Joe and Cara Keenan

Joe and Cara Keenan



Joe and Cara Keenan encapsulate a committed and intentional husband and wife team. Focused on integrity, energy, compassion, and inventiveness, their core passion is to serve others to help them accomplish their ambitions.

Cara is a 4th generation Native Austinite and 3rd generation Austin Realtor. Having grown up in the NW Hills area of Austin, Cara attended Doss Elementary, Kealing Middle School, Anderson High School, and the University of Texas at Austin. From the age of 1, Cara was exposed to Austin Real Estate through her mother, great Aunt, Uncle, and great Uncle who were either Realtors, investors, developers, or real estate attorneys.

Joe grew up in Lakewood Forest in the NW part of Houston, Texas. After graduating St. Thomas High School, he headed to Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1999.

Joe moved to Austin in 1999 and met Cara in 2000. They married in 2002 and now have three sons. It wasn’t long before Cara began her real estate career in 2000 that Joe joined her in the business in 2002. Ever since they’ve been a dynamic duo enjoying a life of serving others.

Joe and Cara perform in the Top 1% of the market, consistently earning many awards and accolades. Cara says, “It’s not about the recognition for us, it's the lives we have impacted in a positive way and the knowledge we have accumulated on the journey that matters most. We are so grateful for each opportunity to serve, as it creates a new story to share and a huge sense of accomplishment for all involved."


  • Top 1% Performers Market-Wide
  • Realty Austin Diamond Club Achievement $10M+ sales volume annually 2011 - 2018
  • Platinum Top 500 REALTORS® 2018, 2019
  • Platinum Top 50 Winner: 2011 - 2018
  • Austin Business Journal Top 50 Finalist 2011 - 2018
  • Cara earned the CRS, ABR, GRI, CNE, CLHMS designations and has practiced since 2000
  • Joe is a TX Real Estate Broker, USAF Academy Grad '99, earned an MBA, ABR, GRI, Green designations and has practiced since 2002

October 31 2019

My husband and I made an unexpected move to Austin recently. Joe and Cara Keenan made it possible for us to not only find a beautiful home that fits our needs but also gave us the knowledge and understanding of the area so we could make an educated decision. From the time we met Joe and Cara, they made us feel welcome and went the extra mile to make sure we had all the information we needed on each of the properties we looked at. They also introduced us to Austin in a way that friends would do. They told us about all the great places to eat, visit, and hang out. They both always made us feel like we could bring up any and all concerns we had and gave us the information we needed. Even after the close of escrow, they continue to check in on us to make sure everything is going well and that we have everything we need to begin to settle in this beautiful city. Thank you, Joe and Cara, for your hard work!

S. K.

October 22 2019

Joe and Cara Keenan have helped me purchase two homes thus far, and both experiences have been excellent. They have a knack for understanding what their customer is really looking for and presenting numerous viable options. I will be working with them again in the future.

Frank J.

August 10 2019

Cara Keenan was fantastic. I relocated from the northwest and had one day to look at houses. Cara was organized and patient as I got a sense of Austin had to offer. We couldn't have seen so many properties without her being organized. I felt so comfortable and confident in her abilities and her understanding of what I wanted that I purchased a home that was unseen after I returned to wrap up the old job and sell my home. I wasn't disappointed, the house was perfect! 

Linda S.

July 1 2019

My experience with Cara and her team was very positive. I was buying a house while still living abroad, so there were logistical challenges that the team handled without issue. I first dealt with an agent from another firm that didn’t have the experience needed for the situation and whose primary objective was clearly to get me to make offers as quickly as possible to get closer to her commission (was wary of starting with another agent but it turned out great). The attributes I appreciated about dealing with Cara were that she gave thoughtful opinions when asked and didn’t try to force opinions when not asked. She was patient with my questions and did research when she didn’t know the answer. Cara had a team ready to take care of all the small details with a fast, painless approach and protected my interests above getting the deal closed quickly. She negotiated favorably for me related to repair allowance and some final reconciling items. The amounts weren’t huge, but I came out ahead, and I was left with the sense that Cara was more interested in an equitable solution than a fast solution. I would highly recommend Cara as she is practical, experienced, and fair.

Tom Gresham

June 4 2019

Realty Austin is simply the best at what they do and how they serve their clients. Joe and Cara Keenan are unbelievable! We have moved several times, and this has been the best one ever! From looking at houses to closing, they have been like Christmas morning or as a hot brownie with cold vanilla ice cream on top and a dash of Bailey's (depending on what you are in to). If I could adopt the Keenan's I would because they exemplify the very best in service, sales, and support that you want when looking to move. Hugs to high fives they found us the best house for the best price and then facilitated all the details in between. I could go on forever, but at the end of the day, I am thinking about trying to find a way to buy another house to work with them again just so that I can feel the magic again. Addicted is an understatement! GO JOE AND CARA! Like Tina Turner said, simply the best! And they deliver like the US Postal Service no matter what, you can depend on them!

Chris H.

May 19 2019

Being in the commercial real estate business for 35 years, I've seen my share of professionals, but few are as conscientious as Cara and Joe Keenan at Realty Austin. They came highly recommended from a friend as I looked for a home or condo in Austin, and I couldn't have been happier with the last ten months of working together. Not only are they smart, ethical, loyal, and really knowledgeable about the market, but they're a lot of fun to work with as well. In sum, there's only one residential real estate firm I would recommend to friends looking for a home in Austin: Realty Austin.

Chip Conley

April 1 2019

Cara was fantastic. We were coming from out of town and met Cara on our vacation, looking in a very narrow part of Austin. Cara went above and beyond and contacted other real estate agents to find people that might be willing to sell or might be putting their house on the market in the future. This doubled the number of homes we were able to see and gave us much better confidence when we found the house we liked. Cara is very warm, friendly, competent, and gave a good perspective on options as we considered a modification to houses we were looking at. She is very responsive and was effective in negotiating our asks with the sellers. We were very pleased and will be recommending Cara.

Chris Goelkel

April 1 2019

Joe and Cara Keenan were incredibly easy to work with, provided me with the best information and went above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend them both to anyone looking for an agent for either buying or selling.

Cecilia Jones

January 1 2019

Cara and Joe were amazing, they met us at our house and talked us through the process, provided us a book of what we needed to do to be prepared and get the most out of our house. They were very transparent about the process, market, and expectations for us to work together, of which I greatly appreciated. Throughout the process, Cara and Joe provided us with top-notch resources to help us stage, clean windows and the whole house for us to sell quickly and for the price we wanted. I’m recommending all friends in the market to sell or buy to go through Cara and Joe as it was a great experience.

Steve Herington

October 1 2018

Cara and Joe were THE BEST. I mean, I can't even imagine having gone through this multi-month process (it started in May) without Cara. She was such an incredible advocate for us and a huge support. She made sure (well, still is, really) that none of the details were forgotten and was always one step ahead. Truly, THE BEST. We will always be willing to be a reference for Cara and Joe.

Brigid Finley

June 1 2018

Cara Keenan is a true gem of a real estate agent. She first helped me find a condo for an employee who’d be spending the weeks in Austin back in 2007. Since then, Cara has helped me buy four rental homes and most recently, a new home following my divorce. She has always been on the lookout for me for new rental properties and knows exactly what I look for, after coaching me through best practices of being a landlord. Cara shared tools to manage these properties best, and she and Joe Keenan are fantastic about helping me find new tenants when a lease term is up. Cara was a great agent and friend to me during a tough period; divorce. She helped me find a great home near my kids’ school and made that traumatic process much easier by taking care of everything. The search, the inspections, the closing, and even detailed out for me what utilities to contact to get everything working before move-in. Cara was incredible.

Caroline Goodner

April 1 2018

Joe Keenan is one of the best referrals for any service that I've ever needed. In looking for a Realtor for my first home buying experience, I wanted a Realtor who was organized, honest, respectful, trustworthy, and attentive; Joe is all of those things and more. Joe advocated for me at every step of the searching and buying process and made sure everything went smoothly. He answered all of my questions and was very patient with me (first time home buyers have a LOT of questions)! I would happily recommend Joe Keenan to anyone interested in buying a home in Austin.

Morgan Constantino

February 1 2018

Cara and Joe Keenan are an amazing team. My wife and I were first-time homebuyers and didn't know the ropes. These two walked us through the entire process and made it look easy. They were always just an email or phone call away, took care of all the behind-the-scenes paperwork and organization, and found us a great house for a good price. They were clearly knowledgeable about the markets in Austin, and they convinced us to spend the time and money to examine every aspect of the house (pipes, electrical, etc.) which paid off in the negotiations. Even after closing, they are still answering questions and helping us to find contractors. They are great people and trustworthy Realtors, and I would full-heartedly recommend them to anyone buying or selling their house in Austin.

Jonathan M.

February 1 2018

I can't recommend Cara Keenan enough!!! For our first home-buying experience, she was everything we were hoping for and more. Cara and Joe were recommended by a colleague, but it was Cara who took point on our search (Joe was really helpful when we were out and about looking at properties). Throughout the whole process, Cara was super-responsive, proactive, extremely knowledgeable about the Austin market, made sure to check in about any concerns we might have and made suggestions that saved our butts when it came to negotiating on the property we went with. Even after the closing, she was helpful in coordinating some issues for us and smoothing out some work on the house before we were moving in. She takes real pride in her work, listens, eased minds and was just so helpful (and fun!). I've already recommended her to other friends for whenever they may want to start looking and know that if/when my husband and I need to move, she'll be our first call.

Sarah D.

November 1 2017

Cara Keenan at Realty Austin is the best Realtor I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She was referred to me by a family member after an unfortunate experience with another Realtor. Cara worked tirelessly for over three months and several changes of heart on my part to find me a great, affordable home near my grandkids. A true warrior and queen! Thank you, Cara!

Mary Finley

August 1 2017

Kellie and I couldn't be more please of the service provided by Cara and Joe. There is no way we could have found and sell our houses without them.

Mario and Kellie Blanco

January 1 2017

True professionals. Joe Keenan and his team make sure every aspect of the process is as easy and consistent as possible. He understood what we were looking for and made sure we were best positioned to buy our new home. When he promised something would be taken care of, it was. When we called him, he answered. When we emailed him a question, he answered it. He is our realtor and will continue to be. Our experience with Realty Austin could not be more positive. Highly recommend.

Richard Yax, Google Review

September 1 2016

Suffice it to say, we have had a great experience with Joe. We all worked hard to get the house on the market. And he was patient with us with all our questions. With his experience and his network, we were able to get things ready and get things setup. He was able to guide us and gave us necessary space. And he was available when we needed to talk and were ready to move forward.

Folks each have different support needs and Gina and I's requirements are directness and communication. At the same time, we need some time to move forward on actions and review next steps. Joe is able to provide both space, time and communicate.

We would and will recommend Joe. Additionally, we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with him as we look to purchasing a new home in the coming few months. Our thanks to Joe for all his help and time.

Mauricio S.

August 1 2016

I had a GREAT experience with Joe. I know this particular transaction had its challenges, but he managed the process between me, and the buyer’s side like a Ninja! He kept me focused and kept his eye on the big picture. FIVE NINJA STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ :)

Alex Wong

December 1 2015

Can't recommend Joe Keenan highly enough. My situation was tricky due to being on the road, but Joe stepped up and did the legwork to make things happen. Go with Joe!

Blake Wickliffe, Google+ Review

September 1 2015

I had a fabulous experience with Joe (10 out of 10) and have already referred him to friends of mine which to my understanding has resulted in Joe selling yet another home! So, he is awesome and I already do refer him to others.

Cynthia Konieczny

June 1 2015

My experience with Joe was excellent and would be happy to recommend him.

Kevin Pooler

November 1 2014

Throughout the entire buying process, Joe has been incredibly diligent and helpful. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or Realty Austin to anyone, including our friends who are just arriving today to have a look around!

Craig Bachler

December 1 2013

Everything went well with the Keenan Team. Cara is a doll. They did a great job.

Connie Poirier

November 1 2013

My fiancé Matt and I purchased our first home less than two weeks ago with the help of The Keenan Team. Our friends warned us about the tricky and sometimes confusing process of buying a place, but luckily Matt found The Keenans and we couldn't be happier with the experience. The entire process was seamless. They anticipated our questions, concerns and anxieties; they were always available to meet and responded quickly to any inquiry (no matter how silly or small). They give 5 star treatment and we feel honored that we got to work with them. Now we just want to hang out with them because she’s fantastic!!

Becky Fabre, Facebook Review

September 1 2013

I enlisted Joe and Cara’s help after I had selected a house to be built by Highland Homes. They instantly engaged the builder, loan officer, and Highland Homes sales reps as I was located in San Diego, CA working at my military job. Although the closing process was painful due to underwriters ignorance of the law, Joe and Cara kept the process on track. I am very pleased with her efforts in the purchase of my home and will refer her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Austin area.

Scotty Canaan

August 1 2013

Let me start by saying that Joe and Cara Keenan did an awesome job. Not only were they polite and respectful, but they were informative and down right professional. This was my first time buying a house and I have to say they made it a very pleasant and almost easy experience. I would recommend these two to anyone who knows what kind of things they are looking for, and even those who don't, these Realtors know their stuff so they can help find anything that fits you. They don't try and sell you or give false information. I feel as if they wanted what was best for me even if I didn't decide to go with them. I can't express how much I appreciate all that was done for me. As a young adult stepping into a new environment of purchasing my own home, they made sure I understood and knew every detail that went into what I was going to buy. All in all, this was a great experience for me and I hope more people will request Joe and Cara because I know they will help to the best of their abilities and beyond. Thanks again guys!

Joel Johnson, Google Review

Cara and Joe are the most exceptional Realtors you can find—anywhere. Finding a trustworthy realtor in Austin from PA could've been a disaster, but we found the gem of all gems! Not only is their knowledge about the market and the process unmatched, but their impeccable service and reliability was what we appreciated the most during the purchase of our home. We told Cara and Joe over and over that we were sure that we weren't her only clients, but we always felt as if we were! Never a question went unanswered or a moment passed that we couldn't contact Cara or Joe; our needs were consistently fulfilled, and our expectations were surpassed. They would even tell you that we had unforeseen obstacles; but, even when we didn't know there were questions, Cara and Joe provided the answers. We also found the Realty Austin site far superior to others in its ability to provide detailed, current information. It allowed us to search and save homes, which also made the long-distance relocation extraordinarily easier. We are happy to say that Cara and Joe have become our friends—they are truly in a class of their own! We will definitely refer them to others and look forward to opportunities to work with them again.

Sean and Lori Rill, Google Review

Cara and Joe are tremendous agents. As an out of town buyer, they could not have been more helpful in dealing with all the little things I was unable to do. I am so lucky to have them working on my behalf.

Alan Miller

Cara and Joe Keenan are the absolute BEST there is. Extremely professional, helpful, and payed such attention to detail. Definitely looking out for YOUR best interest and not their own. 110% pleased with our buying experience with them as an agents.

Kimberly Tran, Facebook Review

Cara and Joe have been friends of ours for several years. My wife and I have referred several clients to them and they always do a very professional job with them. On this particular transaction in Travis Country they represented me as an investor and handled both the purchase and the sale and I couldn’t have been happier. We are currently going under contract on another investment property and hopefully this one will provide me with the return I am after. And I plan on doing many more with them as my agents.
I congratulate Realty Austin on developing a great real estate business model via the best online product in the marketplace. It brings real and proven leads/customers to your agents while providing buyers and sellers the best search engine available. The time and money Realty Austin devoted to it originally, and continue to refine, has got to have paid them back many times over. In the business world there is no substitute for expertise.
So yes, I am a very happy client and referral source.

Jerry Pritchard

If Cara and Joe Keenan weren’t our Realtors, we’d have to adopt them into the family.  They helped us sell our condo and buy another home at the same time.  They managed to keep everything organized and moving on course throughout the process.  We have complete confidence that they represented us well and professionally.  We could not imagine working with anyone else and would gladly refer them to anyone.

Dave and Kathy Helfert

Great experience. Cara and Joe Keenen at Realty Austin made my first home buying experience pleasant and efficient. I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted, but had no real idea how the market worked or what all the little details are. They probably saved me a small fortune and definitely saved me a lot of headaches. Very knowledgeable about the industry and the area.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a home in Austin.


The Keenan Team was a great agent team for us. They knew we had done a lot of work but Cara knew there were finishing touches that would really SELL our house. Cara gave us detailed lists of things we needed to work on and even came to the house with personal items to use for staging the house. We knew we had an easy to sell house but The Keenan Team provided the real estate know-how to make sure it sold fast and for top $$$.

Peggy Foreman

Cara and Joe were helpful and responsive every step of the way from locating suitable properties through final closing. They have considerable expertise in all areas of the homebuying process. They follow up was always exceptionally good. I recommend Cara and Joe without hesitation to anyone looking for a house in Austin.

Don Evans

Cara and Joe made the selling and closing of our house super-easy!

Gretchen Yax

There were NO areas that Cara could have been more helpful!

She was very prompt returning all phone calls and emails, and we always felt like she was available at anytime to answer our questions. She was very thorough while looking at houses, helping point out pros and cons of each property, and helped us make an informed decision that was best, not only for us as a new couple, but also as first time home buyers. She walked us through every step of the home buying process and kept us at ease during, what can be without someone like Cara, a very stressful experience. We are very lucky to have contacted Joe, who relayed us to her, as we feel there could be nobody else looking out for us as well as she did. I can not stress how amazing Cara was! We hope she will still be available when it is time for our next purchase.

Paul Sowada

Cara and Joe are the epitome of professionals in the real estate market, they knew our needs better than we did, knew the answers to our questions before we even asked them, asked us our expectations on day one and followed up on those expectations in closing. What suprized me most about working with this team was thier ability to communicate. If one showed us houses on a monday and the other on a tuesday, it was like we were looking with the same agent!

Joe Keenan was excellent. He did everything I asked for and more. I was very happy with my final purchase and feel we got a really good deal on a really good property. I intend to recommend Joe to  anyone who needs a realtor.

Tom Loftus

Joe Keenan made my first time home buying experience easy and comfortable. I contacted Joe, told him what I was looking for, and he set me up an Austin Realty online account complete with pictures, maps, and prices of available homes. I selected the ones I liked and we were physically viewing within days. Joe pointed out things that I didn't even think of (Example: the master bedroom being separate from the other bedrooms provides more privacy) and was very helpful in every aspect of the search. I could instantly tell if I liked a house or not and Joe would be right there with me - ready to leave at a moment's notice or ready to call the seller if I was very interested. Never trying to talk me into something I didn't want or making excuses for a lackluster home. A few of the houses I picked were near railroad tracks and he told me up front that not only will the train whistle wake me up at night, but reselling would be very difficult. I was just looking for a place to store my junk, but Joe came at it from all sides, informed me of the various aspects of home ownership, and guided me to make a wise thoughtful decision that I'm very proud of. I would recommend Joe to anyone that is seriously interested in buying a house. Weekends were the only time I could view homes and Joe understood completely. Every weekend Joe and I would go looking at available houses until I found the right one. His flexibility was impeccable. I also appreciated his willingness to help on all levels even though I wasn't buying a very expensive home. Joe answered every question I had, helped me get a fantastic deal, and made me feel more like family than just another customer. Joe Keenan rules and you should buy a house right now just to have Joe Keenan as your realtor.

onetimesignup, Citysearch Review

The Keenan Team was a great agent team for us. They knew we had done a lot of work but Cara knew there were finishing touches that would really SELL our house. Cara gave us detailed lists of things we needed to work on and even came to the house with personal items to use for staging the house. We knew we had an easy to sell house but The Keenan Team provided the real estate know-how to make sure it sold fast and for top $$$.

Peggy Foreman

I would consider my wife and I as a difficult client for a realtor. We came down over a year ago and joe took us around and continually sent us listings knowing ew were not looking to buy for at least 6 monthes. We call him back a year later syaing we were intersted in buying again and he happily took us around again. He worked with us as we lowballed some sellers advising us what a good price for the houses were and knowing they would accept our offers. finally we just closed on a house were we got a great deal where we got the house for over $22/SF less than asking.

He was quick in getting us comps as well as notifing us immediatly when house prices were reduced or houses hit the market. Would recommend him to anyone.


Joe possesses all the qualities hoped for in a real estate agent. He is honest, hard working, attentive to needs, courteous, and respectful. He is also attentive to details and did his due diligence in making sure the properties we were interested in were what they purported to be. He quickly notified us when he found discrepancies. Joe was our advocate. He anticipated needs and obstacles and took the needed steps to make sure we could move into our home as planned. Joe often had to cue and remind our inexperienced lender to keep things moving forward in preparation for closing. We were fortunate to find Joe to assist us with this process. He is our agent for life and we highly recommend his services.

Nanette & Ronald Wilde

Cara and Joe are the epitome of professionals in the real estate market, they knew our needs better than we did, knew the answers to our questions before we even asked them, asked us our expectations on day one and followed up on those expectations in closing. What suprized me most about working with this team was thier ability to communicate. If one showed us houses on a monday and the other on a tuesday, it was like we were looking with the same agent!

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Price, High to Low
2207 Quarry Rd - MLS# 2415093
  • $1,450,000
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 2415093 
  • Tarrytown
  • 2207 Quarry Rd
  • Austin, TX 78703
  •   4 BD 3 BA 1964 Sq Ft 0.35 AC
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin
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Price, High to Low
1505 Drake Ave - MLS# 9073321
  • $1,990,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 9073321 
  • Fairview Park
  • 1505 Drake Ave
  • Austin, TX 78704
  •   7 BD 6 BA 3352 Sq Ft 0.54 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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1503 Drake Ave - MLS# 9537755
  • $1,990,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 9537755 
  • Fairview Park
  • 1503 Drake Ave
  • Austin, TX 78704
  •   3352 Sq Ft 0.54 AC
  • Multi-Family
  • Seller Represented
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810 Blanco St - MLS# 6856535
  • $1,200,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 6856535 
  • Clarksville
  • 810 Blanco St
  • Austin, TX 78703
  •   4 BD 4 BA 2776 Sq Ft 0.12 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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12713 Padua Dr - MLS# 8240335
  • $915,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 8240335 
  • Avana
  • 12713 Padua Dr
  • Austin, TX 78739
  •   5 BD 5 BA 4550 Sq Ft 0.22 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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12825 Cricoli Dr - MLS# 8918079
  • $880,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 8918079 
  • Avana
  • 12825 Cricoli Dr
  • Austin, TX 78739
  •   5 BD 5 BA 4347 Sq Ft 0.22 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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2200 Sharon Ln - MLS# 1096000
  • $825,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 1096000 
  • Westfield A
  • 2200 Sharon Ln
  • Austin, TX 78703
  •   3 BD 2 BA 2564 Sq Ft 0.21 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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100 Riley RD - MLS# 3092514
  • $802,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 3092514 
  • Rollingwood
  • 100 Riley RD
  • Austin, TX 78746
  •   3 BD 4 BA 2846 Sq Ft 0.84 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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