Jen Berbas

Jen Berbas


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Jen has been a proud Austinite since she came to Austin to attend UT, and after a few brief stints in Chicago and Minneapolis, she came back as soon she could. Now she lives in her favorite place on earth (except maybe a Greek Island) and feels so incredibly lucky to be here.

Jen’s background in finance, first as an options trader and then working in the credit markets, laid the groundwork for a career in real estate and informs much of her work. She has an affinity for Excel and an excellent grasp of the real estate market and investments. Don't be surprised if you're shopping for investment property and you receive a spreadsheet!

In 2000, Jen bought a home in Austin with an eye toward building a personal portfolio. In 2006 she received her real estate license, and in 2012 she made the jump to real estate full time. When Jen started to purchase, rehab, and invest in properties in Austin, she learned about common issues found in central Austin homes and how to solve them. She loves passing on this knowledge and working with people new to Austin; it gives her an opportunity to be a tour guide in her favorite city and show buyers the corners of town that will fit them best. For buyers coming to Austin from New York and Chicago, her time spent in these cities provides her with unique insight on urban condo living.

Jen’s experience as a three-time IRONMAN Triathlon finisher has shaped the kind of focus and discipline she brings to any project - she enjoys helping buyers focus on their long-term real estate and financial goals. When Jen is not geeking out on a spreadsheet, or some great 1940's house that just hit the market, she can usually be found at Radio Coffee, the pottery studio, running around Town Lake with her husband, or playing with her dogs and enjoying this amazing city we’re all so lucky to call home.


  • Platinum Top 500 REALTORS® 2018, 2019
  • Realty Austin Diamond Club $10M+ Top Producer 2019

January 17 2020

Awesome as always working with Jen and her team. This is the second time I have worked with her to identify a rental property. Her high operating tempo, investment mindset, and high performing support team are why I’ll look forward to working with her again.

Jeffrey Moore

October 20 2019

I could not have been more pleased with the care and detail provided by my agent, Jen Berbas, at Realty Austin. We needed top dollar for our listing, and she helped us ensure that we were able to get it. She took us on, even knowing that if we couldn't get what we were hoping, we were going to rent for a couple of years. So she could have potentially invested all this time for us, not even to sell it! She went above and beyond what I could have possibly imagined, from having her husband hang Edison lights out back to enhance our night time look to even loaning us her lawnmower once (with delivery!) when we were in a pinch! She was readily available whenever I needed her and met with other Realtors and their clients at our property during many of our showings! Jen's background is as a financial advisor, also helped her write up a strong market analysis that she provided the appraiser to help us appraise for that value as well. Her attention to detail paid off for us! Also, a shout out to Jennifer Korba at Realty Austin for recommending Jen as a neighborhood specialist for Hyde Park!

Juli P.

October 4 2019

Jen Berbas is one of the most competent and knowledgeable Realtors I have had the pleasure to work with (and I have owned/bought/sold fourteen houses over the years). You really want her on your side; whether buying or selling, as the real estate market has a complex nature of home sales. You really want an expert in your corner. We were so very pleased with how Jen handled the houses we had to sell in Hyde Park and strongly recommend her to anyone planning on a real estate transaction in Austin. I will add that she is just tireless and has excellent staff to handle various aspects of the transaction, as well as keep you informed as the sale progresses. We never once felt that we didn't know what was going on.

Harley Myler

September 9 2019

My daughter has adopted Jen, and we both swear by her. Given our own complications, I think there are not many agents who would have been able to bring this to a successful conclusion. Jen is totally knowledgeable and flexible, as well as always available. Did I say creative? Yes, very creative! We highly recommend working with Jen.

Sarah Campbell

August 28 2019

I don't know how I would have navigated the entire process of selling my home without Jen Berbas. Jen wasn't just helpful and supportive. She was proactive well in advance of every possible step in the process. Seldom did more than a couple of days pass without a call, text, or email from Jen. I always knew what I needed to be doing next because of Jen. She responded to my contacts almost immediately. She explained alternatives and acted according to my preferences. I didn't really know what to expect at the beginning, but Jen has taught me what the quintessential Realtor is. Thank you, Jen!  

Darryl Borges

July 29 2019

I had a wonderful experience working with Jen Berbas to buy a house for my son. She was very efficient and responded quickly to all of my questions and concerns. She is a fountain of information on all aspects of home buying. I would recommend Jen highly to anyone interested in buying real estate.

Sharon Itaya

July 15 2019

Jen Berbas is exceptional at what she does, and I highly recommend working with her on your next real estate purchase or sale.

Steve Hayes

June 26 2019

Jen Berbas is a patient and superbly competent agent who got everything done in a professional manner. She has a warm and friendly style that makes it very easy to recommend her and all of the people who work with and for her. Not only would I recommend her, but anyone connected to Realty Austin. It is obvious that Jen works with and for excellent people. Because of my experience with her, I will never recommend anyone else for buying or selling a real estate in Austin, Texas.

Ronald Gibbs

May 1 2019

A colleague and friend referred me to Jen after I had recently moved to Austin and I'm so thankful that I was able to find an expert in Austin housing right off the bat! In our first meeting, she was able to narrow down certain areas of recommendation, based on my wants and needs. She's very analytical which gave me a great perspective when it came to comparing areas and forecasting the market to determine the optimal long term property investment. She constantly went above and beyond when It came to communicating updates, checking in and taking the time to answer ALL my questions throughout the process. Jen will always have my full support and recommendations when it comes to buying or selling in Austin!

Ashley Manter

May 1 2019

Jen Berbas is a phenomenal Realtor. She quickly distilled our locale, look-n-feel, and pricing preferences into an efficient, interactive property identification experience. She expertly guided us through the bidding and diligence phases of the transaction and helped with closing activities. My wife and I feel very lucky to have had Jen as our Realtor.

Steven Wan Cheung

April 1 2019

The last transaction was our 5th buy/sell transaction through as many agents, and we can tell you hands down Jen’s been the best. We have been looking for a house for almost a year and turned down many homes along the way. Despite what had been long and sometimes frustrating search in the Austin area, Jen was always super responsive, patient and absolutely “gets” our unique needs. She was more than an agent representing us on a transaction. She served as a great sounding board with her immense experience in the real estate space and Austin market. We couldn’t be more thrilled with her services and will recommend her for anyone who will need a Realtor.

Harsha and Smitha Bellur

March 1 2019

Jen Berbas was recommended to us by a mutual friend, a prominent Austin commercial real estate developer. We simply could not be happier to have worked with Jen. She carefully listened to our preferences, understood that it was an evolving process, and always acted in our interest. In a particularly stressful time of our lives she was steadfast, always gave us an honest opinion, and took care of the tiniest details. We would offer our highest recommendation to any future customer.

Mark and Margo Donnelly

March 1 2019

Jen was recommended to us by a future colleague, and we couldn't have been more pleased with her work assisting us in buying a home in Austin. Buying a home remotely is stressful, but Jen went out of her way to make us feel comfortable and to keep us informed throughout the process. She took helpful videos of properties for us, contacted design firms to advise about possible renovations to properties, explained the differences between Austin neighborhoods, and expertly analyzed market data to value properties we considered. She wasn't pushy in the least and always made us feel like we were her top priority. She is highly recommended!

Kate Calder and Chris Holloman

October 1 2018

Jen has been fantastic. From the first meeting, discussions around pricing and market through to open houses and negotiations, I feel like Jen has gone the extra mile at each step to deliver the best experience and outcome for us. I’m really glad we used Jen, she is extremely diligent, open and clear but also kind and generous with her time and attention. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jen to anyone who asked us. It felt very much like she took a personal interest in our experience and outcome.

Andrew Thomson

August 1 2018

My husband and I are happy with the exceptional service that Jen has provided us with. We were shopping for our very first home and found Jen through positive online reviews. From the very beginning, she was super responsive and always available to answer any questions we may have had. She always followed up, checked in, alerted us to important timelines, and was on top of everything every step of the way. She demonstrated comprehensive knowledge of the market and was clearly an expert in educating us about anything that we had questions about. We felt confident in Jen's abilities to guide us through every step of the process. Even after we had moved into our home and Jen was on vacation, she still reached out to us to check on us! It is apparent that she takes her work and her clients very seriously. We were extremely happy with everything that Jen did for us and could not have asked for a better experience. We are so grateful.

Alina S.

August 1 2018

First off, Jen Berbas was amazing throughout the whole process. She wasn't pushy in any way, and that's what I was afraid of when I finally wanted to look for my first house. I was informed every step of the way, and Jen went above and beyond to make sure I was well informed and didn't miss anything throughout the process. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects. Anyone that works with her should consider themselves lucky to know that they are getting the best! I landed in a place that I am truly happy to call my home, and now I am in the process of moving in!

Matt Terry

July 1 2018

When my husband and I decided to buy our first home in Austin, a close friend recommended we contact Jen, and now we plan to recommend her to others every chance we get! We had a fantastic experience with her from the very beginning. Like most first-time buyers, we were anxious about starting what can feel like a very daunting process, but Jen’s extensive knowledge and experience were so apparent from our very first conversation that it made all of the what-ifs feel a lot less scary. At each step, she was able to maintain the perfect balance of educating us on the process while not overwhelming us with information that we didn’t need to know. She was very respectful of our budget and paid close attention to what we wanted in a home. And importantly, she is so personable, open, and friendly (the day we spent driving all over Austin looking at houses may have been exhausting), but we actually had fun! What we ended up with was a home that we absolutely love and the memory of a great first-time home buying experience, and we have Jen to thank for that.

Kellie G.

July 1 2018

Jen helped me to purchase my first home here in Austin, and I couldn't be happier! Honestly, even though my sale was nowhere near the top of the price category, Jen treated me like I was the only one. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is going through their home purchase as she can help you with so much more than just being a Realtor. Awesome personality and always receptive to talking through any issues that she can help with. It was like having another guardian with you the whole time who was looking out for you and your interests.

Alex L.

June 1 2018

Jen Berbas helped us purchase our very first home right after my husband, and I moved to Austin. We actually started communicating with her before our move, telling her about what we were looking for in a house. She was very responsive and very knowledgeable. She is also a straight-shooter and didn't hesitate to tell us her honest opinions. Jen is also extremely knowledgeable about repairs, renovations, and local vendors. My husband and I had many questions about neighborhoods, local norms, specific house features, and Jen answered them all thoroughly, honestly, and quickly. She was just seriously on top of everything. Once we were both finally in Texas, Jen took us around to look at houses and set up a very detailed tour schedule. She helped us find our perfect home and helped us expertly navigate the offer and negotiation process to help us get the best price for the house. Jen explained what was going on every step of the way. We just closed on our house, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Jen made the home buying process super easy. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in Austin. Her knowledge of the area is unparalleled, and her responsiveness is so helpful to buyers. In addition to Jen, we also worked with Rachel as our transaction coordinator, and she was similarly very knowledgeable and responsive. A great team!

Lacey Kovacic

May 1 2018

Jen is an amazing Realtor, I highly recommend her! I was in a search for my first property, which started two years after I moved to Austin. My knowledge of local law and real estate market was small, so it was important for me to work with an expert that has "patience" to explain and walk me through the nuances. After seeing different agents, Jen absolutely surprised me not only with her outstanding expertise and personal dedication but also with her investment-minded approach. Jen was 110% by my side along the way (and we had a long way); explaining, helping, not rushing, being honest. As stressful as the process of buying is, Jen made it the smoothest it could be, and I feel very comfortable with my decision.

Gloria C.

April 1 2018

Jen Berbas was amazing to us. We started our search knowing we wanted to move to Austin from Denver but didn't know where to move in Austin. Jen helped us decide what worked best for us based on conversations over the phone what places to visit when coming to town. She was extremely patient with us. When we came to town, she was able to clear her schedule to let us see as much as we wanted till we were sure what house worked best for us. I would absolutely hire Jen again and recommend her to everyone I know. I will never forget how much she helped us in this stressful journey and that we are so happy with the area and the home we have chosen!

Nicole Hellmann

February 1 2018

Jen was an amazing lead throughout this journey, and the help and support she offered were very much appreciated. She is a true professional and always one call away. We were very pleased with our relationship from our first meeting, and her input was extremely valuable every step of the way, helping us to narrow down our list to only a few houses in the last phase of the pre-buying stage. Jen gained our full trust, also in the negotiating part and we were very pleased with the results. We will gladly and with confidence recommend her and Realty Austin to the people we know.

Ana Cooper

February 1 2018

I have been an owner and division President of home building companies over the past 20 years. In that time I have worked with hundreds of Realtors but have never worked with or seen a Realtor with Jen's knowledge of her market and tirelessly work ethic. She is by far the best Realtor advocate someone can have on their side for a home buying transaction....quite simply the best I have seen....period!

Steve Hayes

January 1 2018

Jen really listened to our needs and focused on finding properties that met our requirements. She went above and beyond in every day possible, working with Jen and her team was such a pleasure and they made the process less stressful. Not only did we find an unbelievable agent but also gained a trusted friend in the process. I urge anyone to reach out to Jen with their real estate needs.

Jennifer Crane

December 1 2017

I felt super lucky to have Jen as my agent. I had a wonderful experience, and I enjoyed working with Jen on the purchase of my first property. Since I am currently residing on the west coast, when I first contacted Jen, I was concerned about finding a condo in Austin remotely. Jen was thoughtful and thorough. She went to the properties that I was interested and filmed all aspects of each of them. I was able to quickly narrow down my search with confidence due to her help. Jen remained loyal and available to me throughout the process, and also after the transaction. I am grateful that she took all the stress, negotiated a better deal, and went above and beyond to help me.

Tingting Feng

November 1 2017

I am so grateful that I found Jen! I have already recommended her to a few of my friends. I started my house hunt a little over a year ago with an uncertainty of where I wanted to live, how much I could spend, and what type of property I wanted to buy. This didn't deter Jen. She took me to see all types of homes in all the locations I was interested in. She helped me narrow down my search for properties that I could both afford and see myself living. Jen knows the Austin area, builders, Realtors, etc. like the back of her hand and gave me amazing guidance. Jen is extremely thorough pre-purchase and even post-purchase. Since this is my first property investment, it's nice to know that I have Jen to lean on. Next time I invest in property, Jen will be the first person I call!

Melissa Lin

November 1 2017

My fiance and I are very grateful for Jen's friendliness and knowledge. She helped us find a beautiful rental home that is perfect for our taste and daily habits. We were especially impressed by (1) Her helpfulness. We met with her on a Friday. By Sunday we had sorted through 100 homes that fit our criteria, picked and toured our top 15 picks, and applied for a lease. She toured the homes with us and gave us advice we had not considered. (2) Not pressuring us into making a decision. I never felt any pushiness from her at all. Which is great. Not all leasing agents do that! I would not hesitate in recommending Jen to any home buyer or renter.

Nathan Conroy

November 1 2017

This is our second time buying and Jen is absolutely amazing! My husband and I were moving from Chicago to Austin and we are so glad to have found her. The house hunting process wasn't easy as we were living in Chicago. My husband would come down to Austin once a month to look at places with Jen and I only came along on 2 trips. Jen is very knowledgeable about the city, neighborhoods, schools and all the good restaurants/bars. She is super organized, responsive and patient. We went back and forth a lot between buying a condo vs. a house, back and forth on our price range and neighborhoods but Jen was always happy to help us find our perfect home. Jen even took lots of photos and videos of the houses/condos so that my husband and I wouldn't have to fly down every time a new place came up. What I love the most about Jen is that she is super passionate about her job and that she truly cares about her clients. Whenever we inquired about a new listing, Jen would go there to see that place and take photos/videos herself instead of sending her assistant. Sounds crazy but we decided to buy a unit at the Barton Place without seeing it in person. Jen went to see the unit and she loved it so we trusted her. And now we are here, loving our new home! Thanks again for all your help Jen! You are awesome!

Candice Bui

September 1 2017

Jen was exceptional and always went the extra step to make sure the process was as easy as she could make it.   I will definitely use Jen the next time I purchase a home.

Greg Baxter

August 1 2017

We are a family with a toddler, buying our first home while being in Germany. We lived in Austin two years ago, so we knew the town. But we had no chance to visit Austin before the move, and we knew that the price could only go up and up, so we wanted to buy quickly. Thus we needed an agent whom we could trust 101%. And luckily we found Jen! She is above and beyond all expectations. She is responsive, patient, super knowledgeable, and very honest. She told us her honest opinion. She took information videos of the house, and we didn't feel the need to visit! It took us three bids to win, and we are super happy about our house. Jen saved us TONS of money. Firstly, she said from the start "the house is overpriced, I'd like to see you guys get it for less" (and so we submitted a lower bid and indeed was accepted!). Then she recommended a great inspector and plumber, who did thorough examinations of the place. When we experienced delays in moving, Jen even checked on the house for us. If we ever need to sell our place, we would certainly contact Jen again!

Ngoc and Joe

June 1 2017

We sold our home the first weekend on MLS with Jen Berbas. She did a great job from the initial listing through the closing. Jen is very knowledgeable of the Austin downtown market, and we worked together to price the property aggressively to drive traffic and obtain a contract. Jen's previous experience as a money manager was helpful in managing the process. This is the 2nd time using Realty Austin and both times received excellent service.

G. H.

June 1 2017

We feel very lucky to have found Jen and cannot praise her enough! Before Jen, we met several other agents at open houses. However, Jen was the first Realtor who really listened to what we wanted and did not just make assumptions about us and our plans. Her knowledge of Austin and its neighborhoods was extremely helpful to us in the process of buying our house. She has lived and worked here for a long time, so she is very well connected. She recommended a thorough home inspector and other good businesses to us. Her experience of working in the finance industry enables her to help you find the best financial deal for your goals. She takes a quantitative approach and is always ready to explain what she identifies as the best strategy. Being as great at her job as she is, Jen must have a number of happy costumers at a time. However, she manages to make you feel like you’re her only and most important customer. You never wait long for a reply at any time of the day, and she seems to be able to always arrange her schedule to meet at times most convenient to you. Even after our purchase she regularly checked in with us to see how our remodeling was going, giving us some very helpful advice. Jen is just such a great person! While looking at many different houses might not always be fun, you’ll find yourself looking forward to it because you get to hang out and chat with Jen!

Andrew Watson

June 1 2017

The problem with all of these review sites is that they only allow you to give five stars. If I gave just half a star for each of the countless times Jen went above and beyond for us; I'd fill those five stars and still need more (we will obviously still give the maximum allowable rating on each of the sites you recommend). And, of course, Jen will be the first person we recommend to anyone we know interested in buying or selling a home (and will be the first person we contact when/if we are interested in selling or renting this home). Jen's extensive knowledge of the market and in the process made us feel comfortable with all of the decisions she helped us think through. Because she often went the extra mile and told us about both the good and bad sides of things we gained a real trust in her quickly. One good example was; after we had been searching for some time and we found a house we liked that was under our budget! However, there were some major structural issues which at the time we didn't understand the complexity of. Jen quickly steered us away from that property when she could have easily encouraged us to buy it so she could get more commission. Though we are first time home buyers, I don't expect that is common. Jen was also extremely personable and able to connect with both my wife and I on different levels. She could talk about the math and finance stuff with me and about the less quantitative stuff with my wife. She was always responsive to our many questions. Jen went the extra mile for us, but one major one was helping us refute our appraisal. She canceled meetings to put together a presentation for the appraiser and ended up saving us money. We really appreciate all of the work that went into this and are only disappointed that we won't be able to see Jen on a weekly basis anymore.

John and Julie Meakin

June 1 2017

Jen Berbas was a spectacular agent for my wife and I on our hunt for a "getaway" condo downtown. We explained our interests, needs, parameters, and she quickly introduced us to several great options. Her technology platform is AAA+, which economized and streamlined both the search and the closing process. Like most, we are busy people, and her efficiency and quick translation of our interests into choices mean we did not waste a second of our time.

Robert M.

May 1 2017

I was extremely fortunate to have met Jen Berbas and enlisted her support in selling my house. I met several Realtors when I was first considering selling my house and they were all knowledgeable, but the moment I met Jen I knew I had found a trusted advisor.

What sets Jen apart from the crowd:

May 1 2017

Jen is wonderful! We worked with another realtor before Jen, and the experiences were night and day. Jen is SO knowledgeable about home buying, home repairs, the crazy Austin market, and everything between. She is always available by phone, text, email, or in person to answer questions. We put in 4 offers total, finally snagging our current home. She never made us feel like we needed to offer more than we wanted or move in a house that wasn't perfect for us. More importantly than all of that, Jen is a good person with wonderful character. She is honest and has values that display what you'd want in someone who is helping you navigate such a complex process. She is a true gem!

Claire Godfrey

May 1 2017

It was my first time buying a home and Jen was very helpful. Not only is she knowledgeable and helpful, she's also a really cool person and was a pleasure to work with. She has a working knowledge of the Austin real estate market, and when I eventually sell my home, I will no doubt contact her.

TJ Keel

April 1 2017

Jen was the greatest. I can't even think of any constructive criticism. I encountered Jen when she was representing someone else. I was so impressed by her organizational skills and quick grasp of things that I ended my relationship with another realtor and hired Jen. Jen did everything right.

Cynthia Woelk

March 1 2017

We were really happy with our experience with Jen Berbas and will gladly recommend her!

Andrew Watson

February 1 2017

Amanda and I adore Jen. She has been absolutely wonderful throughout this whole process. She is eminently competent, she is genuine, and at each step she made certain we felt comfortable and cared for. We’ve worked with a number of real estate agents over the years - to be fair, all in New York City and all dealing with rental properties - and we have never before had such an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Ben Truppin-Brown

Jen went above and beyond in every way. She was always accommodating to when and what we needed. She had incredible knowledge of school districts, integrity of the home build, and was a wiz at numbers. She made buying a home in the fast pace Austin market enjoyable and quite easy. We'd use her again and again.

Bethany J.

Jen is an absolute gem. We feel so lucky that we found her during our Austin home search. She helped us to get the house that every other agent told us was not possible through her persistence, experience in the market, and professionalism.

My husband and I currently live overseas, and Jen was always super responsive regardless of the time difference and made herself available to accommodate our time schedule, even after hours - if that even exists in Jen's world! I'm not sure she ever stops working!

Jen made us feel so comfortable and shared her knowledge throughout every step of the buying process, making sure we were informed and confident with each decision made. And stepped in to push others along throughout the process.

I truly cannot recommend Jen highly enough. Not only was she a great agent, but I feel we have also made a great friend in Austin. Can't wait to be neighbors! :)

Christine P.

Jen was amazing. As a first time homebuyer, I was nervous about the whole process, but she made it easy, and she was very knowledgeable and explained everything. I feel she was more stressed about things than we were. I highly recommend, and will use her again in the future. Thanks, Jen!!

Corey C.

All Hail Jennifer, of House Berbas, The Saver of Lives, First of Her Name, Queen of South Austin, her Grace the Ruler of all Real Estate, Breaker of Chains, the Unburnt, P0wner of the House of Tech, Lord Protectress of the Southern Realms, the runner, the biker & the swimmer! HAIL!

Jen saved my freakin' life. I got into a bad spot in my house and my life, Jen got me a bloody great deal on my house, so I could move, put my kid thru college and save some shred of dignity to boot. All Hail Queen Jen!

Sam W.

Jen was amazing! I was a first time home buyer and she walked me through all the steps, answered all of my questions in detail and with enthusiasm. She genuinely had my interests at heart. Throughout the process, she was extremely responsive to my texts/calls, listened to and followed up on all of my concerns and kept things moving along smoothly.

Jen was very knowledgeable of the Austin area. She was well informed about what was coming up next and what would be a good fit for my needs.

When it came to the negotiations, she was very good about guiding me through the process. She was also respectful enough to let me have the final say without being pushy. Ultimately, she helped significantly in getting me a deal that I was more than happy with. I would definitely recommend Jen and would gladly seek her help in the future!

Andrew M.

Jen came highly recommended, and it didn't take long to figure out why. She's easily the most knowledgeable and professional agent I've worked with. She asked the questions we didn't know to ask. She dug up information on Austin properties like a seasoned detective. Tireless. Tenacious. Responsive. Respectful. All of her advice was spot on. And, when we finally found the perfect house, her roster of inspectors helped assure us that we'd made the right decision. I cannot recommend Jen highly enough. If we hadn't found our forever home, it would be a pleasure to work with her again.

Scott M.

Jen started working with me at the start of my home buying process. She was a wealth of information when it came to the Austin area and answered all my "Austin transplant" questions about neighborhoods. I was pleasantly surprised when on one occasion she took one look at a neighborhood we had a home to look at in and turned the car around saying it would not be a good fit. Honesty in an agent! She walked me through pros and cons of homes and pointed out potential issues instead of pushing me to settle. Once I decided on a neighborhood I felt was "home" Jen helped me through the process of giving an offer, losing an offer, and finding another home. She has been there from day one through the closing checking in and working around my hectic and unpredictable work schedule, often responding to emails early in the morning or late at night.

Danuta G.

I met Jen through Zillow when I started my Condo search. Frankly, I had no clue what I was looking for. Jen helped me understand the concept and process of home ownership. From day one, she was available to help me through the process. As a first time home buyer, the process was very new and I  thought it will be very stressful with my work schedule. But Jen made it very comfortable.

She is very knowledgeable and insightful about homes in the Austin area. It took only a few months of searching until I decided on a condo. And in this fast moving and competitive market, I am happy that Jen made the contract process very smooth.

She is very diligent and was always on top of things during the contract period. She is very accessible and quick in responding to any of my questions (also she is good at mental math). Her first-hand experience in buying houses and dealing with tough situations helped me many times.

Lastly, she provided with all the essential contact information (lenders, Home inspectors, Insurance and so on) who are the best in the business. I would highly recommend working with Jen and her team for buying your new house. I am really excited to start living in my new condo!

Abhiman K.

As indicated by the previous reviews, Jen knows Austin inside out. She's also an amazing analyst and risk manager. She builds solid, lasting relationships quickly - with condo representatives, loan providers, staging folks and trade folks to help with remodeling.  

My husband and I have an ongoing search for a downtown property (condo or house), and Jen set us up to receive updates based on our criteria and graciously takes us to see properties when one interests us. You cannot find a better combination of Austin expertise, real estate savvy and an overall great person.

Amy L.

We are first time buyers and have recently moved to Austin. Jen was randomly assigned to us through Zillow and we are very happy with the match. Our first showing was a condo with Jen as well as the listing agent. I was immediately impressed by Jen with her knowledge of the area and by the questions she posed to my husband and I and to the listing agent. Ultimately, we did not buy that condo but we kept Jen as our agent.

Since we are new transplants to the Austin area, Jen has been instrumental in helping us narrow down the neighborhoods. She provided us with information on community events and schools so we can talk to and experience each area. Jen also made sure she was available every weekend for showings since that was the only time we could spare to search for homes. Another thing that was very helpful was that Jen has first-hand knowledge with older homes and gave honest and realistic advice on each home.

So after 5 months and maybe 20-25 houses, we were able to find the perfect home in a great area. Since this area is very competitive Jen acted very quickly with all offers and paperwork so we can secure this house before anyone else can swoop in. She also provided us with a list of essential contacts (i.e. Home Inspector, Lender, Plumber, and structural engineer) so the option period and closing process go smoothly. Now we are a week from our closing date and my family and I can not wait till that house is officially ours. Also, she still makes herself available to open the house to us so we can meet with contractors and designers there so we can start the remodeling process as soon as possible.

Also, Jen is great with our two young boys. Our kids came to every showing and Jen would entertain them so my husband and I can focus on the house.

Grace M.

I don't think we could have made a better choice in choosing Jen as our real estate professional. Jen has years of personal experience investing for herself and her clients, which was invaluable in the discussion of our purchase. She placed a strong emphasis on numbers and objective decision making when selecting a property while remaining sensitive to our subjective tastes. This was invaluable when it came time to justify our offer to the sellers. From the prompt off-hours email replies to the contractor suggestions for post-purchase work to the advice on factors to consider, Jen offered us unrivaled personalized service. Halfway through the first meeting, we felt like we had an expert friend guiding us through the process and considerations. All of this made buying our new home both less stressful and more trusting. Finally (and this was certainly not the case with other agents we talked to and rejected!), Jen addressed my partner as an equal in this decision and didn't just assume I was making the decisions and footing the bill because I was the man in the room. Jen gets top marks from us and I highly recommend you go with her if you're in the market for a property of any kind.

Tony V.

The idea of buying my own place always terrified me, and realistically, I thought I was at least 5 years away from doing so. Thankfully, I had someone like Jen to help me through the process and show me that it's not as scary as it seems. She is a natural teacher and explained everything to me in great detail. She pointed out what to look for and consider and helped me find a great new place to call home! It also helps that she has tons of home buying experience in the area and knows the ins-and-outs of the process as well as anyone in Austin.

What always impressed me was how quickly she was to respond to my endless questions through text, email, or phone calls. She definitely made herself available and accommodated my busy work schedule. I truly value her advice and expertise and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new home.

Lee Roy C.

Jen has been such a guide during my first home purchase. She understands real estate and especially the Austin market deeply and sees it from a great investment perspective. She was very quick to identify condos in the area in the price range, size and quality that I was interested in. Jen is extremely responsive and shared many valuable ideas in the home buying process. I would recommend Jen to any friend or stranger!

Carolyn U.

Jen has helped me rent my house out and even helped deal with a tenant that backed out at the last minute. I am very satisfied with my experience and would (and currently do) recommend her to any of my friends in need of expert help in the Austin area.

Matt C.

We bought a home with Jen about a month ago, and the entire process was great with her. We actually contacted her months before we would be ready to buy a house because we wanted to get a feel for the market, and she was happy to work with us. She showed us houses right away and made it possible for us to watch houses on her system until we were ready. All throughout she talked with us about the long-term value of different houses and why some things may or may not be good investments. She was always very prompt to respond. She was great with our young children and even played with them during the closing so that we could focus on the paperwork. Overall we are very happy with our experience and would not only recommend her but will contact her for any future home purchases we make.

Stephanie T.

My husband and I worked with Jen to find our first house as a married couple, and we cannot rave about Jen enough. I'll recommend her to people forever and will definitely be using her again in the future.  

Jen was so great to work with because she was genuinely interested in us finding something we were happy with, and she was in no way in a hurry to make us buy anything quickly. She would meet us at almost any time, any day, always texts and calls back within minutes and got just as excited about places as we did. It doesn't hurt that she does home renovating and income properties on her own as well, so we were a great fit for her! She is also incredibly knowledgeable about everything from building codes, to city ordinances, to return on investment, to building secondary units, to income properties to... you name it. She was a wealth of information and resources for us and still is now that we're in our home and are continually looking for recommended contractors. She even helped us find a free refrigerator after she found us our perfect first home.

Everyone in Austin, especially those interested in income properties or flipping/fixer-uppers, should use Jen. She got us a great deal and was so fun to work with. A+++ from the Sandersons!

Catherine S.

Jen was the perfect realtor for me because of her patience, ability to explain the home buying process, her knowledge of the Austin market, and relentless effort to find the right house for me.

As a first time homebuyer, I went into the process feeling a little clueless and uncertain. Jen was able to help me identify what the priorities for my search were and then found numerous listings that fit my criteria. I was not in a rush to find a home and this didn’t bother her at all. Rather, she utilized this extra time to educate me on the process and about real estate investing in general. This gave me confidence that I’d be able to find a place that was right for me.

The bidding process was intimidating at first, but when I started to find places that felt like the right fit, Jen set clear and reasonable expectations for writing offers and negotiating. After spending multiple weekends showing me homes, she called me up with the news that a home hit the market that not only fit my criteria, but was also located in a neighborhood I love but didn’t think I could afford. We saw the house the next day, made an offer, and got the place! 4 months later, I’m happy to say that I made a great choice.

I learned so much while working with Jen that my friends often come to ME now for real estate advice! Thanks, Jen, for being on my team and making my first house a big win!

Irene G.

I, in the last year, was really thinking about buying a house. The more and more I thought about it, the more and more I wanted one. It was the right time for me to go through the process. I  searched and reviewed and searched again, I was never a Yelp user, but finding the right realtor, I found on Yelp. Once that was done, I was ready to go. Now, in comes Jen Berbas. I am super glad I got to meet Jen and have her bring me through a big chunk of the process. She assisted me with finding homes I was interested in and then took me out to see them.  

What I thought was cool, is after I had chosen some, we went out on the hunt, we looked at many houses and some were great and others I knew were a pass upon stepping in the door. Also, Jen used her knowledge and assisted me in things to look for, think about and check when looking at these places. I could tell from listening to her talk about realty and these houses, the passion for it. I think that is why I enjoyed this process so much because I fed off the passion she had for doing this sort of thing.

I had actually found a place that, I thought, was great for me. I ended up going through the process of hiring an inspector, it wasn't until after that, I started to feel regret. I felt in my heart it just was no longer the place. I was extremely embarrassed to tell Jen, but I ended up writing a novel why I didn't like it, lol.  

Jen contacted me again and we went to look at more places, I finally found a great house I was extremely interested in. It had checked all the boxes in my must-haves and wants (which is awesome). We put in the offer and because of the previous house details I went through, I knew 100% that this was the one I wanted.

The communication in this whole this was the highest rating I could ever give. Every phone call answered or responded to quick, however my primary and preferred method, email, was always responded too, I don't have a single email I sent that wasn't answered. Also texts, I am a data guy, so I prefer email/text and it exceeded my expectations.

Fast-Forward a few months later and I am loving this place. I know I made the right choice, no regrets and I really want to thank you, Jen, for all of your help. I couldn't have seen myself do this journey with another realtor.

Byron W.

I have utilized Jen since we moved to Austin in 2008 and have never thought of using any other agent for sales, purchases and rentals. You will not be disappointed!

Margaret C.

Jen was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable when I bought my first home. Not only was she very analytical about the pros/cons of a purchase, but she offered her personal advice and shared her experiences as well. It's easy to find realtors who just open lockboxes these days, but if you want someone who goes the extra mile, is responsive, and truly cares about your buy/sell, Jen is your gal. She's extremely knowledgeable in real estate investing as well, as she personally has experience in it. I would recommend Jen in a heartbeat!

Asma A.

Jen is a math wizard and has years of industry experience in finance. She understands real estate and has a wealth of knowledge to share with her clients. I trust her judgment and she is extremely honest. She is not going to make a sale unless she would feel comfortable buying or selling it herself. It's worth your time and investment to work with Jen!

Connie K.

Jen took the time to understand what was important to me and helped translate this into an area of Austin that met my lifestyle, budget and long-term investment goals - I really did find the perfect home and was thrilled with the whole experience with Jen from start to finish. She is extremely knowledgeable of the entire area, helped educate me on important considerations for a solid home and/or what it would take to get it there, very responsive, great negotiator (she really stood up for what was right for me, not just eager to make a sale) and just a great person to be with during the process. I had such a great experience that I also reached out to Jen when I was interested in selling. Again she was very knowledgeable on what needed to be done to show all the great qualities of the home and the overall process in general from start to finish. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone looking for that perfect home, or ready to sell and move to the next perfect home!


Displaying 4 out of 4 results. Listings updated 7 minutes ago.
Price, High to Low
3600 South Lamar 311 - listing ID# 105536
  • $519,000
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 105536 
  • Greenview On Barton Creek
  • 3600 South Lamar 311
  • Austin, TX 78704
  •   2 BD 2 BA 1239 Sq Ft
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin Exclusive
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301 West Ave #1805 - MLS# 8613030
  • $725,000
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 8613030 
  • The Independent
  • 301 West Ave #1805
  • Austin, TX 78701
  •   1 BD 1 BA 999 Sq Ft
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin
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2729 Dulce Ln #532 - MLS# 3393309
  • $430,000
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 3393309 
  • Denizen Condos
  • 2729 Dulce Ln #532
  • Austin, TX 78704
  •   2 BD 2 BA 1255 Sq Ft
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin
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The information being provided is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. Based on information from the Austin Board of REALTORS® (alternatively, from ACTRIS) from January 20th, 2020 at 9:25pm CST. Neither the Board nor ACTRIS guarantees or is in any way responsible for its accuracy. The Austin Board of REALTORS®, ACTRIS and their affiliates provide the MLS and all content therein "AS IS" and without any warranty, express or implied. Data maintained by the Board or ACTRIS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

Displaying 24 out of 159 results. Listings updated 7 minutes ago.
Price, High to Low
5010 Timberline - listing ID# 103240
  • $3,100,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 103240 
  • Rollingwood
  • 5010 Timberline
  • Austin, TX 78746
  •   5 BD 6 BA 4568 Sq Ft 0.34 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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2018 Rundell Pl - MLS# 4479249
  • $1,600,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 4479249 
  • Zilker
  • 2018 Rundell Pl
  • Austin, TX 78704
  •   4 BD 4 BA 2859 Sq Ft 0.18 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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1703 Garner Ave - MLS# 7164966
  • $1,345,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7164966 
  • Barton Heights B
  • 1703 Garner Ave
  • Austin, TX 78704
  •   5 BD 4 BA 3049 Sq Ft 0.2 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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98 San Jacinto Blvd #2404 - MLS# 4485603
  • $1,190,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 4485603 
  • Town Lake Residences Condo
  • 98 San Jacinto Blvd #2404
  • Austin, TX 78701
  •   2 BD 3 BA 1378 Sq Ft 0.01 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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4106 Avenue B - MLS# 7814201
  • $1,140,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7814201 
  • Hyde Park Add
  • 4106 Avenue B
  • Austin, TX 78751
  •   4 BD 4 BA 3133 Sq Ft 0.15 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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715 E 43rd St - MLS# 7470928
  • $1,000,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7470928 
  • Hyde Park
  • 715 E 43rd St
  • Austin, TX 78751
  •   3 BD 3 BA 2061 Sq Ft 0.16 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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98 San Jacinto Blvd #605 - MLS# 9437527
  • $895,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 9437527 
  • Four Seasons Residences
  • 98 San Jacinto Blvd #605
  • Austin, TX 78701
  •   2 BD 2 BA 1471 Sq Ft 0.01 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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3000 Patio Cir - MLS# 1329013
  • $878,850
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 1329013 
  • Oak Shores On Lake Austin
  • 3000 Patio Cir
  • Austin, TX 78730
  •   4 BD 4 BA 3197 Sq Ft 1.05 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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12812 Wooded Lake Ct - MLS# 8385631
  • $855,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 8385631 
  • Steiner Ranch
  • 12812 Wooded Lake Ct
  • Austin, TX 78732
  •   4 BD 4 BA 4349 Sq Ft 0.39 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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603 Davis St #1903 - MLS# 2142852
  • $702,500
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 2142852 
  • The Shore
  • 603 Davis St #1903
  • Austin, TX 78701
  •   2 BD 3 BA 1699 Sq Ft 0.01 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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2006 Prather Ln - MLS# 3276638
  • $680,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 3276638 
  • South Lamar
  • 2006 Prather Ln
  • Austin, TX 78704
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1512 Sq Ft 0.3 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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The information being provided is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. Based on information from the Austin Board of REALTORS® (alternatively, from ACTRIS) from January 20th, 2020 at 9:25pm CST. Neither the Board nor ACTRIS guarantees or is in any way responsible for its accuracy. The Austin Board of REALTORS®, ACTRIS and their affiliates provide the MLS and all content therein "AS IS" and without any warranty, express or implied. Data maintained by the Board or ACTRIS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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