Don Powers

Don Powers

Broker Associate

Don grew up in Beaumont, Texas and moved to Austin in 1985 to attend the University of Texas on an academic scholarship. After graduating with high honors in Electrical Engineering, Don went to work at National Instruments (NI) where he worked in a variety of roles including sales, marketing, and recruiting. He even did a stint in Norway for 3 months! Don obtained his real estate license in 2002 and has been working full-time as a Realtor ever since.

Don's approach to working with clients combines his engineering "eye" and straightforwardness with his deeply-rooted need to make people happy. He is an expert in negotiating while making sure his clients are educated and satisfied with their real estate decisions.

Don and his wife Stephanie own several homes in neighborhoods around central Austin, including Clarksville, Crestview, The Courtyard, and Mueller. They currently reside in Mueller with their two daughters and dog Lucy.

When Don isn't helping clients, he loves spending time with his family - everything from diaper changes, walking the dog, making soap, and watching college sports.  

March 25 2019

Facing a long-distance move on a tight timeline, I called Don after reading all of his great Yelp reviews. I never expected we would be able to lean on him for so much.

Don never tried to sell us on a house. When we weren't in town, he would go out and take photos or videos of listings we liked. When he took us out, he had a smart perspective on the pros and cons of each house. He educated us, never pushed us. He negotiated smartly and his closing coordinator attended to the many details that sprouted up as we prepared to close.

Don seems to stay really busy, but was always easy to reach by text or phone, and was there every time we needed him.

Gabe J.

June 24 2018

Don is easily the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. He is clear, committed, honest, strategic, and a great person. My house was pretty much sold in one weekend, and he supported me as I sought to buy a home in another state. I feel grateful that I came across someone with the right balance of instincts, smarts, experience, and friendly vibes. I HIGHLY recommend Don.

L D.

May 12 2018

Don is the BEST Realtor in Austin! My best friend referred us to Don, and I'm so glad that we went with him. We started looking at houses in January before we were ready to move so that we could get an idea of what we wanted. Don was enthusiastic about showing us a long list of properties. He brings so much experience, and it's a plus with him being an engineer. He was able to observe and point out things we would have overlooked. We found a home early on that wasn't on the market. We were leasing our current home and couldn't move until summer. Don made the impossible happen! We got everything we wanted!

Don and Tina made this entire process fun and simple. They are honest and genuine. We are so happy to be moving into our new home next week finally! We highly recommend using them!

Carlye N.

April 17 2018

Don helped my son purchase his house four years ago and recently helped me sell my condo. He developed a sales plan that resulted in us having obtained a contract during the first weekend after listing. He gave us the right advice in preparing the condo for sale as well as for MLS listing. Don knows Austin and its real estate market very well. Don's associate, Tina, helped us manage all details from contract to closing. Don and Tina are very personable, customer-oriented, and the most professional Realtors I have ever met. I highly recommend Don for your next real estate service.

Quan D.

March 3 2018

I could not recommend Don highly enough! I'm so incredibly grateful that our paths had crossed before needing an agent. When the time approached for my husband and I to purchase a luxury home, I thought I'd interview several real estate agents and choose from them.

We were coming into some money and wanted to begin our search before we actually had the money. We asked to set up an interview with the first agent who specialized in luxury homes. She didn't want to meet with us until we had the money. She said she'd do an MLS search and send me some listings to look at in the meantime. I told her our dream neighborhood, Covenant Estates, and we both lamented that homes didn't come onto the market there very often. When she sent me the listings, she was trying to steer us to a different neighborhood further away. Fair enough. Listings didn't come up very much in Covenant Estates, but the new neighborhood was further out of town, and we worked in town. She had never bothered to ask about any of this.

That weekend, I noticed a brand new "under contract" sign in Covenant Estates. I texted her and asked about it, and she just had an attitude of "yeah, too bad." There was no explanation of why she wasn't aware of it before it went under contract and I literally never heard another word from her after that text.

So, at this point, I reached out to Don. I explained the entire situation, that we didn't have the money yet and that there was even an outside chance that we'd never get it. This didn't matter to Don at all! In our first conversation, he laid out a plan to get us what we wanted. This included researching every agent who had sold a house in Covenant Estates in the last five years and then contacting them to find out if they had anything coming on the market that hadn't been listed yet. Genius! By the end of or first phone conversation, I knew he was our guy, and we didn't need to talk to anyone else. It was night and day compared to my experience with the first agent.

While Don was working on that, we requested to see a home that we kind of thought was out of our league because it just looked so incredible and we wanted to see it in person, just for fun. Don obliged us and said he thought that it could sometimes be good to see a house you don't believe you want because it can confirm what you do want.

Well, it was the first house we saw, but we fell in love! Mind you, we didn't have the money yet. Don had so much wisdom and knowledge, he advised us to the right moves to sort of stall until we got the money while keeping us on the right side of the seller's agent. Simultaneously, he found a Covenant Estates home that the owners had been contemplating putting on the market but hadn't yet! No one knew about it but us thanks to Don! We toured that home as well as another in a different but very close neighborhood.

Well, as much as we thought we wanted to be in Covenant Estates, the more we thought about it and talked it over with Don, we knew that the first home was the one for us. It was about 10 minutes away from Covenant Estates, but it was 10 minutes closer to town, not further away. Don played the game expertly and gave the other agent only the necessary info at the necessary time so that we were able to be in the running for the home and when the money came in, we snatched it up! We got it for over $150,000 less than the list price.

Don and Tina made the home buying process go so smoothly from that point. At one point Don mentioned something about having another closing scheduled, and it hit me that all this time, he'd made us feel like we were his one and only clients, but of course, he had other clients simultaneously. I'm willing to bet they all felt like they were the only ones.

We've been in our dream home for 3 months now, and we can't imagine another home in all of Austin that could possibly be a better fit for our family, at ANY price point. Without Don's expert advice and guidance, this house could have been the one that got away, and we would have "what if'ed?" for the rest of our lives.

I'll add that Don always made sure he was advising us, but that the decisions were in our hands. He never made us feel like we were wasting his time, even when getting the money was not a guarantee. I believe two of the seller's agents made remarks about how wonderful Don was to work with. On top of that, Don always had great recommendations for anything we needed outside of his job as our agent. We have been thrilled with the designer he recommended for us and even met with a financial planner he thought would be a good fit for us as well.

Don even helped me with a lease for my old home just last month, and that experience was just as impressive and smooth even though he had nothing to gain from it. I could go on all day. Do yourself a favor and hire Don. You'll not be disappointed!

Stephanie H.

October 11 2016

This is my second five-star review for Don. I wrote the first one about two years ago when Don ably assisted me in buying a property. This time, I wanted to sell that property for a substantial profit. Don told me that he'd list the property for what I wanted but that he wasn't sure if it'd sell for that much (as the builder in my community was building new houses and selling them for about what I was asking). When my property didn't sell in a couple of months for my asking price, Don himself suggested that I consider renting in the short term to allow the builder's new properties to get sold in the interim. He helped me find a great renter, and if you can believe it, refused to charge me for that service. I just cannot say enough good things about how professional and knowledgeable Don is, his work ethic, and his undying desire to ensure that his clients are 100% satisfied. He will go above and beyond for you. Needless to say, I won't use any other real estate agent in Austin.

Carlos D.

March 4 2016

I wanted to do an update. Yes, only about 6 months after my last review, but we required Don's services again. This time to sell the home, he had just helped us purchase a short time ago.

Due to unforeseen circumstances soon after moving into what we thought was our perfect house in Austin that Don helped us get, we had to let it go. We let Don know the situation, and with this knowledge, he laid out a plan for us to sell our home. He gave us suggestions on when we should sell it and various ideas to ready our home for sale. Though we had sold houses before, with the stress/anxiety of the situation we were in, his insight again proved a HUGE help to us.

Before I go on and on regarding the great service Don and his closing assistant (aka super closing coordinator/superwoman) Tina gave us, I'm happy to say we sold our home in only about 10 days. We had multiple strong offers, and Don helped us with his own very detailed thoughts on these offers to help us make an informed decision from the vast experience he has had over the years.

As before, I can say with certainty, he helped us get more money for our home then if my wife and I were left without his help/expertise/insights.
Don is THE Realtor you want on your side in Austin and from our personal experience you want him on your side whether you're buying OR selling your home.

We can't thank you enough, Don.

T K.

November 8 2015

Yes, this is ANOTHER 5-star review for Don. That's because he's amazing.

After thoroughly researching and interviewing multiple other agents, we chose Don to help us with our first home purchase and couldn't have been happier! When showing you a home, he carefully inspects everything, inside and out. He will also give you his honest opinion - we never felt as though we were being pushed into a decision. He takes the time to get to know his clients and understand what's important to them in a home.

When the time came to make an offer, Don's experience and knowledge were invaluable in beating out several other offers on our dream home. After our offer was accepted, the flurry of paperwork began, and he checked in on us to make sure we understood everything and that we weren't overwhelmed.

To top it off, he's extremely personable and friendly. We'll definitely recommend him to anyone we know, and if we ever have to move, we'll be calling Don to help us sell.

Elizabeth V.

October 15 2015

While our encounter was brief, it was just what I needed.
My boyfriend and I were moving to the area and wanted to rent the first year before we buy. I called Don based on his excellent reviews, and he was extremely helpful. While he does not take on rental situations, he was quick to refer me to someone else (who was wonderful). He even told me to let him know if it didn't work out so he could find another possibility. I was disappointed not to work with him, but the short experience I had was extremely pleasant and helpful

Kailyn L.

July 31 2015

Don was a pleasure to work with in helping my wife and I find our first home. He's honest, knowledgeable about the Austin real estate market, and wouldn't let us buy a home we didn't love. In fact, he was able to show us a home that was not even on the market yet, and as it turns out, it was the home we fell in love with and bought. We worked with him for about 3 months, trying to find a home. He always stayed positive, even when we were outbid on several offers. By the end of our home search, he knew us very well and knew exactly which home was for us. He's also a fun guy to be around and made this process more enjoyable than it typically can be.

We highly recommend Don as a Realtor and thank him for helping us find our dream home.

Derek H.

June 11 2015

Don has plenty of five-star reviews, but I want to write about a specific miracle Don pulled off for my wife and me. If we're lucky, the Search Engine Gods will make sure Google searches for "Austin" and "cross country move" send people here.

My wife and I made plans to move from New York City to Austin last October. We knew this would be all but impossible, but we wanted to move into a home immediately. The cost of leaving NYC was so expensive, and we didn't want to endure another move from apartment to house once we got to Texas.

Don agreed buying a house halfway across the country would be tough, but he took on our headache anyway. He visited homes on our behalf, sent us photos and videos, dealt with inspections, and plenty of other things that I don't understand about home buying, but fortunately, he does. Every step of the way, it felt like Don was the smartest person in the room -- and he was advocating for us.

We wound up securing a home a month before our move. Don negotiated for us so that we could visit Austin before we signed anything, guaranteeing we could see plenty of homes before we made a final decision. That's incredible when you consider how competitive the market is here. Don shepherded us through that final month of the home buying process flawlessly.

When we finally made it to Austin, he introduced us to local restaurants and fun spots. Meetings that could have taken 10 minutes lasted as long as we wanted, with him giving us tours of the city.

After we bought the home, Don continued to check in on us and the house, more so during the recent storms. Our friends who've lived in Austin for years time joke about Don Powers, who has the name of a superhero, and in the real estate world, actually is one.

Christopher P.

May 15 2015

My wife and I recently moved to Austin and had a decent idea of where we wanted to live, but knew we couldn't do it on our own. Having purchased previous homes, we knew how important it was to have a good Realtor.

I did my research, and when I called, Don answered my call promptly. We met so that I could 'interview' him, at least that is what I like to call it, after all, he will be helping my family find our future home. We were thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the area, and with the questions he asked us in regards to what we were looking for in a home.

Long story short, he helped us get our new home and did a great job helping us negotiate with the seller to get the best deal we could. We KNOW we saved money having him in our corner.

Needless to say, we are VERY happy with his service and help.
When given the situation now when people ask us if we can suggest a Realtor here in Austin, we won't just say "Here's a Realtor we use," but we honestly feel we can say "Here's a Realtor friend of ours we use."

Thanks, Don! We guarantee you someday down the line that we'll be sending you more business to thank you for the great job you did for us.

T&T Kay

March 30 2015

As first-time home buyers, we were nervous about jumping into the Austin market, but Don made the process easy and fun.  Don was everything a Realtor should be - accessible, informative, patient, and honest.  We found a great house and made a great friend. We highly recommend him!

Catherine K.

December 8 2014

I could have sworn I'd already written this review, but wow, this year's been so busy, it must have been a dream! I'm so sorry, Don! If only I could be on top of my game as you are.

That said, I met Don this past summer while trying to decide to sell my beloved single girl pad in Crestview. This was not an easy task. I was collecting as much information as I possibly could to make one of the more difficult decisions I've ever made. Don provided invaluable information and support that helped me decide to let go finally. He quick to supply incredibly useful comps and sales information and unbiased feedback and recommendations. He is also incredibly funny and knew how to make an emotional woman laugh. Don's an honest guy with a tremendous sense of humor. What more can you ask for? I'd work with Don again in a heartbeat and definitely keep him on quick dial for any future real estate needs (and Airplane references) :)

Thanks, heaps, Don - you really did help me out tremendously this summer. I am forever grateful :)

Amanda R.

November 3 2014

Wow, if only every business/interpersonal interaction could be like the one we have had with Don, this world would be a much better place. Step one in moving back to Austin was finding a Realtor - and we were nervous given our not-so-fun real estate agent experiences back in CA. However, I trusted in Yelp and contacted Don due to his stellar reviews - and once again Yelp did us right! From start to finish, Don exceeded our expectations. Seriously. He truly cared about us - constantly wanting to ensure we were making the best decision on our new home. He was extremely, extremely patient and thorough during our hunt. He made himself available anytime we had a question, and really took time to make sure we understood the process. As a first-time buyer and with being in another state during much of the process, I was so grateful to Don for making what could have been a ridiculously stressful experience exciting and informative. He shared with us his sweet, positive energy and extensive knowledge of the Austin housing market from the time we contacted him to the time we moved in. Not only do we consider Don our forever agent, but we also consider him a friend now. He is simply the BEST.

Chestie J.

October 23 2014

I found Don through Yelp, and I was seriously skeptical that he could be as great as rated. Seriously? 5 stars for a real estate agent? I call shenanigans! I reached out anyway because we are out of state, and with a flexible move timeline, didn't have much to lose.

I am SO glad I sent that email! Don really does live up to the hype. Even though we weren't moving yet, and we were complete and utter newbies to homeownership as well as Austin, Don got back to us right away. He was attentive, really listened to what we wanted, and pinpointed the perfect neighborhood for us. He was willing to run around town at a moment's notice to look at a property, take video, and send copious notes so that we felt like we were really there. If that weren't enough, he also steered us away from properties that he didn't think were the right fit, even if we really thought we wanted them (because he actually knew better than us!). He cares more about people than making money, something I didn't know existed.

When we found the perfect place, Don was literally on the eve of going on vacation abroad (yes, I used literally correctly--it was the night before), and he not only made sure we were in hands as attentive as his, but he also took time out of his vacation to check in on us and make sure everything was going smoothly.

I could go on and on (and probably on), but instead, I urge you to talk to Don yourself if you are in the market for a home. You won't be disappointed, he's amazing.

Monica L.

October 7 2014

I came across Don on Yelp as I was looking for real estate agents. I saw his five-star rating and gave him a call. He was the first agent I called as I was researching real estate agents. I did not call anyone else.

From the get-go, I could tell that Don knew the market inside out. To find a property that met all of my various criteria was not a simplistic task. Don, however, came through for me and did so in a big way. Indeed, I purchased the first property that Don took me to. That is how spot-on Don can be.

My schedule during work hours can be somewhat erratic, so I called Don several times late in the evenings and on weekends to discuss my numerous questions and concerns. I found Don to be very accommodating and accessible throughout the week, day, and night. I am not sure how he manages what I assume is a large client base--but he does, and does so in such a way that you feel that you are the only person who has hired him.

I am a numbers guy and am rather detail-oriented. Fortunately, being an engineer, so is Don. What impressed me the most was Don's knowledge base and resourcefulness. He either knew off the top of his head or found out within a day or so, the answer to every single question I posed. And the answers to some of my questions, I am sure, were rather difficult to find.

All in all, whether you're a seasoned buyer or a novice like me, Don is the real estate agent you should retain. And you don't have to take my word for it or the word of all the other fellow Yelpers on here. Give him a call or go visit him, and you will see for yourself. If I buy (or sell) another property in Austin, he'll certainly be the guy I call.

Carlos D.

September 30 2014

Don deserves well more than 5 stars for all the advice and help he gave my boyfriend and me during our home search.

We planned a trip to Austin to look at homes since we were moving there and had some issues with the Realtor we originally planned to see. We were in a huge bind, so I contacted Don within a day or two before we came to Austin and asked for his help since I saw all his great reviews on Yelp. He responded to my email extremely quick and was willing to help us on super short notice (what a great guy!). He even checked in on us and made sure everything was going well with our Austin trip before we even met him!

My boyfriend and I only had two days to look at homes before flying out, and Don went above and beyond to help us look for homes in the short time we were there. We saw almost 20 homes in the two days, and he spent a ton of time with us seeing properties and pointing out pertinent details. He was realistic and extremely helpful with all his advice. Don spent time to get to know us even during the short time. He figured out that, yes, we are crazy dog people, and yes, the home is actually for their comfort more than our own. He helped us alter our search criteria to stay closer to my boyfriend's work and still get the land/space/privacy/square footage we needed.

Because of all Don's hard work, we were able to make an offer on a house before we left Austin! Don spent that evening even after we took off on our flight, writing up our offer and helping us make decisions on what we thought was a good number. He really cared that we got the house we liked and worked extremely hard to help us find something in the very short time we had.

Even after the offer was accepted, Don continued to communicate with us frequently to keep us up-to-date on everything for the house, since we weren't in Texas yet (he also communicated with us a lot after we were in Texas to make sure everything was going ok at our rental place), and made sure we were still happy with our decision to purchase the home. Every question I ever had, he always had a fact-filled answer and was positive and friendly. Don and his assistant, Tina, also provided all the info of how to set up the house with utilities, gas, HOA, and what to bring to the closing, which made everything a lot easier.

One of the best things about Don (besides his great attitude) is his knowledge of the housing market and area. Being new to Austin, we didn't really know anything. Don was there to let us know facts and figures about different areas and neighborhoods, suggested restaurants (which were awesome and delicious), and let us know about general fun festivals and activities in Austin. As someone who's new to Austin, knowing more about the city right up front was great. It really opened our eyes and made us feel like we were already involved in local events before we even had a permanent address. Whether you're new to Austin or a local, Don has a wealth of knowledge that you can truly benefit from.

To us, Don is more like an old friend who knows what you really want than a Realtor who treats you like another number/dollar sign. He went out of his way to help us even though we contacted him with essentially no notice and was upbeat even when my boyfriend and I thought we wouldn't find a place in time. Don spent countless hours making sure we found the right place, and after we found it, he worked hard to help us close quickly. I would definitely recommend Don to anyone in the area! He's a rare find! Thank you so much for your help, Don!!

Mandy E.

September 25 2014

I reached out to Don after seeing his great Yelp reviews and was looking for an agent to show me a couple of properties in downtown Austin. Don responded within a few hours, and we set up some time to look at the condos the next day. He was very honest and gave candid feedback about the apartments, which is greatly appreciated.

After the showings, he sent a comprehensive list of comps for the area, and added me to a subscription list of condos for sale and rent in my price range and desired area. Getting these automated alerts had been great to keep up with the market and seeing what else was available. We ended up deciding to stick with leasing instead of buying in the short term, but Don was a great agent throughout. Especially in Austin's sea of bad real estate agents, Don is a refreshing change. If you're a first-time buyer, Don is the way to go. He was very responsive, gave much-needed advice and recommendations, without being pushy or aggressive at all.

Julia K.

August 21 2014

Don is an extraordinary agent. My search for a property lasted over 6 months, and I went through several agents without any luck. So I looked up Don on Yelp, and his reviews were stellar, so I decided to try him out. Don is incredibly attentive, and unlike most other agents, he truly does care about you foremost rather than just making a quick sale. He was very patient with me and incredibly informative. He never pushed me to make a decision, and rather he would offer his honest opinion. Don also has a background in engineering, and he gave a very in-depth structural analysis of the properties I visited. Best of all, he is an incredible negotiator. He understands people very well and gave me a valuable piece of advice that helped me close on a property. I can honestly call Don a friend, and he is always there to offer me advice on homes as well as my career even after I closed on my home. Give Don a call I promise you won't regret it.

Sagar D.

July 21 2014

Don was a pleasure to work with. All the high Yelp ratings he has received so far are well deserved, and you will realize why as soon as you interact with him. He knows so much about Austin and is very good at what he does. I was blown away by his keen sense of observation when looking at properties for the first time. His engineering background, combined with the depth of experience in the Austin area makes him a very unique Realtor.

I've given Don 5-star rating because he went above & beyond our expectations. Even though we didn't end up buying a home yet, I'm sure I will be reaching out to him when we are ready to make the leap.

Philip O.

July 7 2014

We currently live in California, and we decided to buy our second home in Austin. We contacted Don because he had great Yelp reviews. His work and commitment exceeded our expectations. We met him one Sunday morning, viewed 10 homes that day, and decided to purchase one of them. What a productive Sunday! The whole purchase process went very smooth from the beginning to the end, thanks to Don and his team. Because we were buying the house remotely, Don was always the "extra set of eyes for us", he took a video of the house when the seller moved out, so we were able to see the condition, he helped us to change the keys and set the alarm, so the house will be safe while we are not there. He went above and beyond.

Keith L.

May 31 2014

Working with Don was as awesome as vacationing on a private island with a personal butler that serves me brisket and cornbread every day.

My husband and I recently moved from the Bay Area to Austin and wanted to buy a condo, not knowing anything about the Austin area outside of Franklin's BBQ. I contacted Don because of his supposedly glowing Yelp reviews. It turns out all that hype was true. Why we loved working with Don:

1) He is super fast at responding to emails, which made the entire process easier. I'm glued to my phone, so having someone equally so was awesome.

2) Instead of telling me why I should buy a condo, he'd tell me why I shouldn't buy a condo. He'd point out all the things wrong about a place and let me make my decision from there. I hate people who push me to buy something, but Don just wanted me to like a place on my own terms.

3) He has really good food recommendations. For an Austin rookie, this was a nice added bonus.

4) As a first-time homebuyer, my husband and I were total newbies. Don stepped in and took the initiative to help us coordinate anything and everything with everyone everywhere. I still had no idea what I was doing half the time leading up to closing, but Don was able to handle it all.

5) He's easy to talk to. We've gone on many tangents in our conversations and it's why we've continued to stay friends even after our home closed.

6) He knows how to get an offer accepted. We put down an offer that was accepted in less than 24 hours. I like people who can get results (well, who doesn't?).

7) Details don't escape him. That's probably an important trait to have but just wanted to highlight that about Don.

I first found Don through Yelp, and now I'm returning the favor to other potential homebuyers in the Austin area by saying all the other raving reviews about him are as true as your eyes view.

Jessica J.

April 28 2014

I was looking for a Realtor in the downtown area to lease out a condo and came across Don through Yelp. Such a personable guy! He told me that he did not lease condominiums in the University area and proceeded to give me sound advice to bypass the Realtors and save money by leasing the condo myself through various 3rd party websites! Usually, the University Realtors would've hung up on me by now once they realized I wasn't a potential customer

After the business talk, we chatted a bit and talked about our life (this was 9pm on a Tuesday night) and received some fantastic post-grad advice.

Don followed up with me 2 months down the line to see if I was able to lease out my condo and if I still needed help. Though I've never personally dealt business with him, this is one guy I'd refer all future business and contacts with. Expect A+ service!

Eva W.

March 21 2014

Bottom line: Don got my house sold quickly for more than I was hoping for. It closed just hours ago, and everything worked out perfectly. I generally don't like Realtors or real estate agents, but Don is an exception to my rule.

Details: Don's primary interest the whole time was making me as much money as possible, and he did just that. He likes coming up with a house-selling strategy, and we did. My house closed just a few hours ago, and I have substantially more than I expected in my bank account right now. Don pointed out how various things could not have gone smoothly, but none of that happened to me. Also, I do not like spending time talking on the phone, so Don communicated with me just the right amount via email and texts.

I recommend Don as a top-notch real estate agent, at least the best one I've seen so far.

Bruce M.

February 3 2014

Don's a great Realtor! My friend recommended him, and it was an excellent recommendation. This was my first home buying experience, so I knew nothing. Don really guided me through everything and helped me to consider things I'd never even thought about, as far as home-buying goes. He gave me some great resources, including the home searching database, a way to look up amounts of crime in potential neighborhoods, and even introduced me to what is now my favorite GPS app!

When he came to pick me up the first day we went to look at houses, I had printed out all the houses we'd go to on a map, and optimized the route. When I got in the car, Don had a folder for me with that exact information! I'm always impressed with someone as OCD as me, organizationally.

Without Don's guidance, I would've fallen in love with a house I ultimately didn't like. He really gave me a lot to think about, and I think I ultimately made the best choice for me, with his help.

The other Yelpers are right: Don's a great person, a great real estate agent, and a delight to be around. I truly enjoyed my experience with him. Anyone rarely gets my sometimes dry and often very offbeat, off-color sense of humor, but Don wasn't offended or confused (wish I could say the same for some of the salespeople we encountered). He kept up, which really relaxes me.

And here's the cherry on top: two months after moving into my house, I was robbed. The burglars took a bunch of stuff that is easily replaceable, but they also took a coin collection I've been building since I was seven years old. I was devastated about this, and posted on Facebook that I had lost something very dear to me. I requested that friends donate coins to my new collection, to give it some of the sentimental value I'd lost. The very next day, Don left a tiny box on my doorstep. I opened it, and it was FULL of coins he'd collected on trips, and from relatives, with an explanation of how he'd obtained the different kinds. It was so sweet and generous and even made me tear up a little bit. A robbery can make your house seem like a very cold place, but Don really warmed it back up for me. :-)

Kristen M.

January 10 2014

Don likes queso,  enjoys local coffee shops, and he is funny. He listens to what you need and helps you find an incredible home. He has a ton of experience and negotiates incredibly. Great Realtor, great guy, highly, highly recommended.

Dana P.

October 31 2013

Don is amazing! He goes out of his way to help you, even when he knows you might not be ready to make the move to sell or buy. We've been talking with Don for a few months now teetering on the decision do we remodel and stay; tear down and sell or somewhere in between. He's been unbelievably patient and helpful, and it truly feels like he only wants what is best for us.

I highly recommend everyone check out him out. You won't be disappointed!

Kristi W.

October 28 2013

We found Don through Yelp when we started looking to sell our townhome. Don was phenomenal throughout the sale. He negotiated a great deal through one of the worst seller's markets in history and went above and beyond throughout the process. We'll be back in the Austin market, and we'll be back with Don.

Mario P.

October 20 2013

Yelp has always been my go-to app/website to find a good place to eat, events, etc. When my wife and I had begun to talk about buying a home, we first needed to find a Realtor, obvious, huh? Everyone always has a friend, relative, or someone that has a great Realtor to recommend. Well, I recommend Don Powers as a fellow Yelper!

I first reached out to Don from Yelp, and he was very responsive. He had our MLS listing search created in less than a day, and we were viewing homes immediately.

Don had shown several properties and gave us his honest, professional opinion and advice. Don has a background in engineering which helps when you walk up to a home and begin to see cracks in the driveway and warped walls inside the house, etc.

He also doesn't have that typical Realtor sales personality that drives me crazy. He was very responsive in getting our docs in a row when we submitted offers on a few homes, which is important in our super hot market right now. He seemed to have somewhat aggressive but fair negotiating skills when we submitted our offers. He was very professional and was very easy to work with and communicate our needs to. I will certainly use Don in the future.

Also, Don was very patient with us. We were your typical first time home buyer that wanted a perfect home. We looked at homes in the Kyle/Buda area.

Jansen F.

October 16 2013

Don was extremely helpful when I was looking for a place to live in the Clarksville area. He knew the area so well and could tell me all of the great things about living there, as well as some common issues that you could see with the houses in the area. He not only understood my requirements but provided constructive feedback on each place that we looked at. He is the most straightforward Realtor that I have worked with. If he saw a problem, he pointed out. He went above and beyond to find listings that fit my needs, and when I couldn't make it to see a place, he would always go and follow up with me afterward. He found me a great a place just off of Enfield, and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend using Don as a real estate agent.

Stephanie W.

October 16 2013

Don took me as a client even though I had a lot of challenges with my logistics and search. I was traveling around the world during our search, and he was fabulous. For my two days here, he cleared his schedule and went above and beyond to show me my top picks. He also snuck in a couple of Austin insider tips, for which I am immensely grateful. His knowledge of engineering and structural issues was tremendously valuable. I highly recommend Don.

Heather S.

October 15 2013

Don does a great job as a Realtor to help you find a home that meets your needs, and in the area you are looking for. He was patient and considerate of my time and wish list. Don absolutely went above and beyond to help me find the perfect house. Don has my vote for Austin's best when it comes to real estate agents!

Kimberly L.

October 13 2013

Don is not only great at his job, but he's just one of those all-around awesome people. He helped us with our last purchase and was there with a smile and an answer whenever we needed him.

Don is as knowledgeable as they come regarding real estate. One of my favorite things about Don, however, is that he's not a high-pressure salesman. He constantly has your best interest in mind, and he really, truly wants what's right for you. He's not in the business of real estate just to make a buck, and it shows in his attitude and ethics.

We'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Austin.

Joel R.

September 25 2013

My family and I met Don in May 2010. We were in the process of remodeling our home, and Don handled a real estate lease for us. That was our first transaction with him, and he proved to be extremely well versed in his field. He is a down to earth person who is quite knowledgeable about the Austin real estate market. I would not hesitate to recommend or use him again.

Brenda F.

September 3 2013

A girlfriend of mine suggested I contact Don in 2004. I was a first time home buyer and had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I almost decided to stop looking for a house because of the "used car salesman" vibe I sensed from other Realtors. Don was super great and knowledgeable. He was able to help me navigate the entire process, and I was even able to use first time home buyer funding.

So, it was an obvious choice for me in 2013 when I was ready to sell that house. I contacted Don, and he gave me a list of things to do before placing our house on the market. I LOVE LISTS!!! He was also very willing to meet and view our house for staging pointers. LISTEN to his suggestions!!! Don knows and understands the Austin housing market. If I had any questions, he made himself available in person, by phone, text, email, smoke signals, or telepathy. Buying and/or selling a house can be overwhelming and stressful, but Don was always available, willing to listen, and answered a plethora of questions to help me make an informed decision.

Don is sincere and unpretentious. He truly cares about his clients. CALL Don!! You won't regret it.

*DID I FORGET TO MENTION -Our house was under contract in less than 3 days? We closed in under 30 days. CHA-CHING

We will be back!

Ana P.

August 27 2013

Hands down, we had the best experience buying and selling our home with Don. We bought our first home with Don a year and a half ago, and every aspect of the process was handled professionally and timely. Don values his clients, and it is obvious. He even helped us move in for crying out loud! He is considerate and has his clients best interest in mind. When we contemplated selling our home, it was a no brainer to call Don. Don has a ton of experience and knowledge of the Austin market. We are currently using him right now to buy a home, and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. I would highly recommend Don. Stop searching for a Don!

Chris B.

August 4 2013

Don was an absolutely awesome Realtor! He worked with us on finding the perfect house for us. He listened to our desires and found lots of houses for us to see that were all within our price range. He was able to help us narrow our selections based on his expertise. He was patient as we modified our parameters & found us a number of houses that were wonderful choices in great neighborhoods. We absolutely love the place we chose. We highly recommend Don to help you with any real estate needs.

Reid B.

June 11 2013

So I have known Don forever, and he has helped us buy and sell many homes over the years. He is a super funny nice guy with a great laugh, which is clearly the sign of any good real estate agent!

I actually can't believe he hasn't fired us by now as we have tinkered with the idea of selling our current house for 3 years straight, but he has been so patient and understanding with us as we have hummed and hawed and dragged him around to look at stuff.

We live in a nice area near Lake Austin, and even though this is not in his main areas of focus, he did some great research on our neighborhood analyzing comps, etc.

We have been super happy with him over the years, and he is a great friend as well. I would definitely recommend his Realtor skills!

Craig R.

March 1 2013

Don represented me in selling 3 duplexes.  Two of them were as difficult as it gets to sell, and he was communicative and helpful throughout.  

I don't think you can go wrong with Don.

Jodi B.

August 1 2012

In my mind, Don is by far the best Realtor in the Austin area. He is incredibly friendly, kind, trustworthy, and knowledgeable, and he truly makes the home buying experience a pleasure. He was eager and willing to show me homes at any time. I was worried because it was hard for me to leave work during the day many times, and Don was very willing to work at nights and weekends. To top it off, Don is HILARIOUS!!! I looked forward to hanging out with him more than seeing the actual homes. I didn't want the experience to end just because working with him was such a pleasure.

The best thing about Don is that he truly cares about the people he helps. It's rare to find someone who watches out for your needs the way Don does. I went into the process knowing absolutely nothing about homes or the Austin area. Early on, Don actually talked me out of several homes that in retrospect would have been terrible choices for me. I am so thankful because I felt other Realtors would have taken the commission and made the easy sell. I love my house, and I'm grateful because Don made it happen.

He is also so nice and friendly that by the end of the home buying experience I really felt like Don was more of my friend than my Realtor. I have recommended Don to several other people, and they have all had nothing but positive things to say about him. I really trust him and would recommend him to anybody.

Matthew K.

March 17 2012

We have used Don's services twice now, and we can not say enough great things about him. He is extremely approachable, trustworthy, and responsive. He definitely makes the normally stressful home buying experience much easier. He goes above and beyond and makes sure we are comfortable with every step in the process. We highly recommend him!

Ed J.

January 21 2012

As a first-time home-buyer in a faltering real estate market, there were things I didn't know, and there were things I didn't know that I didn't know.

I had no idea where or how to start my home search. I mentioned this to my good friend, Cory, who immediately and emphatically recommended I call Don. He said Don had been a wonderful help to them in their home purchase process and couldn't say enough good things about Don.

I needed someone who knew how to navigate the real estate world and who would be patient with me and my many inevitable questions. Don was perfect.

He immediately plugged me into his listings system so that I got instant email updates on homes that met my search criteria. When I found a couple of condos that caught my eye, he patiently toured 5 different properties with me, giving me great advice and pointers on what to look for, and clueing me into things I'd never thought of. When I found "The One," he gave me great advice on how to make an offer -- basically, how to go low without going TOO low and insulting the seller.

While we did encounter some speed bumps on the way to closing, Don stayed calm, helpful, and available, which made the whole process SOOOOO much easier to take.

Thanks to Don, I ended up with exactly the condo I was looking for, at a great price and in a perfect location. And Don actually spent a whole day helping me install my new floor -- as a volunteer!

Bottom line, I can't recommend Don highly enough for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He makes this process so much less stressful, he's reliable, he's professional, and he's just a great guy to boot. Thanks for all your help, Don! I'll be coming to you for my next property, too! :)

Dr. Dan B.

December 15 2011

The house-buying process can take a long time. And if you have to hang out with a Realtor every single weekend during your housing search, it might as well be someone as awesome and funny and hungry as Don.

We spent many Saturday's driving around Austin with Don while he explained the intricacies of house buying and homeownership to my fiance and I (and showed us the best places in town to buy green sauce--almost as important). He is professional, honest, extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and smart. He made our first home buying experience, both smooth and fun.

Don not only helped us find a house we love, he actually helped us move in. (No promises on that front, but c'mon, how nice is that? That's the kind of guy he is.) By the end of your buying process, Don will have magically turned into a true friend. D'awww. Now call him!

Carly W.

December 23 2010

Let me preface this by saying that I found Don through Yelp, and Yelp served me well. I couldn't have asked for a more honest and genuine real estate agent.

I work in marketing/sales, and I'm surrounded by plenty of slimy, manipulative types. Don doesn't apply pressure. He gives his honest advice and does his best. His best is really good too.

He is an intelligent agent who cares. If you are looking for someone you can trust to help guide you through what will likely be one of the most difficult and stressful decisions of your life, I highly recommend giving him a call.

Drew W.

August 28 2009

I first discovered Don about 6 years ago when I was driving around various parts of South Austin looking at homes. He answered the phone of a listing and was the first Realtor (I tried a few out) that I could actually trust with zero pressure tactics. He gave me great information about resources to help me afford my first home, and made the process of buying a home actually fun. Don is always finding interesting issues with homes (that engineering background is very handy) and is never afraid to point them out. And keep your spirits up along the way ( "sure, check out the closets, just don't try any of their clothes on"). He has a simple 'honesty is the best policy' way about him, that makes everything easier as a buyer. He walked me through every single part of buying my first home, even making sure it was what I really wanted before we proceeded.

Well, we recently sold that South Austin home within 2 days, and just closed yesterday. We had multiple offers, and Don was able to get their "strongest and best offer" until we were more than satisfied. He was honest and fair with the other Realtor (who seemed underhanded and manipulative - at one point, when the bank ordered a roof inspection of our home, she was going to let the roofer write up his recommendation on a different house he accidentally went to, but I insisted she contact him). Anyway, various issues came up, but Don was able to both handle them and negotiate in our favor. So, the honest way prevailed! (Oh, and the house appreciated 10k a year, so don't be afraid to invest in these parts).

Anyway, we, of course, were in the predicament of needing a new home super-quick. Don was able to meet with us for what felt like every day for a month, with baby in tow. He has actually held the baby, so we could look around better (she finally stopped giving him the 'death stare' as he calls it and eventually smiled at him). We found our dream home and will be moving in next month!

When our dream house was just listed - I knew it would go fast. I told Don I just had to see it right away, or someone else would buy it, and I knew it was the one. Don left stopped in the middle of a remodeling project to show us that house. The house had 2 offers, and we found out later that we won the house by only $100! But really, I thank Don for making the time for us, or we would have lost that house.

Don certainly feels much more like a friend than a Realtor but is always a professional, always willing to go the extra mile, and when emotions come into play, you will be glad to have him on your side.

Thanks, Don!

Amanda D.

August 28 2009

Are you looking to buy a house? Want to avoid a Realtor that gives off that slimy used car salesman vibe? Love queso? Then Don is the person for you!

My husband and I bought a house recently, and the whole process went exceptionally smoothly, in large part due to Don. His patience, thoroughness, and willingness to fix things that other Realtors brought to the table all meant that we got a fantastic house at a great price.

Don has an engineering background, and he's not afraid to use that to his (and your) advantage. Rather than trying to push a bad house off on us, he walked through and pointed out any suspected trouble spots. Mostly minor things, but he laughed along with us at horrid houses with water damage, foundation problems, and other major dealbreakers.

On top of that, he was patient with us as we painstakingly examined every house we stepped foot into, even those we knew immediately were not for us. After all, even bad houses might have good ideas implemented (and the really bad ones make great stories for everyone afterward). :)

He dealt well with inexperienced seller's agents and title companies alike. When under contract, he provided us with a great list of inspectors, including the one we eventually chose, a fantastically thorough gent (with a thermal imaging camera!). No worries here about the inspector being in cahoots with our agent.

I have already recommended Don to a few friends that I know will be house hunting in the next few years. We would gladly use him again if he's still in the business whenever we buy our next home (hopefully not for MANY years.... whew) — all in all, a great Realtor.

Christine M.

We recently purchased our first home with the help of Don after finding him through Yelp. Don was extremely patient with us through the process and explained every step in detail, which was crucial for us as first time home buyers. He was also extremely responsive, answering texts and emails in the evening and showing us homes with very little notice. Once we put in an offer, he did an excellent job negotiating, and we were extremely happy with the price we got the house for. He recommended a lender who beat both Wells Fargo and United Heritage's rates, plus we closed on time with zero issues. He also connected us with an extremely reliable contractor. On top of all that, Don is just a really nice guy who seems to care about his clients genuinely. We really felt he was looking out for our best interest rather than just trying to make a commission. We highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future!

Laura W.

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905 Theresa Ave - MLS# 5906488
  • $1,020,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 5906488 
  • Clarksville
  • 905 Theresa Ave
  • Austin, TX 78703
  •   3 BD 3 BA 2459 Sq Ft 0.14 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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40 N Interstate 35 #11D3 - MLS# 6764423
  • $529,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 6764423 
  • Towers Town Lake Condo
  • 40 N Interstate 35 #11D3
  • Austin, TX 78701
  •   2 BD 2 BA 1533 Sq Ft 0.03 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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6707 Lexington Rd - MLS# 6794817
  • $520,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 6794817 
  • Allandale Terrace
  • 6707 Lexington Rd
  • Austin, TX 78757
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1610 Sq Ft 0.22 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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The information being provided is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. Based on information from the Austin Board of REALTORS® (alternatively, from ACTRIS) from January 26th, 2020 at 1:40am CST. Neither the Board nor ACTRIS guarantees or is in any way responsible for its accuracy. The Austin Board of REALTORS®, ACTRIS and their affiliates provide the MLS and all content therein "AS IS" and without any warranty, express or implied. Data maintained by the Board or ACTRIS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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