Carrie Mendez

Carrie Mendez



Carrie is a CRS certified Realtor® who has passionately helped clients buy and sell homes in Austin since 2006. (CRS council members represent the top 3% of all Realtors® in the country.)

Her clients see her as a true gem and a tireless advocate who always puts her clients needs first and far exceeds their expectations.

After more than 12 years in the industry, she has helped sell, buy and negotiate almost any type of transaction imaginable - from complex fixer-upper projects that require extra negotiation to luxury listings that depend upon specialized pricing knowledge and marketing skills to capture top value. She utilizes her experience to provide tailored care to each client.

Carrie is honored to have most of her business come from repeat clients and referrals. She accomplishes this by making the real estate experience as efficient, stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Most of her clients become “clients for life” and “raving fans” who often feel like part of her extended family.

She knows that while a home often represents a client’s most significant financial investment, it also serves as the backdrop to their lifestyle. She considers both factors equally as she guides them through the process of buying and selling.

Carrie moved from the Mid-West (Kansas) to Austin in 1992. She has seen Austin grow up from a sleepy town to a thriving modern city and she loves initiating new Austinites into the culture and beauty of this great capital! Carrie currently lives in South Austin with her husband and two children. When she isn’t working, she enjoys giving back to the community, dancing, trying new local restaurants, and being with her family.

November 12 2019

We’ve known Carrie since we moved to Austin in 2016, and she helped us buy our house. Since we were new to Austin, we relied on Carrie to help us find any services we needed, and she always came through with quality recommendations. When we decided to sell, we naturally wanted to have Carrie represent us. She advised us for our preparation and guided us through the sale and closing. We would always want Carrie to represent us in any real estate transactions in Austin and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Austin area.

Don L.

October 29 2019

My experience with Carrie has been positive. We originally were looking at the Dripping Springs to Lakeway area. Carrie showed us a number of houses and provided us with the information we needed to eliminate those areas. After we said goodbye to Carrie, we continued our explorations to the north of Austin. We discovered Travisso on our own and decided to purchase a lot and build a Toll Bros home. When asked if we had a Realtor working with us, we decided to list Carrie as our Realtor based on our experience with her. She has been very diligent in trying to add value to our home building project and keeping us apprised of local valuations and events. We would recommend Carrie to others looking for a conscientious and hard-working Realtor. 

David Ervin

August 1 2018

I had a great experience with Carrie. She is knowledgeable about the process, understands the market very well, is very responsive and super easy to work with! I would highly recommend her work. I feel grateful for all of her hard work and diligence. Her responses were always fast and her knowledge helped us navigate a sales process that was challenging at times. It was a real pleasure to work with her and her positive attitude!

Mark Thatcher

March 1 2018

Carrie has been my realtor for over 12 years now. She has helped us buy, sell, lease and most recently helped us buy a lot and secure the contract for a semi-custom build on that lot. What I love best about her, is that she is very calm, and understands exactly what I need, without letting emotions taking over. This process has always been very emotional for me and she always helps me rationally see the pros and cons of every situation, so that I can make the best decision. She has the market knowledge and takes the time to understand her clients’ needs. When I was looking to buy an investment property, even though we had already looked at one house that we liked, she took a whole day to show me different properties. She wanted to make sure I was 100% sure of my decision before we moved forward. When we were selling my mom’s house, she was great at helping get it staged, and made a painful process feel smooth.

She has not only helped us find several properties but also has been awesome at connecting us to the best lenders. Over the years, she has always made sure to keep us in the loop of market changes and property values, keeping us informed on selling prices vs leasing prices. She has also provided us with information to help us protest our property taxes over the years. She is always available when I need anything responding quickly and thoroughly to any request. She communicates continuously during the process, making sure I know what to expect each step along the way. I will continue to call Carrie for my future real estate needs because I know that with her knowledge and customer service, I’ll find exactly what I’m looking for, knowing that she always has my best interest in mind.


August 1 2017

Carrie, we could not have accomplished this short-term lease and property purchase without your impeccable care, patience, kindness and superior knowledge of Austin Real Estate! You have remained steadfast in your willingness to help us find the right home even when bumps and walls got in our way. God bless you and your lovely family, Carrie – we remain forever grateful

Barb & Rob

August 1 2017

Simply put, Carrie is the best realtor we've worked with, in Illinois, NYC or Texas. She's smart, kind and intuitive. She gets the market and really knows what to look for even before you're able to articulate it yourself. Call her, you won't be disappointed.

Charlie and Liz

July 1 2017

Carrie was a joy to work with. We put together a very unique real estate deal that included a significant amount of work that needed to be done on the property before close. Carrie went out of her way to research permits and land surveys to make sure that we correctly evaluated the property, and could move forward with confidence. It is hard to not become emotionally involved when you find a property that you really love, and Carrie was a great sounding board helping us evaluate whether the risk was worth the reward – especially for a fixer-upper. The construction caused our deal to drag out for over 4 months, and Carrie stayed diligent throughout the entire process making sure that everything was on track. I have worked with other realtors in the past, but from here on out my family will be loyal to Carrie and her team!

Blake & Brooke Tally

April 1 2017

Carrie was our agent for the sale of our house in Austin, Texas. She was very professional, personal, and worked hard to accomplish our goals. We enjoyed having her as our agent and will recommend her to anyone who is looking for a GREAT real estate agent. You'll love her!!! She is definitely 5 stars in our book!!!

LeeAnn and Chinh Do

July 1 2016

Carrie is a true gem in the real estate world. When we moved to Austin, Carrie worked round the clock to make sure our family found the perfect home! She continuously put our minds at ease by answering any questions and concerns throughout the home buying process. Carrie's upbeat and fun-loving personality made her a joy to be around. We not only found a beautiful home but we also made a dear friend. If we are ever in the market to buy or sell a home, we know exactly who to call and who will work endlessly in our best interest. Carrie Mendez not only knows the ins and outs of the real estate game, but she also cares about her clients!

Holly and Dave Rule

May 1 2016

You will not regret it if you ASK for CARRIE MENDEZ to represent you! She is everything you need in a real estate agent and more. I've been a home buyer four times and have had excellent agents, and I promise that Carrie is impeccable. She is trustworthy, experienced, friendly, and respectful of your needs and situation. Furthermore, I am an out-of-state buyer, and I could not have been more impressed by Carrie's above-and-beyond service of my questions and needs. She prioritizes you. Whether I called, emailed, or texted, in the morning, middle of the busy afternoon, or at night, Carrie would reply in a friendly, professional manner. She is gracious, and she KNOWS WHAT TO DO during walk-throughs, negotiations, inspections, and closing processes. Together, we found my best house, got the best price and terms EVER, and Carrie brought me the best team; from communication to trustworthy referrals, Carrie is AMAZING. She will make everything easy on you and puts in a ton of time and service on your behalf. So you don't have to do it. Carrie, I can't thank you enough for being who you are and bringing your best to your profession!

Helen Huang

April 1 2016

Having recently moved to Austin, my wife and I needed an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent. We were lucky to find Carrie Mendez. Her knowledge and familiarity with the Austin area are tremendous and in the local market that is essential. Several times we went to see new listings and found they already had several offers. She tirelessly continued to search for the right home for us. When we found the house we wanted, Carrie guided us through the closing process, recommending a terrific lender and title company. Just before the closing date, we had a medical emergency, and Carrie arranged for all parties to meet at the hospital to sign papers. Carrie went above and beyond the call of duty to help us find the right home and made the entire process extremely smooth. We highly recommend Carrie Mendez and will definitely enlist her professional services in the future.

Donald Krueger

August 1 2015

Carrie helped us find and finalize the purchase of two new properties in a short period of time. We ran into some unique problems, which she handled without a hitch. I have worked for major corporations for years and have never known anyone who follows up on everything better than Carrie. She is always cheerful but can be really tough when needed. You can tell by her enthusiasm that she enjoys helping people find what they are looking for.

Linda Nowlin

August 1 2015

Carrie Mendez found us exactly what we were looking for, in the right part of town for the right price and guided us through the process from offer to closing and beyond. In a very competitive market, where no property worth having stays listed for long, Carrie never made us wait for a response or to jump on an opportunity before it passed by.

David Nowlin

July 1 2015

My experience working with Carrie Mendez was nothing short of excellent, and I would strongly recommend her as a home broker. My story is not unique to this town; after moving my business from the West Coast, I wanted to purchase an above median price multi-bedroom home within proximity to downtown Austin in a seller’s market. Carrie puts her clients first. Period. She has in-depth knowledge of Austin and surrounding areas, solid real estate execution skills, is highly responsive and is a tireless advocate of your interests. Her advice was right on the money even running counter to what could generate her a larger or faster sale. Her pre-selected home viewings were far and away better than anything I selected on my own meaning she knows her market and clients. She’s not ashamed to negotiate and take a hard stand if you need or want her to (something many brokers are somewhat unwilling or embarrassed to do). She listens to your needs and is super responsive. When I needed counsel at 11 pm Carrie responded within minutes. When I needed documents signed while traveling in rural parts of Eastern Europe, Carrie was on it. Most importantly she puts your interests over her own. When my financing for the house hit a rough patch (no fault of hers, but because of an underwriter I chose) delaying my closing and inadvertently scaring the seller, she went above and beyond to ensure the deal would work. That’s real commitment. In a hot real estate market it seems like anyone with a pretty smile is trying to be a broker, but few will work as hard or are as experienced in Austin as Carrie. Home buying is an intensive process, and Carrie is a valuable asset to have in your corner. I was very happy in my decision to work with her.

Christopher Cole

June 1 2015

Carrie has helped us find our past two homes now. She is the ultimate Realtor with every desirable attribute wrapped up in one person. In such a hot market, Carrie was able to meet us to look at homes super fast to make sure we did not miss anything. She was extremely flexible and incredibly supportive. Carrie showed us such patience through this process, which took a lot, as we dragged our feet for several months. Carrie also was emotionally supportive through our process of indecision, worries, confusion, and excitement over such a big purchase. She helped to calm our fears and was really "with" us every step of the way. Carrie has a big heart and is such an authentic and sincere person. She knows the ins and outs of the business and is experienced and knowledgeable. Carrie is not only a high-quality professional but a high-quality human being. We love her!

Sara Atikune

April 1 2015

My wife and I just moved to Austin. The best decision we made by far in planning our move was to work with Carrie Mendez. She begins her bio by stating a personal principle: I believe that a house becomes a home only when you can imagine the story of your life unfolding within its walls. In our case, her principle has translated into our reality. Carrie epitomizes for us what a real estate agent should be and do: her knowledge of the Austin area is encyclopedic; her ability to listen and to understand her clients’ needs is exemplary; her professionalism, competence and ethical standards are admirable; and the results she has delivered for us far exceeded our expectations. We could indeed imagine the story of the next chapter of our lives unfolding within the walls of the home Carrie helped us find. Now that we've moved in, we are not just imagining it; we are experiencing it. And we gratefully acknowledge that without Carrie’s help, this would most likely not have happened. One more observation, Carrie’s help was not limited to finding the home we imagined. She helped us every single step of the way; she provided a concierge service that took care of every contract, from utilities to recycling; she connected us with the right financial company, answered every question and helped solve every problem. Since we moved from more than 1,000 miles away, all of this made a huge difference. For us, Carrie Mendez provides the gold standard by which all other real estate agents and most other professional service providers should be measured.

Josep Rota and Adriana Villa

April 1 2015

My wife and I accidentally stumbled across this real estate team while we were joy riding the Austin countryside trying to decide where we might live during our transition into the Austin area. We ventured into an open house and met the most wonderful agent. Carrie Mendez was the person who introduced us to the future home we decided to place a bid on. The fact it was one of two we ventured into didn't change the fact she was outstanding during the bid process, inspection, financing, and closing. She handled every detail and ensured a smooth transition. We can't say enough good about Carrie and her work during a difficult transition. We were trying to sell and close a house in our previous location requiring my wife to be there and I here trying to work and close on this house. She made certain we both had the minimal amount to do to complete the transaction. All we can say is thank you to Carrie!

Dr. Jay Zdunek

April 1 2015

Carrie was a huge help in my search for a home, both in renting and buying. Before I moved to Austin, she found me a great downtown condo to live in. After I settled in Austin, Carrie was very patient in helping me find just what I was looking for in terms of a house to buy. When that changed to looking for a condo, she was proactive in helping me to find a place before it went on the market, thereby ensuring that I was the 1st one to put in an offer, which is so important in today’s competitive Austin housing market. Thanks, Carrie!

Suzie Gallehugh

April 1 2015

Carrie is so personable and amazing to work with! She was able to secure two offers within one day of listing. Her responsiveness is top notch, and she was selfless in making sure we have all the answers I needed. I would highly recommend her!

Annie Wong

December 1 2014

Let me begin by saying what an absolute pleasure it was working with Carrie. We were lucky enough to fall in love with the first home we saw, and Carrie was able to help us list our house immediately, so we were able to purchase our dream home. Carrie is incredibly professional and kind. She makes you feel as though you are her only client, always returning emails and calls in a timely manner, even working into the wee hours of the night to close a deal. She is so patient and always takes the time to explain and answer any and every question you may have. We would, without a doubt, recommend Carrie to everyone we know. She is amazing at her job and really seems to love what she does. Thanks again for everything, Carrie!

Andy and Bayley

November 1 2014

Over the past 20 years, we’ve sold a half dozen homes, and Carrie has been hands-down the most professional real estate agent we’ve dealt with over that time. In addition to being a pleasant person to work with, she has been conscientious with her advice related to the marketing of our home, persistent in following-up for feedback with the various agents who showed our house, and very pro-active in communicating with us from the time we listed our home with her until the final closing of the sale. We are completely satisfied with the services Carrie provided us and strongly recommend her to anyone considering the use of a real estate agent.

Lou and Sandra Nicholson

July 1 2014

We had the pleasure of working with Carrie over a period of two years, as we relocated from out-of-state. The task of searching long-distance for a home in a city we weren't familiar with, was a daunting task, but Carrie's knowledge of the many diverse areas in and around Austin made the search a manageable, and even an enjoyable one. She spent many hours with us and was always patient and encouraging, convinced that we'd find just the right house. She communicated with us on a regular basis via email and phone and always made herself available when we were in town. She is professional, personable, and just an overall pleasant person to work with.

Kathryn and Jeremy Robertson

October 1 2012

What a pleasure it has been to work with Carrie Mendez. We have had the opportunity to purchase and sell many houses during our lives but have never experienced such professionalism and attention to detail that Carrie provided during the purchase of our house in Austin. From the early stages of identifying potential properties in Austin from our home in Lexington, Kentucky, using online search capabilities, to the efficient process of selecting the right property on short visits to Austin, Carrie was a pleasure to work with and was always available when we needed her to fit our busy schedule. To have her link us to the right people to renovate our house and then for her to rent it out within a couple of weeks of closing was a bonus. We can highly recommend Carrie to anyone intending to purchase a house in and around Austin.

Drs John and Karen Novak

June 1 2012

Carrie has assisted us with buying and selling several of our family's houses. Carrie is very professional, always on time and answers all e-mails in a timely manner. She is very patient and kind. Carrie takes time to explain contracts and goes out of her way to help you with finding and buying a house. I have found that Carrie not only loves what she does, she loves to help others. I would not hesitate in using her reality expertise again!

Maria Spratt

May 1 2009

Our first experience of buying a house in Austin Texas was a very wonderful experience for both my husband and myself. Carrie and her team are such a treasure to work with! If we ever have a need of buying another home; rest assured, I will be calling Carrie! Thanks so much for all of your help!

Michael and Tracy McNown

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3101 Davis Ln #5401 - MLS# 3629727
  • $1,450
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 3629727 
  • Brodie Heights Condo
  • 3101 Davis Ln #5401
  • Austin, TX 78748
  •   2 BD 2 BA 1089 Sq Ft 0.19 AC
  • Rental
Office: Realty Austin
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5804 Bullard Dr - MLS# 3423536
  • $677,500
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 3423536 
  • Allandale West
  • 5804 Bullard Dr
  • Austin, TX 78757
  •   3 BD 2 BA 2026 Sq Ft 0.23 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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11312 Larue Belle Ln - MLS# 4739195
  • $602,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 4739195 
  • Hielscher
  • 11312 Larue Belle Ln
  • Austin, TX 78739
  •   5 BD 3 BA 3540 Sq Ft 0.33 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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