Erin Reichman

Erin Reichman

Training Director

Erin is a lifelong Texan. Originally from Abilene Texas, she made it to Austin in 1995. She came to us in 2016 from Independence Title Company where she proudly served as an Education and Training Specialist training small and large groups of licensed real estate agents across Central Texas on the latest business resources and social media tools.

Inquisitive and introspective by nature, she’s drawn to new ideas and solutions. These character traits underpin all of her interests, from training agents to the humanitarian issues she’s passionate about. Erin has spent time serving communities by meeting humanitarian needs in Latvia, Ukraine, Kenya, and Austin Texas.

In her free time, you may find her in the back of a coffee shop dabbling with a screenplay, reading, hiking the greenbelt, or road tripping with her kids.


  • Realty Austin Unsung Hero Award 2017

Great class yesterday! Erin as born to be a trainer. She is patient with answering each question, and also manages to convey the materials at everyone's level.

Dani Whitaker

Erin is so amazing at helping me understand how to work the extensive systems at Realty Austin. I email her a question and POOF....I get an answer with helpful links (when applicable) moments later! Just had a 4 day training session with her and she kept it very interesting!! It's hard to keep my attention for that long! LOVE working with Erin.

Gayla Goertz

Erin is the best trainer ever! She’s patient and takes her time to thoughtfully answer questions. She’s funny and keeps the information entertaining (even the boring stuff lol). Plus, she has a great energy and obviously enjoys what she does. I look forward to more classes with her as the trainer!

Delaney Williams

Erin explains everything thoroughly, is patient in her training and makes notes on all issues to drill down to the core meticulously.

Catherine Compton

Erin is incredibly gifted when it comes to training large groups! She explains every aspect of Realty Austin orientation in meticulous detail where it is able to be digested and understood by everyone. Even if you have attended one of her trainings before, as I had, I still learned many new things to help me grow my business in the second go-around. Thanks Erin, I appreciate you and Realty Austin would not be the same without your amazing work!!!

Nicole Sislen

I've known Erin for many years and want to call out her acumen at delivering training for Realty Austin. I attended her orientation training and was impressed with her delivery, pacing, and knowledge of the material. It can be daunting to learn new systems even for a former Apple employee!! Erin's planning and organization were on point, I was able to leverage what I learned to hit the ground running for which I am very grateful. I would highly recommend Erin for Training Delivery and look forward to learning more at her next sessions!

Allison Salmon

I went through the new member orientation with Erin at Realty Austin and I was so impressed with her comprehensive knowledge of all the procedures, technology, and processes at Realty Austin. She showed unending patience answering every question sometimes multiple times, and somehow managed to maintain the highest level of professionalism while still being fun and approachable. I always look forward to Erin's instruction, courses, and webinars.

Jefferson Kimbrough

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