Heidi Juliar

Heidi Juliar


Heidi Juliar delivers exceptional service and has years of expertise in the Austin real estate market. She’s lived in Austin for over 23 years and has sold real estate in Austin and its surrounding areas for over 12 years. Heidi has a talent for matching clients with the perfect neighborhood and home for their specific needs, lifestyle, and financial goals.

Heidi takes responsibility for everything that happens in a transaction and is a valuable and educated conduit between all parties involved. She’s a powerful negotiator, an effective communicator, stays current on market conditions and knows how to use that to her client’s advantage. She has local, national and multi-national clients and is able to quickly understand their individual needs by asking the right questions and listening attentively. All of this forms the foundation for a client experience that differentiates between mediocrity and extraordinary.

Heidi volunteers with the NODA (No One Dies Alone) Program at Seton Hospital, Travis County Sheriff's Victim Services, and F-1 Racing VIP's.

August 2018

We were beyond pleased with Heidi. She was professional, kind and had good insight into what we needed and what would work for us. She was also very patient, never pushing us. It took a little over a year for us to find the property for our situation. She always followed through with any questions that we had. We have worked with many Realtors in the past, but never with someone of Heidi's expertise. We HIGHLY recommend her.

T. and Mikki Getterman

August 2018

Heidi Juliar was a pleasure to work with. We are hesitant to use the words "work with" because nothing about the relationship felt like work. Even though Heidi was professional and always prepared, it felt like Heidi was someone we have known for years (and we probably will now!). Relocating from the East Coast is not a small task but when you have someone like Heidi to rely on - that task is definitely manageable (to say the least). Impressive, thoughtful, responsive, professional... the list would take up this whole page.

Michael Paone

August 2018

Heidi Juliar has helped us through the years, both buy and sell homes. She has been very professional and has kept our best interests a priority. I can't imagine working with any other Realtor. Thank you, Heidi.

Rebecca Perry

July 2018

Heidi Juliar is an awesome agent! When a house we had noticed in Cedar Park finally came up for sale, we called Heidi to get the ball rolling for us. The fact that she was out of town and we were out of town didn't stop her one bit. Heidi walked us through the process, and we closed in just under 30 days. If you need a go-getter, Heidi is definitely the one to call!

Krista Ingram

July 2018

Our buying experience with Heidi’s help was very nice! Heidi was very professional, helpful and friendly, and was able to answer all our questions and be available to us at any time. Her overall knowledge of the Austin real estate market was extremely helpful. Our entire buying process was smooth and enjoyable. We would not hesitate to refer any of our friends and family looking for a home in Austin to Heidi.

Steve Anderson

June 2018

Wow!! I am so incredibly grateful to Heidi. During this process, she's been more than my Realtor, she's treated me as a friend. Thank you, Heidi, for finding me a beautiful home, as well as everything else you've done. I will miss our early morning and late night conversations. I will definitely keep in touch.

Dr. Kimberly Haynes

April 2018

I met Heidi Juliar a little more than two years ago, and she helped me find my first home in Steiner Ranch. It was a perfect fit for my life “transition” at the time. She not only helped negotiate a fair price but she was a great advocate during the final stages of the purchase. Several months ago I contacted Heidi to help me sell my home and find a new home that “fit” the next phase of my life. Heidi helped me sell my property and then helped me find the perfect home. The challenge was to ensure I was able to finalize the purchase of the house I wanted. Heidi spent hours working on the best offer, and it was a success. She has supported me in my efforts to find a home. She is always on time, always provides accurate information so I can make informed decisions, and keeps informed on the property available in the area. I appreciated her hard work on my behalf. She is great to work with, and I highly recommend her.

Judy Enright

August 2017

It was wonderful to work with Heidi to help us find the home we were looking for and always representing our interest as the buyers. She has been nothing short of amazing in getting us quick answers to our questions and keeping us on track for our action items. I will be referring her to anyone that is looking to find the right home.

Ryan Tillett

June 2017

Heidi Juliar with Realty Austin is the best of the best! She stayed calm in the middle of the storm and helped us navigate through it all! I am going to miss our daily calls from Heidi! If you need help buying or selling a home, I'd highly recommend hiring Heidi.

Dan and Shauna Upp

May 2017

Heidi has worked for us as our realtor since 2014, in that time we were in a rental for 14 months prior to buying our own home in December 2015. Throughout the process, as foreigners living in the US, we had to rely heavily on Heidi to walk us through the process and procedures of both the rental market and becoming homeowners. When it came time for us to sell the house, due to relocation back to Europe, Heidi was always attentive, available and incredibly helpful. Selling a home, a home we were very happy in, is a very stressful time for all involved, and Heidi made sure to support us professionally and personally every step of the way. We cannot express our gratitude and respect for Heidi; she has been a constant in our lives over the last 4 years. We are delighted to recommend Heidi to any future clients who prefer a personal approach to the activities involved in buying, selling or renting in Austin.

Barry and Orla Sheils

April 2017

Professionalism, honesty and integrity. These three words standout as descriptions of Heidi Juliar, Realtor with Realty Austin during our home buying process. Professionalism in the way she punctually kept all of our appointments and walked us through all the steps from the offer, to negotiations, through closing. Honesty in the way she gave us candid opinions on the properties we considered and their fit for our family. Integrity in the way Heidi exemplified the highest ethical behaviors as a Realtor. Our home buying process was long, as we did not have a specified timeline, budget, or location. Heidi stayed with us while we made our decisions and changed our minds several times. Her commitment to us did not stop at closing. We had an extended lease back period on our home and Heidi assisted us with those details also. We cannot say enough great things about Heidi. We hope to be in our new home for a long time, if we do ever need a Realtor again Heidi is the first person we will call. We will also not hesitate to recommend her to any of our friends or family that need a Realtor. Thank you, Heidi and Realty Austin!

Bill and Nicole Dawkins

January 2017

We are excited to recommend Heidi! Working with Heidi was an absolute pleasure. Our family recently moved into our new home, and we are over-the-moon about the house and the experience. We decided to go ahead and sell our old house, after much internal debate, and I have no doubt the selling experience, led by Heidi, will be as grand as the buying experience.

Realty Austin has a true professional and great representative of your company in Heidi Juliar.

Nathan & Kelly Smith

November 2016

Heidi Juliar with Realty Austin recently helped us find and purchase our first home. From day one we felt completely comfortable and supported by Heidi. She is approachable, professional, knowledgeable and really puts in the extra effort to ensure that you are informed and satisfied by everything that is going on. She made the whole process easy, pleasant and not nearly as scary as we thought it would be. On top of being an excellent realtor, she is just a warm and superb person and we consider ourselves very lucky that we had her on our team.

Her team was also extremely helpful, as well. Her Closing Coordinator, Nicole Herrera, was always helpful, provided us all the information that we needed, and was extremely prompt in responding when we had questions.

We just can't say enough good things about the experience that we had!

Whitney and Allison Bright, Yelp Review

October 2016

We recently purchased a home in Lago Vista with the help of Heidi Juliar, a Realtor with Realty Austin. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on this woman! She is relentless in her quest to find you the best home, for the best price. Her negotiating skills are the best I've ever seen, and her enthusiasm and positive nature are downright contagious! I know she had other clients at the same time, but we felt like we were the only ones. With Heidi's help, we were able to find the perfect home - the home of our dreams, really. You cannot go wrong with Realty Austin, or with Heidi as your agent. Thank you, Heidi!  

Gage and Judy Hunt

May 2016

I would like to commend Heidi for the detailed manner in which she walked us through the purchase of our new home. Her commitment and dedication to excellence is evident in the manner in which she assisted us. She maintained a courteous and professional demeanor throughout the entire process.

We would like to thank Heidi for making this an enjoyable and happy experience for us.

We would also like to thank Realty Austin for their dedication in hiring such an exemplary realtor.

James & Fannie McClure

February 2016

It was an absolute pleasure working with Heidi Juliar when we purchased our home in Dripping Springs. Heidi was very knowledgeable about the area and zoned in on the right part of Austin for our family! She communicated well and made the entire process easy to navigate. We loved having Heidi as our Realtor!

DJ and Sandra Smith

December 2015

We would like to formally thank Heidi Juliar for her diligence and assistance in securing our new home. She's been working with us for more than a year while we waited for our home to sell in Lubbock. Her advice about location, as well as a sense of our needs and preferences saved us precious time and energy during our search. As a matter of fact, we submitted an offer prior to my wife seeing the property in person.

Again, many thanks to Heidi. We would highly recommend her to anyone who may be relocating to the Austin area.

Dr. Gregory and Rhonda Stoute

December 2015

We first worked with Heidi in 2014. We were relocating our family from Europe, she assisted us in finding a rental property before we purchased a home in Austin. Heidi negotiated on our behalf and assisted in all local coordination arranging the utilities, cleaning and shipment delivery of our furniture to the property. When we began the process of buying our new home in Steiner Ranch, Heidi provided outstanding insight to the market, advice on negotiations, focus areas and support. We closed on our home yesterday and we cannot speak highly enough of Heidi and everything she has done for us professionally and personally. We would wholeheartedly recommend Heidi to any potential clients.

Barry & Orla Sheils

November 2015

Heidi was a diligent and detailed professional throughout our home buying process. Her warm personality and wisdom helped guide us toward the perfect purchase.

Amy and Ranita Nunn

October 2015

I’d highly recommend Heidi Juliar as your real estate agent. In a seller’s market with low inventory, it’s difficult for a buyer to get the right home, at the right price. She knows the market inside and out and walked me through what to expect during each step. She was patient and very responsive to all of my questions. The absolute best thing about Heidi is that she is super flexible and really goes above and beyond to serve her clients throughout the entire process. I love my new house, thank you Heidi!!

Dionne Chodosh

I would like to take the opportunity to highly recommend Heidi Juliar as a realtor. My husband and I purchased our home on Lake Travis in March. The process was a lengthy one due to inspections and negotiating. Heidi was absolutely amazing at follow up and doing what was best for us. If we need a realtor in the future we will definitely use her again.

Tammy Marshall

I cannot say enough about Heidi Juliar, she is the consummate professional. We relocated from out-of-state and Heidi worked with us to find the right neighborhood, the right schools, and the right house. She was very informative about all things Austin and very knowledgeable about each particular area. She steered us in the absolute right direction based on our individual needs. I’m incredibly grateful to her for taking the guesswork out of our move.

Heidi can show some houses! She was very well organized and we made it through an incredible amount of property in a very short period of time. We had her undivided attention and really enjoyed her company, which made it even more pleasurable.

Heidi was very candid and shared the pros and cons of the different areas and homes. She never applied pressure and was always very patient. She was incredibly helpful with coordinating the details that go along with moving from out-of-state and did a great job negotiating with the sellers. She is unflappable in the face of any curve ball - and we threw a few her way!

I will always be in debt to Heidi for getting us to TX and into a house that we love!

Page von Roen

If you are interested in real help finding the right home in Austin for you, then I recommend Heidi Juliar.

If you value a high level of professionalism that is matched by a true understanding of good customer care, then I recommend Heidi Juliar.

If you appreciate someone who is on time, well prepared when considering which homes to show you based on your preferences, and has a high level of competence in preparing to negotiate on your behalf, then I recommend Heidi Juliar.

I recently purchased a home in Steiner Ranch, and as you can see, I highly recommend Heidi Juliar. I consider the result of my search for a “perfect” home in this area as exceptional. Finding the right home at the right price is often a difficult and trying adventure, but having Heidi on my side was a tremendous asset.

Judy Enright

We cannot speak highly enough of Heidi Juliar. She went above and beyond any of our expectations during the whole home buying process. She was there with us every step of the way, answering any and all questions. Constantly communicating with us to inform us as to what we needed to do next and also doing all to ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible. Home buying can be a stressful situation, however Heidi was there to listen to all of our concerns and address every one of them. We would recommend Heidi in an instant to anybody who’s looking for somebody who not only knows their way around the real-estate market, but who will also treat you like a close friend, not just a client.

David and Annie Whitelaw

Heidi would email me details about properties that I would inquire about. A few months ago, I decided I was ready to purchase a home in central Austin and called Heidi. I had very specific criteria and Heidi took me to two properties that fit. After we talked again, I realized that my budget was not realistic with my criteria. She challenged me to broaden my scope in many different ways and I decided to open my neighborhood search by a 5 mile radius. Soon after this, we looked at a few more properties in another neighborhood and I fell in love with the third house. Heidi helped to negotiate the price down so that I could buy my dream fixer upper and have the funds left over to fix it up. I am extremely happy with my purchase and still keep in touch with Heidi about the construction updates. I appreciate Heidi for her knowledge, honesty, and patience during the journey of purchasing my home.

Jenna Gallagher

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Price, High to Low
11504 Silver Lake Ct - MLS# 3848454
  • $993,923
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 3848454 
  • Steiner Ranch
  • 11504 Silver Lake Ct
  • Austin, TX 78732
  •   6 BD 6 BA 5145 Sq Ft 0.68 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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13320 Coleto Creek Trl - MLS# 3673017
  • $649,240
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 3673017 
  • Steiner Ranch
  • 13320 Coleto Creek Trl
  • Austin, TX 78732
  •   5 BD 4 BA 4440 Sq Ft 0.31 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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11713 Woodland Hills Trl - MLS# 9242867
  • $410,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 9242867 
  • Steiner Ranch
  • 11713 Woodland Hills Trl
  • Austin, TX 78732
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1982 Sq Ft 0.17 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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2601 N Quinlan Park Rd #510 - MLS# 7019366
  • $380,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7019366 
  • Steiner Ranch
  • 2601 N Quinlan Park Rd #510
  • Austin, TX 78732
  •   2 BD 2 BA 1750 Sq Ft 0.24 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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