Brandon Krivohlavy

Brandon Krivohlavy

Marketing Coordinator

After graduating with a degree in Advertising from California State University - Fullerton in 2008, Brandon moved to Austin and instantly fell in love with the city. During his pursuit for a fulfilling career, Brandon met his soulmate Mandy where they fell in love, got married, traveled the world and had a beautiful son together.

Brandon has an eye for creativity with an attention to detail. This makes him ideal for his position of Digital Content Coordinator where his tasks include social media marketing, online marketing, email marketing, videography and more.

In his free time Brandon enjoys restoring his ‘66 Chevy, traveling, exploring new restaurants, renovating his home, playing with his dog Shiner and spending time with his family.

July 2017

Crazy marketing going on at Realty Austin! I got a call out of the blue from a guy I haven't heard from in years last night. Conversations escalated and I am writing up a contract with already agreed upon terms to include an owner carry. After a three way call with an attorney today to make sure the structure was right he called me right back and said, "Hey, I meant to ask you, how come I have your ads on my Instagram app but you're not on Instagram? The whole reason I remembered to call you was an ad I saw for you on Instagram." I said no way!

Shout out to our marketing ninjas...this call would not have happened without that ad! $800k in sales volume from that simple pop up on a site I'm not even registered on! Amazing.

Nathan Pinson

May 2017

I wanted to tell you what an incredible job you did on the video that was blasted out this week. You took gobs of what was likely "less than stellar" material and made it into a very professional, honest, fun and encouraging video for anyone thinking about Realty Austin and wanting to belong to such a fine organization.

You are the bomb and I so enjoyed working with you on this project.

Melanie Fenelon