Lisa Garza Waltke

Lisa Garza Waltke


Lisa Garza Waltke was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She moved to Austin in 1988 and studied at The University of Texas. She has been a License Real Estate agent since 1997, specializing in Rentals and Leasing for 18 years in Austin and the surrounding areas. She managed a team of agents for 17 years. Home sales are her passion. Lisa works hard for her clients and is accustomed to long days and long work weeks. She has satisfied clients that refer her business and have used her services many times over the years.

On a more personal note, she has two adult daughters and 3 beautiful grandchildren. Family is most important in her life, with work a strong 2nd. Besides her love for her family and passion for real estate, she loves to travel with her husband. Lisa also enjoys a great cup of coffee ;-)

September 2016

Lisa had helped me several years ago in her former position with an apartment finding service. I went back to her to talk again about apartments and she confirmed for me the fact the apartment rents were skyrocketing and that I was unlikely to get a better rate than what I was currently paying. She asked if I had thought about buying and showed me some homes she had been looking at in Taylor for her daughter. Until then, I hadn't considered a purchase, but went to my trusted advisors and discussed it. I also looked at Taylor homes for sale online. When she told me she was moving to a position as a realtor, I asked her to help me with looking for a home.

Lisa has been incredibly supportive of me during my search, with emails or calls zooming back and forth almost daily. Though I have owned several homes in the past, it has been quite a while and negotiating this process has been virtually a new experience for me. She has encouraged, taught, and negotiated for me. I am very grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone searching for a home of their own. Thanks, Lisa!

Karin Swenson

August 2015

My family and I have used Lisa here for our current and previous apartment. They are all super sweet and very flexible with their schedules. I always recommend them!

Alice K.

June 2015

Lisa Waltke is the apartment locator you want to use to get the job completed properly. I walked into Lisa's office and immediately noticed that every spare space on her shelf was crammed with awards. I thought to myself, "I think I might have found the one."

I explained my situation which was not good, but I have decent income so I told her my whole credit situation and brought a copy of my credit report. Lisa checked a few things on her computer and started making phone calls. Within 15 minutes we had an apartment that was acceptable. Lisa drove me to the meeting with the leasing agent. She sat and negotiated the whole thing for me. Then even took cash and drove to get money orders.

Here is where Lisa showed how she is truly better than anyone else. When she left the leasing agent immediately begin changing previously agreed on terms - move in date, deposit amount and type of apartment. I said that I didn't want to speak any more until Lisa got back. When she got back she sorted everything out. Then the only question was what date I would move in (my decision).

So I called the apartments to confirm my move in date. The leasing agent was trying to change the terms again. I contacted Lisa. She called the leasing staff. This went on for some time. But eventually, Lisa got me what we had originally been promised. And she did it with a smile on her face. She never doubted or made me doubt. I felt completely at ease each time I spoke with her.

She made it obvious that she cares about her customers. I recommend her service with complete confidence. Do yourself a favor, save your time and annoyance and just go directly to Lisa. You won't be sorry.

Robert L.

May 2015

I was referred to Lisa Waltke through a friend and so happy I found her! My boyfriend and I are pretty picky in what we're looking for, even though we're on a limited budget. Lisa found a time to meet with me and spent a lot of time showing me multiple pictures of complexes and calling them until we finally compiled a list of a few complexes to visit. Lisa did an awesome job of finding multiple complexes for us that were exactly what we were looking for and fit into our limited budget!!

Zoe S.

October 2014

After the rent at my current complex was raised again, I decided to look around. A friend of mine referred me to Lisa Waltke. She understood my urgency and made time to meet with me the very next day. We sat and discussed my must-haves as well as location and she went to work immediately. While there, she called many different complexes to find out their availability. After viewing several online, we found one that fit the majority of my needs and was within my budget. I'm happy to say I will be moving into my new place in November and couldn't be happier! Thanks for all your help Lisa!! I'll make sure to keep your card in a very safe place.

Robyn T.

September 2014

I worked with Lisa Waltke, and had a fantastic experience. With two days' notice she was able to locate several apartment communities that matched my wish list, and spent a few hours touring three of these options with me. Lisa did her homework by researching my current apartment community in Dallas to find something comparable in Austin. Overall, this was a valuable and time-saving service that I would recommend to anyone not familiar with the area they are interested in.

Jo V.

August 2014

Lisa is fabulous. She found exactly what I was looking for. She gets the job done! Very efficient and professional! I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed!

Lori H.

September 2013

After being initially turned off on apartment location services due to a bad experience with one agent, a friend referred me to Lisa. From the beginning she listened to my priorities and concerns and helped me find the perfect place. Even though I was indecisive and had what probably seemed like crazy reasons for not wanting to be in certain properties, Lisa never batted an eye and took me out to different properties on two different days. It's important to find someone you trust, and when you do, it makes apartment searches much less stressful.

D B.

July 2013

Lisa Waltke is the WOMAN!!! She has helped several people that I have sent her way. I do housing for a local school and the students that I cannot help, I send her way. She goes out of her way to make sure they are taken care of. LOVE her!!! Give her a call if you need a place here in Austin or the surrounding areas, 512-589-7265. Her service is FREE too!!! Tell her Edie sent you and she will make sure you are well taken care of.

Edie G.

July 2013

Lisa found us a place in less than an hour! She rocks and I highly recommend her services. Thank you for being so helpful.

Kelly N.

June 2013

I regret not writing a review last year when we used their services because Lisa Waltke is the BEST! She really goes above and beyond to get you what you want! I am very picky and Lisa put up with me and was also very good with my two sons. Her knowledge and experience in the business is A+! She never pushed a complex on us and in the end was happy that everything worked out for us! I would def recommend Lisa! Tell her Monica sent you!

Monica S.

June 2013

Well after all the dang locators I finally found one who wasn't acting like I might not decide on something and not putting in effort to help me find my perfect apt. Lisa Waltke kept showing me to numerous properties until she knew exactly what I wanted and sent me to a three-way tie. Damn now I got to decide. Thanx alot Lisa for helping me. Very friendly staff and willing to put in the work.

Ryan C.

April 2013

When I first moved to this city, Lisa Waltke was recommended to me by my cousins who lived here, and it was a great decision to ask her to help me, not only did she find me an affordable apartment, but she also made me welcome to Austin. Without her it would have been a much harder search, but I found a great place to live, and I've recommended her to several other people since.

Benito M.

April 2013

I have had many interactions with apt locators, and unfortunately, a few bad apples ruin the bunch. Let me say, I will look no further from here on out!!! Lisa W was super quick to respond and on top of it when I told her I needed a new place. She literally had me a place in an hour! She kept an open line of communication with me and was pleasant to work with. I didn't feel she was keeping properties from me or steering me to a specific one just to make money. She listened to what I needed, and found it. SIMPLE AS THAT! Want fast, reliable service? Call Lisa!!! You won't be disappointed. First class service for sure.

C C.

April 2013

I've worked with Lisa Waltke for many years. I've seen how she takes extra care of her customers and understands their needs and wants. She definitely sets higher standards for all of her fellow locators.

Lillian C.

April 2013

Lisa is the best! She helped me find my new place to call home while working with my budget that worked for me and my family. I recommend this company to any and all looking to live in Austin and the surrounding areas. Thank you for helping me find my home :)

Angelita B.

April 2013

Lisa was the 3rd person I had spoken to when I was looking into renting a new apartment. I was new to Austin and was looking to move out from the dorms at UT. I felt like every other person was trying to hook up a buddy at an apartment or just get money. Not really sure what the deal was but they weren't listening. Luckily I found Lisa! Lisa actually LISTENED to what I wanted and I loved every apartment she showed me.

I went back to her every time I decided to move and have been sending anyone looking to move over to her! I've also interacted with a couple of other people and they all seemed nice. They sometimes seem pretty busy but it never affects their service. I love it.

Madelline G.

April 2013

I have worked with this agency for years very, very successfully! I enjoy the professionalism and the fact that as a tenant, a leasing agent, a property manager, an admissions adviser and even as just an educational account manager I was always able to wholeheartedly refer people and know they would be taken care of.

I have specifically sought out Lisa Waltke the manager on several occasions because she has been in the apt. locating business for so long she has many things memorized plus she knows me very well.

If you need a place just give her an idea of what you will be able to pay, what you need if it is public transportation or washer and dryer or playscape for the kids! You may need handicapped unit or some strange request like mine for laminate wood floors because of my allergies and to live away from cedar trees if possible she will research and help you too!

Imelda C.

March 2013

I've had the pleasure of using Lisa W for approx 6yrs. I'm glad to know the apartment I wanted last year is available again off 620. She is great at what she does & only shows me the areas that are in my price range. She's always with me every step of the way, making sure I'm happy with my apartment & communicates with the apartments to check on status. I'll always recommend Lisa W to all my friends & family. Awesome job!

Tonja O.

March 2013

Lisa is absolutely awesome. I have now called her 2 times for help when I moved and she came to my rescue with all guns out. She loves her job and her life... it's great to work with someone like that! A year ago when I called her, I needed an apartment right away. She rushed to find exactly what I needed and made suggestions as if she were in my shoes. She found the perfect place for me.

This year, my rent increased so I called Lisa to look at my options again. She showed me the best options she could find. I was on the line about whether to stay or move, and ended up sticking with my original apartment. Lisa was so cool about it and told me to call her when I need her again. I will definitely do so! Superb customer service and excellent work.

Shana H.

January 2013

I'd been staying with friends and family for a few years, I didn't have much in terms of history, and then the history I did have was, er, problematic. I got in touch with Lisa Waltke, who then set to work to find me a place that met all of my needs. Actually, she found me a great place that exceeded all of my needs by miles! I couldn't thank her enough for the job well done. Then, this year, with my current lease about to expire, I decided to contact Lisa again and see what kind of magic she could whip up for me. Once again, she came through, and she somehow managed to outdo herself and the job she did for me last year! I'm now moving into another really nice place, one that meets my needs and offers me things I never thought of before, and I attribute much of the comfort I'm about to come into for at least the next year to Lisa's good and diligent effort to help me when and where I needed it. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone who happens upon this review, and I would/will recommend her to any of my friends that may be looking for a place comparable to my own.

Pete D.

December 2012

What can I say.... Lisa was so patient with me going back and forth not knowing when I was moving, and if I was moving. When I was ready to move, she was there for me. I couldn't have found a better place without her. Thanks for all the help, I love my new apartment :)

Clau G.

December 2012

I am new to Texas and new to Austin so I was obviously lost when it came to finding a new place to live. I got a referral from school and I sent an email which was responded to fast! LISA WALTKE asked for my criteria, not more than 30 minutes after I replied I had more than 20 apartments with exactly what I wanted and needed.

This was expected from a company like this so I was of course impressed but it only got BETTER from there. I left for a 3-week summer vacation and when I came back and was ready to move, I sent an email to Lisa asking for her guidance and of course she was super friendly and ready to help me out. We set an appointment and I met up with her at the office. The staff was nice and courteous, this is a plus!

Lisa immediately called places upon hearing my criteria again. She called places right in front of me, all while showing me every possible apartment. She took me to see 3 places IN HER OWN CAR, the places were stellar! I was beyond impressed by every place we saw, I made a decision right there on the spot because I was blown away at the quality of apartments I saw.

LISA WALTKE is a pro and she is a genius in her field with over 23 years living in the Austin area. She also has a ton of clout, so go with her and you'll be likely to get the best deal possible!

Ryan N.

June 2012

Loved working with this company! My boyfriend and I were moving from Dallas to Austin and were having trouble deciding on a location and price range. We were most likely renters from hell as we couldn't decide on anything. After our third visit, Lisa Waltke was still extremely patient and offered up another list for us to look through, never seeming annoyed or impatient.

We were rushed on our end to find a location before our lease in Dallas was up and at one point we both had to return to Dallas to work while Lisa stayed behind and actually took pictures of the inside of an apartment we missed so that we could finally decide. I appreciated all the hard work and the patience. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Adriana C.

May 2012

I know several of the fine people who work here, and they're all great people who sincerely care about their clients. Most recently I had the pleasure to meet and work with Lisa Waltke, and she was amazing. My move was unexpected, and filled with dread, but Lisa was friendly, funny, compassionate, understanding, and went to great lengths to make the experience as pleasant and comfortable as it could be. And she may well be the hardest working in Austin; this lady never stops working for you. She's extremely knowledgeable about her market, her jog, and knows how to please her customer. I could not recommend her more! If you need a place...ever, call Lisa. You won't regret it.

Chris C.

May 2012

Lisa G Waltke helped my husband and I find the PERFECT place! We are soooo pleased with our new apartment, staff and community. We had a rough start with our apartment search, even used another locator prior to getting Lisa's info. After being turned down from the first apartment, (and NEVER hearing from our 1st apartment locator to this day) we were down in the dumps. Then we retrieved Lisa's contact info, gave her a call on a Wednesday or Thursday and found the place of our dreams by that Saturday! She was a HUGE help, SUPER FRIENDLY and really listened to our expectations (budget and location especially). Prior to leasing, we had a "wish-list" of what we would like in an apartment, as the search went on we found ourselves willing to sacrifice things that were once really important to us (concrete flooring, w/d connections, 2 bedrooms).... about a week after living in our new apartment I was reflecting on that list, and I realized that we were living in an apartment that had EVERYTHING ON OUR WISH LIST!!!! Lisa is truly amazing and I have already passed along her business card to a co-worker. I hope we get to stay at the apartment where we are at forever, but if not I will definitely call upon Lisa for her good hard work!!! THANKS SO MUCH LISA!!

Danica H.

May 2012

Lisa Waltke IS AMAZING! She was so efficient and listened to EVERYTHING I wanted and found a place that was far beyond what I thought we could afford with our budget, She understood what I wanted and went above and beyond, I highly recommend her! She helped us find the most amazing place we could have asked for, not only is the apartment INCREDIBLE, but the staff and the tenants are amazing as well, all of our neighbors are so friendly and nice and the complex is really family oriented, everyone of our neighbors who has kids are super nice and their kids are awesome and treat my kids great, everyone gets along so well, and the people who don't have kids we hardly see so it works out in every way imaginable. We ended up with the best section of the entire complex, there is a little cove of trees with a picnic table right outside our apartment and the kids can all play without me feeling scared of somebody coming up and snatching them, not that I leave them out there alone, I am always with them but I don't have to constantly gaze at them in worry. I love this place, we will definitely be here for at least 3 years. AT LEAST. The swimming pools are amazingly clean and soooooooo nice, I feel so lucky and blessed to be here :)

So, if your looking for an apartment, Call HER 512-589-7265

Christal E.

September 2010

I used Lisa Garza to find apartments in Austin, TX, and I have only good things to say about her and her services. She was extremely friendly and helpful in finding apartments that fit all my requirements. Her honesty and openness was greatly appreciated and something I did not find with other real estate agents I talked to.

If you need an apartment in Austin, talk to Lisa!

Ally S.

Lisa Garza Waltke's Listings

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10521 Roy Butler Dr - MLS# 5219070
  • $598,000
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 5219070 
  • Avery Brookside
  • 10521 Roy Butler Dr
  • Austin, TX 78717
  •   5 BD 4 BA 4451 Sq Ft 0.23 AC
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin
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2108 Old Sterling Rd - MLS# 2852405
  • $340,000
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 2852405 
  • Silverado West
  • 2108 Old Sterling Rd
  • Cedar Park, TX 78613
  •   3 BD 3 BA 2836 Sq Ft 0.15 AC
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin
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2002 Carriage Club Dr - MLS# 8726118
  • $249,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 8726118 
  • Trails At Carriage Hills
  • 2002 Carriage Club Dr
  • Cedar Park, TX 78613
  •   4 BD 3 BA 2511 Sq Ft 0.14 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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