Richard Fowler

Richard Fowler



Richard works on the Ciccarelli Team with Donna Ciccarelli and Sydney Schuster.

Originally from Lampasas, Texas about an hour Northwest of Austin, Richard grew up loving the Hill Country, Texas and the friendliness of the people who live here. From a young age, he was exposed to nature and football and was surrounded by family and friends who loved both so it was only natural that he did, and does, too. So you can imagine, after years of living away from Central Texas in Dallas, Vancouver, WA, St Louis, MO and attending high school and college, at the University of Texas in San Antonio, moving back to Austin in late 2003 was coming home.

For those of you that do and don’t know, Austin not only offers the beauty of the Hill Country, the lakes and the friendly people but also an eclectic mix of art & film, colleges, festivals, football, great schools, high tech, live music, nature, ranches, restaurants, shopping and much more, including one of the best business climates and safest places in the nation to raise a family. Austin and Central Texas, quite simply, are about quality of life through varied lifestyles and that is what he offers his clients and their families. Real Estate is how he delivers the lifestyle(s) you and your family desire!

Professionally, he started his career with H.E.B., one of the great grocery retail chains based in Texas, and learned customer service on the job by providing it as he worked his way up to being a Customer Service Manager at one of H.E.B.’s Flagship stores while attending UTSA. Later, after receiving a degree in Accounting and a minor in Management Information Systems, he moved into outside sales, marketing, and business development, spent years traveling the nation and working with many of the most recognizable and successful Fortune 500 companies in the United States. He would visit their retail, wholesale and distribution operations, audit their processes and systems and develop and implement solutions to improve those processes and systems, which required creative thinking, working with people from varied backgrounds, detailed documentation, strategic marketing, negotiation, sales, customer service, and support.

With a wife, Rachel, whom has been a “rock star” in the mortgage business since she was 18, exhaustion from “planes, trains, and automobiles”, and more than just a casual interest in real estate, he decided to focus his expertise, knowledge and skills into becoming the best Real Estate Agent he could be and his clients will tell you that they have benefited from his experience. Of course, you can’t be the best, or stay the best, without continuing education, valuable mentorship and working with the best so he commits time every week to education, has a partner , Donna Ciccarelli, who is an unrivaled mentor and represents Realty Austin, the best brokerage in Central Texas!

Rachel not only excels in business but also is his best friend and a great mom and he has been extremely lucky to have her as his wife for 22 years and counting. Together, they have a daughter, Megan, who is a freshman at Tarleton State, and a son, Sam, who is in 6th grade at Cedar Park Middle School and also happens to be on the Autism Spectrum. They love doing anything as a family, enjoying all that Austin and Central Texas have to offer and just working around the house or hanging out. During the holidays, they give the Griswold's a run for their money!

Whether it’s residential or farm & ranch, real estate is his platform to help people and he strives to make a “positive difference” in his clients' lives every day. 


  • Realty Austin Sapphire Circle Top Producer 2018

November 2018

Donna is Fabulous. She went over and beyond our expectations. Donna is extremely knowledgeable and just a super fantastic nice person. Angela and I both feel extremely lucky to have found her and are extremely thankful for all she did for us in bringing the purchase of our first home to a close.

Kim Montroy

October 2018

I had run across Sydney Schuster one time before on a single listed piece of property, and I was so impressed way back then that I jotted her name down saying, "now here is someone I might use in the future." When it came time for my wife and me to finally return to Austin and build/buy our own home, I went back to that note and tracked Sydney down. She was no longer with her previous firm, but I found her with Realty Austin, and we took off from there. I am an architect and have met so many agents over my career. Sydney Schuster stands out. Sydney forms a comfortable and personal communication bond immediately. But then Sydney goes on to continually amaze me: her high energy, her tremendous organization skills, her professionalism and her attention to every detail. Her knowledge about the industry is solid, she knows the process, and has the savvy negotiating skills to make a contract work in a competitive market. We could not be more pleased. In the Austin real estate world, I think Sydney Schuster will be a Rock Star.

Phil Pokorny

August 2018

Donna changed my life. I didn’t know anything about the selling process, and the paperwork seemed overwhelming, but Donna was with me every step of the way. I needed a lot of help and was on a time crunch. She took over and made everything happen. The day she held my open house, we received several bids. Not only did I get my asking price, but I also got much more. Donna helped me get through one of my lowest points and turned it into a positive, empowering experience. For that, I am forever grateful. She genuinely cares and wants the best for everyone. She is hands-on and helps with everything from start to finish.

Heather Davis

August 2018

Donna was a pleasure to work with, and she really considered my families needs. She was professional and took what was a stressful situation and made it seem effortless. Donna was a hard worker and really knows her stuff. My kids grew very fond of Donna, and she even became a part of the family. Buying our home became a family affair. Donna will be the person we will go to our next house.

Annette and Dennis Smelser

July 2018

I am beyond pleased to recommend the Donna and Richard Team of Realty Austin. Richard Fowler is an outstanding Realtor whose sharp expertise and personal touch allowed us to sell our home in a very short time. He worked tirelessly to promote our house and advocated aggressively for us in all offers. In the end, my husband and I were very happy with our resulting offer. While he may say he became too invested in us, we appreciate his extraordinary level of care as our Realtor.

Donna Ciccarelli was absolutely fabulous. She toured our home once and with her sharp eye and background in design, Donna immediately knew the best way to stage our home. I couldn't believe the way she utilized some of our own possessions in combination with her own staging materials. All of our house photos stood out in vast contrast to the other house photos on the market. Every person viewing our home left positive comments about how it was staged. I do not doubt that part of the reason we sold it was because of her hand in amplifying our home's beauty. These two are wonderful. I would unconditionally recommend Donna and Richard to anyone.

Dw. M

July 2018

Richard Fowler was a joy to work with. I had served with him in the Cedar Park Chamber for a number of years, and we developed a good connection. He is someone I trust. He went above and beyond to get my home sold. This was my first home, and I spent fourteen years there. I loved my house, and Richard knew it would be hard to let go. He fielded so many tasks and took the burden off me so the transition would be easier. He was encouraging along the way and ensured me we would find a buyer who would love the home as I did. You can't erase memories when you walk away from a property you love, but you can feel good that the new owners will create their own there. A good Realtor is the key to making that happen. I would recommend Richard to anyone considering selling or buying a home.

Tammy Thorpe Waters

June 2018

Richard Fowler helped us buy our first house. We met him as the listing agent at an open house when we first started looking and were blown away by his professionalism, knowledge, and kindness. We decided to work with him right away as we knew we would be in good hands. He taught us how to choose the best house for our needs. Richard clearly cares a lot about his clients and wants to find the right home at the right price. You can tell by working with him that he is just a genuinely good person and would never lead you into anything that wouldn't be best for you. It's very reassuring feeling when you know you can trust your Realtor. Richard guided us through the entire process, from finding a neighborhood and house, making an offer, to doing inspections, negotiating the price, requesting repairs and closing. His attention to details made our entire buying experience easy and stress-free. Richard's guidance through the negotiating process was invaluable, and he put us in touch with many local experts. Richard was always there whenever we needed him. It was an amazing experience. We're so lucky we met him! Thank you, Richard! We feel like you're our good friend!

Maxim and Anastasia Yukina

May 2018

I worked with Richard Fowler. He was very professional throughout the process. His knowledge of the industry was great, and he provided sage counsel. Richard also has great connections with other reputable cleaning or construction companies that people need in the process.

Michael Adams

February 2018

My wife Laura and I made the decision to move. 16 years of memories: the house where we raised our two older boys and watched them graduate high school, the house where were had our daughter and watched her learn to walk and ride a ride a bike, the sledding hill, the cul-de-sac, the warm-hearted neighbor lady that made egg rolls for us after we’d mow her lawn or shovel her snow...all of it, thrown into boxes, loaded on a truck and hauled to somewhere. We knew we wanted to move to the “Austin area”...but that’s a pretty big area – some good, some bad, some more desirable than others, etc...but where to start?

Good friends of ours in Cedar Park told us about one of their neighbors. They said he was a good guy and that he was an agent and that we should talk to him. When my family came down to Texas for Thanksgiving, we met with Richard and his family too. It was nice and casual. He sat and listened to what we saw as our plan. We were just starting the process of selling our house up north, but Richard was able to take our scattered plans and put them in a sequential order for us to follow. Richard was with us, from that very moment, answering questions and providing feedback, getting us and keeping us on that sequential track. He wasn’t selling our house up north, but he was getting us into a comfortable position for when it did sell. And when that day finally came, it wasn’t an ‘oh my God, now what’ moment, it was ‘ok, now we do this’.

Like all home buyers, we had some ideas on what we wanted, what we liked, what we didn’t (or at least what we thought we did and didn’t). We wanted “space”, we knew we didn’t want to be on top of neighbors and have them on top of us. Did that mean out in the sticks? Did that mean new construction? Did it mean we’d have to sacrifice something to get it...a smaller house for a bigger backyard, or an older home needing lots of upgrades? Richard is very experienced, very methodical. He listened to all of it – the good, the bad and the out there...and he took it all in and made his own game plan. He spent time with us, always questioning, always listening. He showed us what we said we wanted, he showed us what we said we didn’t want...both for the same reason, to make sure we were sure. Then he started showing us the “what ifs” and the “how about this”. He educated us and took our “I want” blinders off. He helped us make a comfortable, informed, well thought out decision, not just a rushed, gut one. It was very calming, very reassuring. In the end, we were drawn to a beautiful newer developing community on the outside of Georgetown. Richard helped us find the land we were looking for and helped us find the builder we would end up loving. And even when his part was done, Richard wasn’t. He stayed in constant contact with us and made himself available to us for any help we needed and any questions we had. As I was going through a personal struggle, Richard was there too, not as my agent, but as a friend. He was a great sounding board, he’d been where I was and was able to help me talk it through and give me some valuable advice.

As of last week, we were moved into our forever home. We have a new beginning with new memories, in a new cul-de-sac, now with new friends (the Fowlers)...and Richard was a huge, huge part of that!

Brian & Laura Dahlhauser

November 2017

We arrived in Austin in July and moved into an apartment with a three-month lease. Our goal was to find a home before the lease ran out and we knew we had to find a great Realtor to pull that off. Fortunately, we met a gentleman in our apartment complex soon after moving in, and he (highly) recommended Richard Fowler and Realty Austin. I called Richard that same day and had a wonderful conversation with him. We scheduled an appointment, and he came to our apartment the following day. My husband Paul and I were so impressed with his personality; he spent time getting to know us and listened to what our plans involved. We knew he was the right Realtor for us. Based on our wants/needs for a home, he set us up on email to receive listings of homes that fit our requirements. This gave us an opportunity to check out the homes online. We were able to choose homes that we were interested in and then notified Richard, and he scheduled appointments for us to view the homes together. This made great use of our time as we weren't running all over town wasting gas and not approaching the search smartly. Richard was helpful in every way during these appointments as it has been more than 17 years since we had purchased a home. He provided great insight and information regarding buying a home in Texas, what to look for and what to steer away from. Richard recommended that we take a look at some homes in new developments. We didn't think we could afford a brand new home and we were pleasantly surprised that we could get into a new home for the same amount that we would've paid in an older home. The home we fell in love with was exactly right in every way. Richard was with us every step of the way and always available to answer questions. We would never have considered that option and knew that we wanted and needed Richard to help us through the process. Richard has more than exceeded our expectations. He provides excellent customer service, he listens and gives great insight and advice. He's friendly and professional all at the same time. He has taken an interest in us as people, and we consider him as not only a great Realtor but a friend as well. We've been in our beautiful home since the end of September, and Richard has kept in contact with us. The relationship didn't end once the contract was signed. Richard is a 5+ star Realtor and a wonderful person. He's the real deal, and we're blessed that he came so highly recommended. We would highly recommend Richard Fowler and Realty Austin to our family and friends.

Julie and Paul Padilla

November 2017

I was fortunate enough to have Richard Fowler as my real estate agent during the purchase of my home. It was a chance encounter after an internet search for homes in the suburbs of Austin, and I am very glad he was the agent that responded! He has been AMAZING throughout the ENTIRE process, and I can't say THANK YOU enough for his great advice and great negotiating skills during the purchasing process. If you're looking to buy or sell a home, do yourself and your family a favor and call Richard Fowler and have him represent you during the process. You'll be extremely happy with your decision! Thank you, Richard, for the great work you've done for my family and I! I appreciate all the hard work on my family's behalf!

Fabian Jones

October 2017

If you are looking for a buyer’s or seller’s agent, look no further…..Richard Fowler is THE GUY! We had been searching for a new home for about two years when we first met Richard and were discouraged by the mediocre service of our previous Realtor. Richard took the time to listen and understand exactly what we were looking for and made it clear that he was focused on service. Richard’s knowledge, attention to detail, candidness and passion for his work really stood out to us. We always felt that we could trust his feedback and guidance and that he truly had our best interests in mind. When we finally found our house, Richard’s expertise helped us feel very comfortable from offer to closing. We also used Richard as our seller’s agent to list our old house. Once again, we felt so fortunate to have him by our side guiding us through every step of what can be a very stressful and overwhelming time. His experience and network of fantastic contractors and service people helped us prepare our house to go on the market and focused on the key items that resulted in getting us the best possible offer. Richard provided us with exceptional service and guidance throughout the buying and selling process. We feel so fortunate to have worked with him and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Austin area.

George and Sarah Kumengi

October 2017

It was a huge pleasure working with Richard Fowler​! Richard's attention to details was a Godsend to me. I had many "distractions" that made it difficult to focus on details such as prepping, selling, packing and moving from my former home in Illinois. I received a job offer and drove to Austin in a relatively short period of time. In fact, I arrived in Austin in July and started work in August. I was staying at a hotel with a parent and a big dog, so it was imperative to find a house as soon as possible. Richard took care of walking me through the entire process such as pre-qualification, mortgage qualification, building inspector, etc. I just moved into my newly constructed house with the amenities and requirements I was looking for in a new home such as great neighborhood and close to work for me and one story and close to shopping and medical care for my mother.

Ivette G.

September 2017

We worked with Richard Fowler to buy our first home in Austin, then two years later, we worked with him again to sell our house. We talked to several Realtors and companies; Richard won us over with his professionalism, knowledge, financial experience and background, warmness and most importantly honesty. We immediately felt that this is the man we can trust and rely on while making big life investment and decision. Our gut feeling was so accurate that we had a terrific experience working with Richard and truly enjoyed the time spent with him. He is very responsive, personal, caring and funny. He is also amazingly well networked that any obstacle we had around the house, he could hook us up with someone to get them fixed quickly and at a decent price! He saved us some good amount of money when we were remolding our house. And of course, with his partner Donna's wise advice and accurate judgment, we remolded, staged and priced our house in the perfect way that our house got sold within ten days after putting it on the market while other similar houses were sitting on the market for almost two months! Bringing in his partner Donna, who has this artist's eyes and will turn your house into a magazine home for sure! They both came to my house with tons of stunning decors and devoted two days of hard work to put them on, which made our house desirable for the widest audiences. If you are going to use Richard and Donna, listen to their advice, they will make your house sell fast for top dollar! When we were buying our first home, Richard helped us find a home that met our wish list! And when we were selling our house, we need it get sold fast too, and with good investment return, so we can do some world traveling; Richard helped us nail that!! We truly think he is amazing and we feel fortunate that we had him as our Realtor! We already see him as a personal friend and will go to him again if we ever return to Austin.

Wang Ping

July 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Richard Fowler to find my beautiful home. The whole process was phenomenal! He worked with me from California, around my hectic active duty schedule and found a home fit for me and my large family! I couldn't have been more blessed! Thank You, Richard!!!

Marqueta Knox

July 2017

Donna and Richard team, I couldn't have been more blessed or fortunate to work with them! The communication was phenomenal, and the vast selection of homes made it possible for me to choose a home fit for my family. As an active duty military member, they worked with my hectic schedule and ensured my needs were met.

Maurica Rodgers

June 2017

Richard Fowler did an amazing job for us! He made everything go so smoothly and always informed us at every turn, even on things he didn't have to but that he knew would help us! He really cares about people, and it shows in the great work he does! He made searching for a house so easy because he set up searches for us and always respected our wishes. We were able to find many homes in the search that matched what we wanted, and he scheduled visits within a day at all of them! He gave us good perspective at each house that we really appreciated as first-time buyers. We closed on our house in less than a month from the date we first saw it, even with counteroffers and negotiations because he worked so hard! Amazing!

Keri Burns

November 2016

Richard Fowler by far exceeded my expectations as my realtor. This was my first time buying a home and he was so patient and helpful with me during this process. He was sure to explain any questions or concerns I had and also walked me through the whole process seamlessly to make sure that in the future if I wanted to resell my property there would be no issues. Richard did all he could to look out for me and my best interests especially since it was my first time buying a home and had no clue as to what I was doing. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all he did for me and highly recommend using him as your realtor if you are looking for one. Thank you so much, Richard (and Donna!) for all you guys did for me!

Laura C., Facebook Review

June 2016

Richard Fowler was very accommodating to our needs while also being refreshingly realistic and forthright when necessary. We had a very enjoyable, and pleasantly quick, home buying experience.

At the time of our search, my husband and I were living on a month-to-month lease and were concerned that we would rack up significant costs while finding a house. However, Richard's attentiveness and ability to produce results kept those costs low.

Three days before closing, we ran into an issue with our loan. Richard remained our champion and ensured that our lender was able to deliver a reasonable solution quickly so that we could have the home of our dreams. Even months after we moved into our new home, Richard called to check in and help assist with any problems.

Not everyone finds the realtor of their dreams! We couldn't be happier with Richard's outstanding service.

Kevin & Desaree M.

February 2016

Richard is one of the finest individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing. His work on our behalf was impeccable. He skillfully guided us through the process. We were wise enough to take his recommendations and they paid huge dividends. The house was sold in a little over a week on the market for more than list price. Richard demonstrated real concern about us. He went out of his way to ensure that we understood what was happening and that our property was secure. He made sure we got the best deal possible and was very skillful in obtaining the best terms on our behalf. We highly recommend Richard to prospective Buyers or Sellers of Real Estate.

John & Demaris H.

December 2015

We have been in our new house in Cedar Park, TX four months now and we absolutely love the house and the community. We wanted to give a shout out to our wonderful Real Estate Agent, Richard Fowler. Richard made us feel like we were his only clients at all times and went above and beyond, not only in setting up multiple viewings on potential homes but also helping us with all the closing arrangements and details that went into our monumental move from Minnesota to Texas. Richard was exceptional at making sure we understood all the details regarding the paperwork/loan and was always available when we had any questions. Even after closing, Richard kept in touch with us to make sure we had everything covered and everything was running smoothly for us. Richard's attentiveness and attention to detail made this a painless and memorable move for our whole family and we owe him a huge amount of gratitude in guiding our family on to our next journey of experiencing life in Texas. Thank You!

Paul & Suzanne H.

September 2015

Richard exceeded our expectations and personalized our home buying experience, helping us find our perfect home. He really" got" what we were looking for and worked to show us houses that fit our needs. He went above the call of duty on many occasions. We were moving in from out of town, so he helped us with getting inspections and quotes and meeting these companies at the house under contract, recommended many good service companies to us to choose from and really stayed on top of our deadlines. He helped us with negotiations in a very professional manner and made the difference in us getting our home in a "hot' market with multiple contracts received in the first day of showing. If you want to buy a home in Austin, I would highly recommend Richard! You will get nothing but excellent service, a caring individual, a high integrity person, a professional experience and a home, not just a house.

Paul & Deborah P.

August 2015

Richard Fowler really helped me with my first home buying experience. He was able to attend all of my walkthroughs and design gallery meetings not only to help make sure I was getting what I was paying for but also for suggestions. I am very thankful and appreciative of the help he provided. Would recommend to anyone!

Eric D.

May 2015

Thank you, Richard Fowler! Selling my house was a great process. Richard Fowler and Donna Ciccarelli were super helpful and made the whole experience stress free and that was priceless.

  • Richard has 100% knowledge of the real-estate market, He is a real estate rock star.
  • He knows how to negotiate, Huge kudos for his skills in this area.
  • Phone, text or email 24\7, Richard’s response time is less than a minute.
  • He pays attention to detail and kept us on track. What/when to sign.
  • The way Richard did Open house was extraordinary.
  • We trusted him. his judgment, his insight, his knowledge, his integrity.

Bottom line, we look forward to working again with Richard and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great Realtor.

Vikram C.

May 2015

Richard Fowler is a very professional, diligent and he cares about the seller and the buyer. There were a few problems during the sale and Richard was right on top of them to straighten them out, for a very smooth sale to benefit all. We can not thank him enough for selling our house and if we ever move back to Austin, Texas we will be calling him for our new home.

Michael W.

Displaying 2 out of 2 results. Listings updated 29 minutes ago.
Price, High to Low
2104 Quail Cv - MLS# 1894738
  • $438,500
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 1894738 
  • Quail Cove
  • 2104 Quail Cv
  • Taylor, TX 76574
  •   4 BD 3 BA 2925 Sq Ft 0.38 AC
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin
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3215 Barksdale Dr - MLS# 9092309
  • $209,798
  • Pending
  • Taking Backups
  • MLS® #: 9092309 
  • Austins Colony
  • 3215 Barksdale Dr
  • Austin, TX 78725
  •   4 BD 2 BA 1522 Sq Ft 0.11 AC
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin
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Displaying 24 out of 61 results. Listings updated 29 minutes ago.
Price, High to Low
3507 Bachelor Gulch - MLS# 7996108
  • $867,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7996108 
  • Grand Mesa At Crystal Falls Ii
  • 3507 Bachelor Gulch
  • Leander, TX 78641
  •   6 BD 5 BA 5843 Sq Ft 1.7 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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21116 Jakeshill Rd - MLS# 2026325
  • $685,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 2026325 
  • Dahme
  • 21116 Jakeshill Rd
  • Pflugerville, TX 78660
  •   6 BD 5 BA 4615 Sq Ft 5.04 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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9612 Indina Hills Dr - MLS# 3240111
  • $590,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 3240111 
  • Avery Ranch Estates
  • 9612 Indina Hills Dr
  • Austin, TX 78717
  •   4 BD 4 BA 4041 Sq Ft 0.27 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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605 Victoria Cv - MLS# 1783248
  • $445,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 1783248 
  • Buttercup Creek
  • 605 Victoria Cv
  • Cedar Park, TX 78613
  •   4 BD 4 BA 3646 Sq Ft 0.3 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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101 Howard Ln - MLS# 8423627
  • $414,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 8423627 
  • Cierra Vista
  • 101 Howard Ln
  • Liberty Hill, TX 78642
  •   4 BD 2 BA 2650 Sq Ft 1 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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1216 Pine Forest Cir - MLS# 8436334
  • $405,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 8436334 
  • Lake Forest 03 Village 02 Rev
  • 1216 Pine Forest Cir
  • Round Rock, TX 78665
  •   4 BD 4 BA 3566 Sq Ft 0.2 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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106 Tascate - MLS# 5662444
  • $357,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 5662444 
  • Georgetown Village
  • 106 Tascate
  • Georgetown, TX 78628
  •   4 BD 3 BA 3620 Sq Ft 0.2 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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