requirements, so we did not make Sean's job easy. He spent a lot of time driving around Austin to show us houses (including Sunday evenings and the morning before he was leaving for vacation!). He was patient with us and never made us feel pressured to buy something. He listened to what we were looking for and was good about not wasting our time on houses he knew we wouldn't like. After a few months of searching, we found the perfect home and couldn't be happier. Sean was good to us through this process, and we are so grateful for all of his help. This process can be stressful and daunting at times; he helped make this as easy as possible. We will certainly recommend him to anyone who needs a realtor in the future. Thanks for everything Sean!

Mandy O.

December 2015

Where to start!! Sean was a breath of fresh air in our efforts to find a realtor. First off Sean is very personable, professional, and genuinely cares about his customers needs and wants. Sean was able to help us sell our current( he made this process quick and straightforward). We informed Sean what we wanted in our new home, and he found it for us. He was present throughout the entire process from the closing on the house we sold all the way through the closing on our new home and even going as far as checking on us after the sale to see if we got settled into our new home. Sean is a full-service realtor and always has his clients best interest in mind if you are looking for a realtor that will do what's best for you and your family all I can say is give Sean a call!!!!!!

Robert M.

October 2015

Don't let Sean's laid-back style fool you. He's a pit bull when it comes to negotiation. We spent several months looking at anything, and everything, from Manchaca to Lake Travis to the Domain and Sean was always happy to jump in his vehicle at a moment's notice to go to some far-flung part of the city to look at a dilapidated bungalow that our perverse tastes assigned as 'having the character.'

Fast forward through dozens of houses, and we find a place that we absolutely adored. Funny thing; the agent representing that house was nowhere to be found. Sean, through dogged determination, finally was able to get us into this house (which was AMAZING) and then helped us not only make a great offer in an escalating market but managed to get the adjoining lots for no extra charge.

Jeremy B.

October 2015

My husband and I contacted Sean when we decided we wanted to buy our first house. We were starting from almost no knowledge, but he was so patient and helpful the entire way. Sean is super friendly and approachable, but he is more than willing to fight for you if needed. The whole process of buying a house is NOT easy, and it can be extremely stressful, but he made it very smooth and as painless as possible. Sean was able to negotiate some repairs for us, and I could tell Sean was working hard behind the scenes, but a lot of that was hidden from us. All in all, the process to buy a house was a lot less stressful than my husband, and I anticipated. When we compared our experience with the stories of some friends, I really began to understand how hard Sean worked for us behind the scenes, and I appreciated how responsive and understanding he was.

Stephanie L.

October 2015

Buying a house is easily the most adult thing my girlfriend, and I have done. Naivety led me to believe that it was easier than it is; it's a complicated system with so many forms and signatures. Thank goodness for Sean and his amazing abilities as a realtor to shoulder the burden for us. I'm also eternally grateful that he isn't a stereotypical fake looking realtor equipped with a spray tan and a Botoxed face that only shows one or no emotion. He's a person that embodies the spirit of Austin. He's chill and wants to help find the house that's right for you. There was never a time that we felt pressured.

We needed a house within three months. Our time frame was short, but Sean made it happen. Sean set up an MLS search for us, and we went on several showings. We had a tight budget by Austin standards, and that didn't help us get a house that met what we needed. Sean did some hard work in finding us a pre-MLS, and we jumped on it. He called us at 9 am and made himself immediately free to show it that afternoon. We were able to put in an offer and secure our first home before it even hit the market! We were so happy that our home purchase was underway in under two weeks of searching!

Sean was very pleasant and patient with my lady in the new house and me. We were first-time homebuyers, and he held our hands the entire way. There's so much before, during, and after stuff to take care of and Sean helped with everything. I'm so glad Sean is a seasoned pro in the Austin real estate market. He worked out a great offer and an amendment to help us get some cash back for repairs. He also recommended a great loan officer, property inspector, and handyman to help us. His wife even gave us some great tips on renovating our kitchen! We couldn't be more pleased with the entire crew. In a few years, we'll be contacting Sean to list our house and find us a new one!

Austin C.

October 2015

I found Sean while researching Realtors online. I decided to contact him based on his glowing reviews and have come to find that he lives up to the praise. I knew he would be awesome when he responded to my initial email within a day. I always take that as a good sign. There are many things that my husband and I enjoyed about working with Sean. Professionally he is knowledgeable, prompt, and clearly has his clients' best interest. On the other hand, he is funny, easy-going, and just a genuinely nice guy. We endured a bit of a headache while trying to purchase our home, and it couldn't have been handled better by any other Realtor. Sean made sure we were happy with every aspect of the process and always kept us in the loop. We are more than happy with how things turned out despite the bumpy road. Thank you, Sean, for everything, you rock!

Melissa M.

August 2015

Over the years I've probably bought and sold a dozen properties, and hence have interacted with my share of Realtors. I can honestly say that I haven't run across anyone more attentive, helpful, and responsive than Sean McCormack. Recently, he sold a property for us that we needed to close on very quickly. With Sean's help, we were able to close the deal in less than two weeks, which I had no idea was even possible. I've used Sean on both sides of the transaction (as a buyer and seller) and found his expertise in the Austin real estate arena to be invaluable. If you are looking to buy or sell in Central Texas and don't contact Sean McCormack first, you are doing yourself and your pocketbook a great disservice.

Eric F.

June 2015

Found Sean on Yelp. We were new to Texas, and after interviewing three other Realtors he was very straightforward, others seemed so concerned with signing paperwork that would bind us to buy a house with them. He just delivered an easy going but effective home buying experience. On top of that, the rebate truly separates Sean from the hundreds of other Realtors. Thanks, Sean!!

Ari T.

June 2015

Sean is AMAZING! Great Realtor and just an all-around great person. He was relaxed and made everyone feel comfortable while also showing us some truly wonderful homes that he would live in himself. I would recommend Sean to anyone.

Antonio T.

January 2015

I reached out to Sean without an introduction nor a recommendation except for the one here on Yelp. I was searching for a very specific type of rental in Austin. He could not have been more helpful and a wonderful resource for a newcomer to the area. Sean was able to help me make a great decision after seeing places in several areas. I was very grateful for his kindness and assistance.

Brook C.

January 2015

I found Sean on Yelp and selected him based on all of the five stars and great reviews, and he delivered. Work was moving me in a short time frame so everything about this moving experience from the house hunting trip to the closing date was on the rush status and Sean kept everyone on pace to close in time. For the house hunting trip, I had one week to visit as many houses as I could. Sean spent the better part of the week going through the house to house offering great feedback and suggestions until I found the one. There were some hiccups after the appraisal got back but Sean worked out a great deal for us with the stipulation that we HAD to close before the end of the year. With this rush status on closing the house, Sean remained calm and cool and kept all the gears moving, and we were able to close on time.

Just as many other reviews have stated, Sean is easy to get along with, good spirited, optimistic, and just fun to be around and talk to. This house buying experience has been superior with his help, and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Andrew T.

December 2014

My husband and I moved from NYC earlier this year, and Sean helped us find a house. A house we love! Why Sean? If you've been living under a rock, I'll let you in on something, the Austin real estate market could be described as mayhem for buyers. With a strong demand comes some aggressive, pushy and money-driven realtors. Sean takes an entirely different approach and is laidback, patient, and honest. That said, he was also a great negotiator for us.

Having never owned property, my husband and I relied heavily on Sean for guidance throughout the process and were extremely pleased with how he handled things. I asked tons of questions, had a list of demands, was very picky with places (we probably saw 30-40 houses with him), but it never phased Sean, he just kept on showing us homes and offering suggestions on other things we should consider.

It should be noted that he has a great sense of humor and is fun to spend time with, which I can't say about a lot of other Realtors. Sean made an overwhelming process easy, enjoyable and we ended up with a house that we love! And he also gives you a rebate after the closing! I told a friend of mine that the other day after she told me her Realtor bought her a vase. Just saying.

Katie C.

December 2014

First time home buyers: give this man a call! We had a genuinely hilarious time working with Sean on a mega-frustrating house purchase. That the sellers and their agent were dead-eyed, which illuminated Sean's tact and character in this painful venture. As first-time buyers, we too were difficult to work with due to our sheer ignorance and Bridezilla-esque expectations. But Sean allowed us to be ourselves, a feeling that other insincere Realtors we met with were surely not able to replicate. Sean busted his butt to get us a good deal on our house, a big ol' farmhouse out in the boonies. He'll take all comers; he will. Make your house buying experience an enjoyable one and ask Sean to be your agent!

Lea D.

November 2014

Certainly, buying your first home is an exciting process. And of course, there will no doubt be a great deal of stress involved if you don't have majestic piles of cash to work with. That said, our home buying experience would have been miserable even if we had bags of money stashed away in banks in the snowy Alps. The sellers were uncooperative, unresponsive, time-wasting, disagreeable feet-draggers who were flat out rude. Would have except for Sean McCormack.

Sean was a king in his persistent handling of the sellers, their agent, and eventually our frayed nerves and spirits. He took on what, at times, seemed like a Sisyphean errand. What's more, Sean was able to maintain a charming sense of humor and continued to be a thoroughly enjoyable gentleman throughout the process. The experience would have crushed a lesser man. In conclusion: You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll do yourself a favor and retain Sean McCormack as your Realtor.


May 2014

Sean is such an awesome guy. What I love most about him is that he puts your needs first, doing what's right for you, even when it's not the best thing for him. Sean is also straight with you and tells you what you need to know, even if it's not what you want to hear.

Jennifer S.

March 2014

I just recently closed on my first house. Having just moved to Austin, I didn't have any context of the local real estate scene. When I looked for a Realtor, my research amounted to google searches. Through this, I stumbled upon Sean. Sean had awesome reviews through Yelp, so I figured I'd give him a try. There's a reason Sean has awesome reviews: it's because he's awesome.

Sean helped me navigate the stormy waters of closing on a house through a relocation deal. There was a lot of extra parts to the deal; tedious stuff, the junk no one wants to bother with. Sean helped out the entire time. His persistence, as well as his good sense of humor, got me through the deal. If you're like I was a few months ago, browsing Yelp, helplessly, then maybe you'll make the same wise decision I did. You'll pick Sean. And after a few months of the home buying roller coaster process, you'll be sitting in your nice new home, writing a solid review for a solid agent.

Bradley W.

March 2014

If there were a Nobel Peace Prize for Realtors, Sean would earn one. But apparently usually "scientists" win those; whatever they do. Sean knows his way around Austin, and I can tell through his entertaining anecdotes and insightful comments about the places to live in Austin. I was referred to him by a friend who found this upstanding guy through another friend, and who can blame him, he works for you! Sean helped me find an extremely affordable place for the year, and I could not be more pleased with his kindness and dedication to his job. Stop being hustled by those "cute" Realtors that just graduated from college and save your precious time and money with Sean.

Sean C.

February 2014

Sean helped my husband and me find our home in Austin. We moved rather suddenly, and he was available to help us visit several houses (probably 20) in a week. Being new to Austin, Sean helped us pick out a neighborhood that would work well for us. He also helped us find a furnished rental on short notice. I liked that Sean was ok with us putting in a lowball offer, and it ended up paying off in the end. I also liked that he didn't mind showing us every house in our price point. Not sure what else to say, except that you should use Sean. He's nice, funny, and good at his job. We could not be happier with where we live.

Jordan K.

February 2014

Sean has helped my wife and I over the years find great properties for sale and rent in Austin, and also search in other cities besides Austin, including Dallas and Houston. He has gone the extra mile and worked in collaboration with Realtors in the other cities to ensure all of our needs were met. We have moved around to NYC and back to Houston with Sean helping us every step of the way! Seeing multiple homes with a Realtor can be frustrating, stressful and quite awkward. Not with Sean! No pressure. Laid back. Lots of laughs. Very efficient! Sean has a genuine quality that reminds me of the times when people wrote handwritten letters and took pride in each and every word.

James J.

January 2014

My husband and I highly recommend Sean! He found us a house that we absolutely love!!! And if that's not enough, we had a great time in the process! Sean has a fantastic sense of humor and is so laid-back. He's a straight shooter and does not try to sell you anything you don't want. The experience felt more like going to look at houses with a very knowledgeable friend, which was great (especially because I do not respond well to pushy, unscrupulous people). I'm so happy we picked Sean, not only because we now have a fantastic home, but because he made the whole experience so wonderful! I almost forgot to mention: Sean gives his clients a percentage of his commission after the sale. It was so great to get that money! Thanks, Sean; you are truly a Realtor extraordinaire!

Marie T.

January 2014

Sean helped my family with finding a place and made the experience one to remember. He has also been in constant contact with my folks to see how things are and if they need anything. Awesome Realtor and a great guy. Thank you, Sean.

Aaron B.

January 2014

We (my husband and I) came across a short sale property that was being sold at auction and were interested. We bid on and won the property and then were asked who our Realtor was. We didn't "have" a Realtor and hadn't met him yet, but just said, "Our Realtor is Sean McCormack" based on Yelp reviews. When the auction company called him to start putting everything together for us, he didn't even know we had bid on a house. He totally just went with the flow and got to work for us. Soooo glad we picked him. He fought for us through many battles with the seller/bank's agent (who threatened him) and never complained. Throughout the two month ordeal, Sean kept a great sense of humor. AND, now we got a great deal on an awesome house! Thank you, Sean!

Mandy G.

November 2013

Sean is what you want in a Realtor. He's knowledgeable about the Austin market, and he isn't afraid to point out the problems with a property. He listens to what you tell him that you want, and that's what he shows you. Sean was prompt with callbacks, and was ready to advise me anytime I was unsure about any part of the process. Best of all is that he is easy to get along with and a calming force during what can be a very stressful process. There is no doubt in my mind that I will use Sean if I buy again. I really can't recommend Sean highly enough.

Jason A.

June 2013

If you are looking for a low pressure and enjoyable house hunting experience then Sean is your guy!! I never once felt pressured into purchasing something I wasn't head over heels about. Sean is extremely knowledgeable about all zip codes in the Austin area. I was pleasantly surprised how honest Sean was regarding the entire home purchasing process. He was even quick to point out potential flaws in houses that the average consumer wouldn't notice. Why would Sean do this? Because Sean actually cares about YOU and not just your money. What a pleasant surprise in an industry filled with sleazy salespeople. No matter how busy he was Sean would always find time to show me houses. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SEAN MCCORMACK!

Brad A.

November 2012

Working with Sean took the anxiety out of what can be a very stressful process. Sean is knowledgeable, direct, and flexible. He showed us several homes that fit what we described to him as what we were looking for, and was spot on. He read our reactions to places extremely well and took this into account with the subsequent viewings. Working with Sean was enjoyable as well. Sean Is a great guy and made viewings fun. He also knows a great deal about what a home would need in terms of updating or repairs and can advise you on how these things can affect your decision. We definitely trusted Sean with the negotiations and he did very well for us. We have been in this home for over 4 years now and still have a great feeling about how the buying process went. We are in the right home and Sean is to thank for this. We would use him in the future and recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Austin area.

Dana B.

November 2012

I originally ran into Sean as a landlord and leased his property. He was awesome, took care of house issues we ran into and was prompt about everything. He's very laid back and even dropped by with a 12 pack to welcome us into the house when we were moving in. When my lease was close to being up I decided to look into owning a house. I ended up using Sean as my Realtor as well since he ended up being such an awesome landlord and very professional. He has been in Austin forever and even though I was on a smaller budget than he's used to, he gave me the same time and knowledge about the market that he would anyone. We went hunting for close to 6 months in East Austin and he was incredibly patient and informative. He let me know when a house was worth it and could be remodeled reasonably. Sean let me know when they were overpriced or underpriced and when we just needed to move on to the next one because they were too much of a dump. He even recommended a good lender that worked to get me some state and local funding/grants. Sean was supportive and very chill to hang out with. Even though Sean was a landlord turned Realtor, really I think of him as a friend. Definitely get Sean to help you find a home to fit your needs, he knows how to find just what you're looking for at a good price.


October 2012

I decided to hire Sean based on his Yelp reviews, despite interviewing several other recommended agents and I'm so glad I did! We wanted to buy a vacation home in Austin and he helped me narrow down the search to a very specific, highly desirable area. When a home came up Sean was on top of it. We ended up bidding on it sight unseen and having to sign all the papers while out of Austin. This could have been such a difficult process, but it was so simple and smooth. There were actually multiple bids on the house, but we made one offer and it was accepted! And we closed 3 weeks later, so quick and easy. Finally recently we got it all set up and had our first family vacation there and it's so perfect I had to give Sean a big hug. Some notes about Sean, he has a totally Austin vibe. He might look like he just rolled out of bed, but he is with it. Often I would ask for information and he had it to me within hours. If he was 10 minutes late he would let me know. If I was late he was totally relaxed about it. His communication and contacts are top notch. I was in Austin by myself to set the house up, Sean met me straight off the plane at the house. When I said the yard needed to be taken care of he had someone there within a couple hours. I can't imagine having gone through this with anyone but Sean. Most people tell me finding and buying a house is not usually this easy. I know some people have mentioned they're sad not to see Sean again, but I like to think we're friends now.


July 2012

Our home-buying process started about one year ago when my husband and I moved to Austin. Our friend highly recommended Sean to us, and right off the bat, we knew that Sean was not like any other Realtor that we had ever worked with. Even after we decided to rent for a year, Sean would still keep in touch with us from time to time and contact us when he saw a house come up that we might be interested. He knew from the beginning what our budget was, what neighborhoods we were only interested in, and style of home we liked; never did Sean try to talk us out of our budget or show us homes that he knew we would not be interested in just so he could make a sale. Unlike other Realtors, he knows how to be hands-on without being pushy.

Sean is the type of Realtor who will fight Friday 5 pm traffic willingly to come to meet you if this is the only time you have in the week, as he did this innumerable times for us over the past year. He will tell you why a house has not sold, when to underbid, when to overbid, and is incredibly knowledgeable on how to handle hurdles diplomatically, as, in real estate, there can be hiccups that are unanticipated. We closed on our first home about three weeks ago, and although we were so happy that our house search was over, we were pretty sad that we wouldn't be seeing Sean on a regular basis anymore. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a realtor who really knows the Austin housing market, is honest, laid back, and will patiently go out of his way to find you the house you are looking for.


August 2012

Sean is the best! He helped my husband and I navigate a very difficult home buying process; an ag-exempt farm property outside of Austin while handling the sale of our previous home. This was not a process for the faint of heart and it was quite a roller coaster ride. Sean was a strong advocate for us in both the sale and purchase of both homes all while maintaining his great sense of humor. We were so lucky to have him represent us!

Rachele M.

March 2012

Sean is the greatest! It is a great time to buy but we were hesitant because of the daunting task of selling our current home and buying one that we liked all at once. It just seemed like way too many moving parts. Sean calmed us down and showed us a property that was perfect for us. He helped us make sure our house was ready to go on the market and we got an offer the day after it was listed! Crazy! We closed yesterday and should close on the new home very soon. The process hasn't been easy but Sean kept us informed every step of the way and has really gone above and beyond to make this sale/purchase happen. I hope I don't ever have to use him again but if we do ever decide to move Sean will be the first person we call.

Robb W.

August 2011

My wife and completed our home buying odyssey in 2011; a long saga with tales of good and evil leading to a moment like no other, a brave new world, our home. In the not so distant past, evil Realtor overlords dominated the housing horizon. Time and again, we tried to shed these dream oppressors, but alas they seemed to be at every home purchase. Then came Sean, a seemingly unassuming, small-town boy with big city dreams. While wandering away from his quaint village of "New York", he stumbled upon a strange, new, and decidedly weird world known as Austin. He sought a different path, one that only became clearer over time. By channeling his spirit in this sparse, south by the southwestern community he found his calling, place people in their homes.

August 2011

Nurtured by the Austin oasis, this lone rebel fought the evil Empire for us. Our young warrior was not afraid to turn in a low bid or stand up to the dogmatic forces of proper real estate etiquette. "All they can say is no," said the boy as he became a master. From the vast hilly desert of SW Austin, through the hills and up to the highlands, Sean fought the good fight to put us in a home. Along the way, he dealt adamantly with real estate riff-raff and fought for the little guy, establishing himself as a Realtor of the people. Now, as we move on to the next chapter in our lives, we'll forever be grateful to the agent who said "Those electrical boxes will catch on fire!" and "I wouldn't want a rat to fall on your face" and "Got you a free water heater." Truly a man of distinction. Thank you Sean Austin, and godspeed. John N.

July 2011

Sean answered our call the very first time not even recognizing our number, giving us the impression that he was professional and on top of things. He was very appreciative that our friends had referred him to us and got started on our search immediately. Sean is very organized and follows through on everything he says he'll do in a very timely manner. We found him to be polite, honest, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to be around. We're in our new house now and would recommend Sean to anybody.

Leta S.

June 2011

Sean helped us sell our rental property in Austin, and we couldn't have asked for better service or a sweeter outcome! He sold the place very fast and for much more than many other similar units in the same area. He pushed the deal with the right amount of persistence and professionalism, which benefited everyone involved. Sean kept us informed and up-to-date on all details and deadlines, which was very critical since we live out of town and are small business owners. He really kept us on track, and that ultimately helped us sell the place so quickly. We found much of what he did went above and beyond what we expected, and that is something of great value and hard to find these days. When we are ready to buy another property in Austin, we'll definitely go with Sean again, he's a fantastic Realtor and quite fun to work with!

Joanna T.

January 2011

Sean has a positive outlook and is very personable. The best thing about working with Sean is that he really listens to what is on your mind and what you are looking for. He communicates information really well and lets you know what the next step or steps in the home buying process will be. Sean clearly has a lot of specialized knowledge and knows the Austin market. Sean deals with everyone with honesty and integrity. Sean has a hilarious sense of humor and a great person to show you around if you are new to the Austin scene.

Gary H.

October 2010

I found Sean searching for a real estate agent with experience in income properties. I wanted the best duplex in the best area for the best price that I could owner-occupy. I'm sure this made things difficult for Sean because it had to fit my personality and be my home as well as provide short-term returns and be a good long-term investment. Sean took my order and started right away emailing listings and even setting up a personal website for me to compare comps and search through his database. He set up showings every few days and we even walked through a few different properties more than once. He must have met every friend I have since I was always bringing someone along with us. And he always remembered their names. Impressive.

Sean is an income property owner as well and was great about sharing his thoughts and concerns as we walked through the various properties. Very knowledgeable about what rents, what matters, and what scares renters away. He is super easy to get along with and never made me feel pressured about picking a place. I get the impression he'd have helped me for 2 years had I needed the time. I closed on my duplex over a month ago and I still have Sean on my speed-dial to answer questions when I need management help. He's also got great contacts for Home Inspectors, Mortgage Advisors, Title Co., Plumbers, Electricians etc. Highly recommended.

Julian F.

August 2010

After deciding to sell our house and move to Portland, we looked on Yelp for recommendations for a real estate agent. Of the three we interviewed, we decided on Sean. We liked how other Yelpers described him as going out of his way to get them exactly the houses they needed, even if it meant more work or smaller commissions for him. We were also impressed by his smart, relaxed, friendly personality, and his optimistic attitude towards selling our house in a slow market. He seemed like somebody we could really work with.

The market being what it was, it took us longer than we'd hoped to make a sale, and there were times when we wondered if we'd chosen our agent wisely enough. For instance, the glowing notices on Yelp were mostly from buyers, there wasn't much from people whose houses he'd helped to sell. We also wondered if he'd advised us to set our asking price too high. But he patiently helped us navigate the ups and downs of the process, and gave us plenty of good input when we needed it, with the result that we sold at a decent price within a reasonable amount of time.

Some sellers might prefer a more aggressive agent, with a snappier line of patter, but all in all, we appreciated Sean's steadiness, honesty, and persistence, and are grateful to him for helping us make a stressful experience turn out to be successful and positive.

Ken H.

July 2010

My company relocated us from the Bay Area to the Austin area, and we had a very short time frame to find a house. We needed a Realtor that could work with us remotely, and we needed them fast. We started our search and found Sean on Yelp. Out of all the Realtors we talked to we felt the most comfortable with Sean. Sean immediately started sending us properties to look at, and we planned a house hunting trip to Austin. Sean made the time to spend three full days with us. We looked at ten plus houses, and Sean was very patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. We got along great, had a fantastic trip, and found a home! As we were still, remote Sean was a huge help with all items that needed to get done after we made an offer. I'd also like to point out he put is in touch with a great Mortgage Broker, Julie Black, who was also very helpful through the process. All-in-all it was a great experience, and we love our new house! Give Sean a call if you're in the market.

Christian K.

March 2010

When my wife and I decided to buy a house, one of the most daunting aspects of the process for me was finding a good Realtor. We had searched for homes twice in the past and neither time did we choose to purchase. We always felt like we were being told what we wanted to hear, or that we were being pushed into more house, and thus more mortgage, than we were interested in.

So when my wife came to me and told me that she had found a Realtor, I immediately began to worry that we might have a similar experience to those from our house-hunting past. I could not have been more wrong. Sean came to us by way of Yelp, and as the other reviewers have said, he is excellent. Sean is a supremely knowledgeable and professional person but without any pretense or pushiness. Sean always made himself available and allowed us to explore homes and locations that we were interested in before helping us zero in on the place we wanted. His diligence allowed us to be the first to view, and bid on, what turned out to be the perfect home.

If all of this weren't enough, Sean is a great guy. He speaks to you like an adult and without a trace of veneer or artificiality. I trusted him immediately and genuinely came to like him. The inspector he recommended was great, and we closed quickly. Throughout the process, Sean was our constant advocate and adviser. We were first time buyers, with bad experiences in the past, so we learned pretty heavily on him for advice, and it paid off. I will never use another Realtor and simply cannot recommend him highly enough.

Kevin E.

March 2010

OK, so I found Sean on Yelp. Because Sean was so awesome, I trust Yelp a lot more now for other reviews! What is great about Sean is he is not that big hair real estate lady telling you that everything is great and he didn't try to push us into a house we couldn't afford. Sean even showed us homes that were BELOW the price we wanted to spend. He is not pushy at all, but he also didn't let us make the mistake of buying a house we really don't want. Also, even when we stopped negotiating for a lower price on the home, he continued for us and he was truly there for us! Sean ROCKS!

Melinda B.

February 2010

My wife and I worked with Sean to buy our first house. Well, that's the short version at least. We worked with Sean to tighten up what our real budget was, what the important features we were set on were vs. the things where we could be flexible, which neighborhoods we wanted, and if we could ever use a sundeck once we saw what the rabbits had done to it (seriously gross). Sean was excellent throughout! I think he finds personal satisfaction in getting the right people into the right house, because he put so much effort into finding the listings that met our criteria (at least on paper), setting up the viewings, and then not batting an eye when it wasn't perfect. We did find our perfect house though after a bit.

Being first time buyers, my wife and I had numerous questions (occasionally at odd hours), but Sean always made himself available and was extremely knowledgeable in the process from start to finish. If we were ever able to ask a question he didn't know the answer to, he found it out. I imagine that many people have had more or less okay experiences with realtors, and "got through the process" with a house they liked. This was different, mainly because Sean seemed genuinely invested in having us be happy with our home, never pressured us to come to a decision, and always had that dry wit to deal with the ridiculous things you're bound to encounter in buying a home. I've already recommended Sean to one of my coworkers (who loves the house he's now in), and when I saw he was on here, I knew I should take the time to write a review.

Josh B.

February 2010

Back in the fall, I started the process of relocating from San Jose, CA to Austin. One of the challenges I was facing was finding a house to lease while I was halfway across the country. For the first time, I elected to use a real estate agent for this process rather than trying to undertake the whole process myself. I thought it would be the only way I could pull off the relocation without ending up living in the wrong house in the wrong part of town. A read of Yelp Austin indicated that Sean appeared to be among the best to work with. I sent a note off to him, and I had a response back in less than an hour, it was already around midnight his time. This was a precursor to the great experience that was to come.

Over the preceding four months, Sean was communicative, flexible, understanding, and honest. In addition, when I finally flew out to Austin to look at the finalists and to pick out a place, I had the opportunity to see his sense of humor and his ability to go to the extreme with regards to his patience and commitment to see the deal through. I think most Realtors would have pushed back and not been willing to spend so much time on a leasing deal (it is not as profitable as a purchase). This is especially true after we made several very wrong turns in the outskirts of Leander (The GPS was of no help in finding one of the houses we were supposed to look at). We ended up in a part of hill country that I didn't know even existed. It appeared that the people in this area were either trying to raise goats, farm abandoned cars, or some combination thereof. It was funny and a great waste of time. Having now moved into my leased house, Sean has continued to follow up to ensure that everything has worked out satisfactorily. This is simply great.

Kenneth S.

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5315 Martin Ave - MLS# 4813374
  • $609,000
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 4813374 
  • Highlands
  • 5315 Martin Ave
  • Austin, TX 78751
  •   4 BD 3 BA 2083 Sq Ft 0.15 AC
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin
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6604 Tasajillo Trl - MLS# 4173245
  • $460,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 4173245 
  • Park West At Circle C
  • 6604 Tasajillo Trl
  • Austin, TX 78739
  •   3 BD 3 BA 2690 Sq Ft 0.12 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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908 E 55 1/2 St - MLS# 3006490
  • $417,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 3006490 
  • Morningside Add
  • 908 E 55 1/2 St
  • Austin, TX 78751
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1270 Sq Ft 0.13 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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3607 Piute Trl - MLS# 7311740
  • $399,900
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7311740 
  • Shady Hollow Add
  • 3607 Piute Trl
  • Austin, TX 78739
  •   4 BD 4 BA 2150 Sq Ft 0.5 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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1411 Hargis Creek Trl - MLS# 2299303
  • $377,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 2299303 
  • Oak Brook
  • 1411 Hargis Creek Trl
  • Austin, TX 78717
  •   4 BD 3 BA 2917 Sq Ft 0.16 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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