Amy Whitston

Amy Whitston


Amy started her professional career in real estate in 2006 as an investor, and quickly became one of Austin’s top producing real estate trainers. Prior to her real estate career, she spent her time building several successful businesses, speaking on nationwide and global success-mastery training circuits, and recruiting and developing sales teams within the United States. She has built and trained teams in Wisconsin, California, British Columbia, Colorado, Texas, and briefly in Amsterdam. Amy has called Austin home since 2005. She specializes in providing well-rounded representation and is a practiced, highly-skilled negotiator. Her philosophy is simple- any transaction is a unique investment and a "big deal". Each one should not only feel good, but also make “cents”. Amy attributes much of her success to the “people she’s met and the books she’s read”. Amy serves clients from all walks of life and forges a trusting relationship that often lasts beyond each transaction. She has a unique ability to look at each real estate transaction from a creative perspective, and often consults other agents on transactions involving moving pieces beyond the norm. From first contact, you will see that Amy is a passionate and professional Realtor who brings her charisma, expertise, and past experience to every client she touches.

Designations and Areas of Expertise

  • Master Certified Negotiation Expert
  • Austin Market Expert
  • Real Estate Coach
  • Home Marketing Specialist
  • Residential Specialist
  • Creative Real Estate Specialist


  • Platinum Top 500 REALTORS® 2019
  • Realty Austin Sapphire Circle Top Producer 2019

Favorite Places in Austin

Outside of work, Amy enjoys spending time gardening or reading, and with her family. They can often be found walking the dogs on local trails, indoor skydiving, racing go-carts, or boating on Lake Travis. Amy's father is a race car driver, and they also try to catch his races as often as possible.

November 21 2019

Amy is a bad a**. I thought I could deal directly with the seller's agent but quickly realized I wasn’t dealing with the smartest tool in the shed. I wasn’t getting timely responses, detailed answers, or answers in general. Amy was highly recommended, so I called her, and things got handled. Amy’s personality was perfect in that she would ask for things from the seller without sounding demanding. We always knew what was going on. She even gave us her honest opinion on design ideas for the build. I appreciate somebody that doesn’t just say what you want to hear just to close a deal. We were very happy with Amy.

Ryan McConnell

April 23 2019

Working with Amy has been absolutely amazing. We bought our very first home with her a few years back, and the process was seamless so using her again was a no-brainer.  We were nervous about buying and selling at the same time, but she was able to assist us in winning the bidding war for the home we were trying to purchase and was able to sell our home for more than the 'data' suggested we sell our home. To say we were pleased to make a bit more than expected was an understatement. We just finished closing on both houses yesterday and could not be happier with the experience. I will be and have been recommending her to everyone that is looking to buy or sell. 

Allison Swenson

October 4 2017

Amy Whitston has my strongest recommendation to anyone in need of a Real Estate Professional. Amy's sense of responsibility, work ethic, and experience are of exceptional value and were clearly evident throughout my home-buying experience. We are truly grateful for choosing her and will definitely recommend her to any of our friends who are re-locating to the Austin area.

Edward Cavazos

August 4 2017

Amy has all the different skills of a top realtor, both as a selling agent and a buying agent. She knows all the rules and laws of real estate - you will always know that you're in good hands and what your options are at any given time. She's also very experienced, she's seen it all which helps  tremendously. Best thing of all: She loves numbers and data! After all, that's what real estate is about. Nobody has a better negotiation point as a buyer, or a chance to set the price as a seller, than the person who has studied all the latest data. Amy is a stellar negotiator, we were extremely impressed! She also has access to the best designers and contractors if you need to fix your house up for the sale. She is also very responsive and goes out of her way to help you as quickly as she can. All of this helped us get the best results both when buying and selling our houses. We are extremely satisfied with Amy's work and would highly recommend her.

David Landoll

April 25 2017

Amy Whitston is by far the hardest working REALTOR® in Austin. Amy not only helped us find our home but helped us with our transition to Texas and worked just as hard to help us find temporary living prior to purchasing. What REALTOR® works as hard for a rental as they do a purchase?!!??? Not only that, Amy was able to anticipate our needs and introduce us to properties we would have never considered on our own. As a result we found and purchased the most beautiful home in one of the most desirable new communities and she negotiated like a boss!!! I knew Amy was in our corner every step of the way and in the process we didn't worry about whether or not she would be there to tend to the details. Finally, Amy is of the highest integrity, ask any of her clients and associates in the area. I highly recommend Amy. Bonus.....she will make you laugh until your face hurts!!!!

Charris Peterson

April 20 2017

My wife and I couldn't have asked for a better person to help us buy our home. This was the second time we had utilized Amy's amazing abilities. The first was when a friend recommended her to help us find a tenant for a rental property. Her attention to detail through that process guaranteed we would want her to help us find our own home. I start by saying Amy's knowledge and understanding of the real estate market is incredible. Pair that with her amazing personality and you can't help but tell everyone just how lucky you are. She is who you want on your side when negotiating your contract. She will tell you when to keep your emotions in check and when to let them help you make that huge decision. An example of Amy's incredible abilities is when we did our final walk through we uncovered some damages that the seller had hidden with furniture. She spoke with us about our plan of action and went straight to work. She had the seller's agent on the phone and was negotiating for the repairs. This is all of an hour before we are supposed to close. Within minutes she said there would be a check waiting for us at the title office to cover the cost. WOW! We wanted to keep Amy as our little secret but others should know of her amazing abilities. If you are fortunate enough to be reading this then go no further. You just hit the REALTOR® lottery with Amy Whitston.

Danny and Angel Lopez

April 13 2017

Amy Whitson is a highly professional and helpful real estate agent. Amy constantly went above and beyond during every phase of the process. My wife and I can't say enough good things about Amy and her stellar knowledge base and thoughtful considerate guidance. Amy was also able to help us locate a new temporary home following the sale of our house and did this with the same level of high energy and a dedicated sense of urgency (as exhibited during the sale of our home) to help us get situated in a short period of time with temporary rental housing while our new home is being built. Needless to say, our experience with Amy easily exceeded our expectations. We truly recommend Amy to anyone seeking a highly experienced and professional real estate agent with a "heart of gold"! LAR and DLR, very satisfied clients!

Larry Ruhland

August 18 2016

I am now in the home of my dreams thanks to my amazing, caring REALTOR®, Amy Whitston!  She is so knowledgeable about the market and has so many connections. I felt held in my times of fear and confusion during the process. She laid all my fears to rest. She is ON IT too. Whenever I needed to go see a home, she was right there and then put in my offer immediately when I decided on a place.  She is a go-getter and is not afraid to get you the best deal you can get. I would choose Amy again in a heartbeat if I were ever in the market for another property!  I now have a REALTOR® and friend for life. Thank you Amy!

Tami Kenroy

July 5 2016

I met Amy Whitston about a year ago. She was a close friend of our then neighbor and facilitated the sale of his home. In January of this year, we decided we were ready to sell. We approached Amy about selling our home. She toured through our house. Our house needed a lot of remodeling done to be sale ready. She stopped and said, 'Hey, the market is crazy, lots of investors, let's put it up as is and see what we get before we start the remodel.' We never thought in a million years it would sell - but it did - in two days! Amy really held our hands through the entire process. She handled every little detail to a T, and I do mean every detail. She was always available to speak with us, checked in on us daily, and made everything so easy for us. Papers to sign? She emailed them to us and talked us through every detail and what it would mean. Inspections? Taken care of. We never felt like we were bothering Amy, and she always makes you feel as though you are a friend she's helping out. Her negotiation skills are top-notch - really awe-inspiring. Our buyer's agent got very ugly with Amy during the process but she stayed cool as a cucumber, and never let it get under her skin, while handling him like the professional she is. She was there with us through the entire closing process, and made it a breeze just like everything else that she does. She has wonderful associations with title companies, that obviously know and respect her. At the end of closing we were a little stunned - that's it? Because it was just that effortless and easy. I cannot say enough good things about Amy. What I will tell you is that if you need a realtor that is so much more than you could ever imagine, give Amy a call. She is completely plugged into the Austin home selling and home buying scene, and has such an instinct about what to do and how to do it. She works with million dollar homes and 100,000 homes. She is an experienced real estate investor so has a special insight as to what will attract a buyer. If you are a buyer or a seller, you can rest assured she isn't going to rest until she gets the best deal for you. She thrives on the process, you can tell. We will be buying another home soon, and you'd better believe that Amy Whitston is going to be our buyer agent.

Jill Roberts

April 8 2016

Amy is the best realtor a family could ask for. She put us first no matter what she had going on. It wasn't just like we were another job for her to do, we were her priority and she went above and beyond for us. She helped us find our perfect home in a short amount of time. We would recommend her in a heartbeat. She will forever be our realtor.

Skylar McElroy

April 8 2016

We would highly recommend Amy. If you are looking for someone that listens to you, is responsive and helps you to find your perfect home, then she is the perfect Realtor for you. After dealing with other realtors in our search, we were so happy we found Amy. She is very familiar with Austin and  helped us decide what area of town worked best for us. Thanks so much to Amy for all her hard work!!

Helen Krizek-Yost

April 8 2016

Amy is a terrific advocate for home buyers. She did everything she could to make sure we were getting the best deal possible and helped us navigate each step of the way.

Leslie Arzate

April 8 2016

We decided to sell our house and move out to the hill country last summer. We were extremely fortunate and lucky to meet Amy because she did an outstanding job of helping us sell our house and find our new dream home. She was extremely professional, but took a personal interest in making sure we were happy with the choices we were making. She assisted us throughout the process and constantly kept in touch which eased the pressure sometimes associated with buying and selling property. More importantly, Amy's expert and professional advise allowed us to sell our house after listing it for less than a month. We would highly recommend Amy to everyone who is interested in buying or selling their homes and working with a highly competent and dedicated professional.

Robert and Martha Chapa

April 8 2016

I cannot imagine finding a better realtor than Amy. She is punctual, knowledgeable and extremely easy (and fun) to work with. Amy gives you 110% every day and always shows up with a smile on her face. Amy always made me feel confident in seeing a home because she made sure to point out certain aspects of the home that I may not have noticed myself. I was very grateful for her guidance. Amy is a bulldog of real estate. She fought for us when she knew something was not right and really looked out for our best interest. We encountered a situation where we put a deposit on a home within a community that was in the process of being built. Come to find out, the model we were shown was no longer available, and the model similar to ours was about $15k more than what we originally quoted. Amy jumped in and fought for the company to make it right and even offered to throw in some of her commission to get the price back to what we were originally quoted. That is not something any ordinary realtor would do. I have complete trust in Amy and know that whatever I throw at her, she will get it done. In addition, with Amy, the relationship is not over after closing on your house. I know I can go to Amy for advice on home improvements and design options to be sure I'm doing something worth while in case we decide to sell. She has a lot of amazing connections and on more than one occasion I have said "I trust you, Amy. Do what you think is right." I am so thankful to have found Amy. I not only consider Amy as my realtor, but also a friend, and would highly recommend her to anyone I know.

Pam Sullivan

April 8 2016

Amy Whitston is one of many real estate professionals I have dealt with over the years in many parts of the country. She has all the qualities one would desire when searching for a home in the Austin, TX area. She was very respectful of my budget and needs. I am now happily living in the  perfect home with all my requirement fulfilled. Amy Whitston is my top choice for future real estate transactions.

Scott K

April 8 2016

Amy recently guided us through purchasing our home and was extremely knowledgeable about the process and made us feel confident it was done right. Amy was always proactive and was contacting us at key points in the process and answering our questions. She made the process stress free! We look forward to working with Amy for our future needs!

Gerad Dambrosia

April 8 2016

I bought a house in South Austin with Amy's help two years ago. I live overseas and plan to retire to the house in about five years. My grown children are currently living in the house and looking after it for me until that is possible. I travel back to the States during the summer every year and  had a limited window of time in which to find a house and get everything done----about 6 weeks. Amy was WONDERFUL. She took me all over looking at various homes and once I settled on the one I was interested in, she went to work to make sure everything was done, with every "i" dotted and "t" crossed, with time for me to help my children move in before having to return to Europe. I have stayed in contact with Amy when I come to Austin every summer and consider her a consummate professional and good friend as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a house in Austin!!!!!!!

Elise Penn

March 2 2016

I recently purchased a house in September, however, the process for me began in early January of last year. I knew I needed a Realtor since I was moving from Dallas to Austin, and I was not going to have the time to be as hands on as I usually am. While I started out looking at already built/established neighborhoods, Amy took me to a few gems she knew of and which I had no idea of since I was not from the area.  After a month or two of looking, I finally decided on building. I had been pretty leery as some Realtors I had worked with in the past put the absolute minimum in in order to make the sale - which is absolutely crazy to me. I've had to at times take and use my own pictures when selling a home, so buying a home was even of greater concern, as I wanted to make sure it would be done right and I had someone in my corner at all times telling me the do's and don'ts, and ensuring I was getting everything I wanted and needed. I had also never built a home before, and none to my surprise, Amy also has extensive experience with home builders and the build process as well.  Amy knows how to work with builders/construction managers, and knows each step/phase of the build process, easily making every conversation with these guys just that much easier.  There were many times I would just take a step back and watch the master a work, take notes, and leave with a smile,  as she took care of each of my questions/concerns without batting an eyelash!  Believe me, with Amy, there is no such thing as a "difficult conversation"! It was highly comforting knowing she was in my corner! To sum this up and say Amy is a total ROCK STAR is a complete understatement!  She was my eyes and ears throughout the entire process (9 months minimum).  I think I met my match in the "detail" arena as well as Type A personality! ; ) She was involved in all meetings, reviewed every single document with a fine tooth comb (both large and small), went to bat for me (many times without even asking), on various stages of the build...again, all to ensure that I (the customer),  was getting everything I wanted/needed. She will be the only Realtor I use at any time in the near future - and she should be yours as well!

Cindy S.

October 5 2015

Holy Cow, we couldn't have asked for a better Realtor! Amy was super patient during our 6 month search for a home (we were SUPER picky). She was always there to answer questions and show us the homes that we were interested to see. When we finally found our dream home, we got to see why Amy is the best. She walked us through every step of the process and answered every question with a smile (even if they were dumb questions). She was relentless on making sure that we got the best deal possible with both the sellers and our mortgage broker. Don't let that beautiful smiling face fool you, Amy is a bulldog when it comes down to negotiation time. Our family will forever be grateful to Amy for helping us to buy our dream home!

Nick Bridges

August 7 2015

Words cannot describe how absolutely phenomenal it was to work with Amy Whitston. After countless interviews with several Realtors, my wife and I knew from the very first moment we interviewed Amy that we were going to hire her. Not just her warm smile and great personality that drew us to her but her vast knowledge and explanation of the entire process is what sold us to hire her. At the end of the day we wanted someone to represent us professionally, ethically and morally, and Amy Whitston fit that criteria precisely. Amy orchestrated the whole deal effortlessly with her savvy negotiation skills and throughout the entire process kept us informed and updated with her follow up calls/texts. In short, when you agree to have Amy on your team you can rest assure that you are in phenomenal hands. I would absolutely hire Amy on my next real estate venture without hesitation. Amy puts the REAL in Realtor. Her insight is real, her knowledge is real, and her experience is real. Amy Whitston is a 5 star, a shooting star and a rock star Realtor.

Daniel Lujan

August 3 2015

We were introduced to Amy via a mutual friend of my wife’s. We went through an interview process with approximately five agents, ultimately deciding that Amy was probably best for our buying and selling needs.  Our situation was difficult in that we needed to buy and sell on dates near to one another – Amy was required to perform double duty.  As far as the buying part, we took Amy out on a Saturday and visited approximately 20 homes in one day, all over the city.  It was a marathon day complicated by the fact that my wife and I had differing opinions throughout the day.  It had to have been frustrating for Amy, but she displayed great patience and fortitude until we FINALLY made a decision.  Next came the selling of our house – throughout it all, Amy used her expert negotiation skills to arrive at a deal that was acceptable to all parties.  On top of her professionalism and patience, Amy also has many contacts in the industry, from handymen to inspection providers, which made the processes much more manageable.  If I was looking to purchase or sell property, Amy would be the first person I’d call.

Dan Harlan

June 2 2015

Amy did a fantastic job helping us buy our house! Amy was referred to us by relatives who she helped purchase a house a couple months ago, and we couldn't be happier with how she handled everything from beginning to end. From the showings and offers, to negotiations and close, she's a wealth of information and expertise. She doesn't want to just sell you a house, she wants to sell you the RIGHT house. She's the first to tell you what's wrong with a property and what could potentially affect resell value. Amy will also offer up all of the easy upgrades she sees that you can do yourself to build instant equity in one of your biggest investments. I trust Amy completely, and we'll absolutely be working with Amy again to buy and sell our houses in the future.

John Campbell

May 7 2015

Amy has exhibited exemplary professionalism every step of the way and in every aspect of my real estate sale. She helped me sell my single family home in record time and above the market rate! Results speak for themselves. I am fortunate to have found her online. Right from the get go, she put her heart and soul into her work and it was evident in every single dealing she does on your behalf. She did everything possible to make me get the best out of every situation. She is extremely busy, and despite that she would text me or call me immediately if I had a question. She would also keep me informed and warn me about upcoming milestones ahead of time. During my interview of her, she said she literally works 24 x 7. She was not kidding! She probably works late hours every single day. She is an amazing person! As an out of state seller from California, I needed a lot of support to repair the house prior to putting it on the market. She brought her portfolio of reliable handymen and pros to help me get the best deals on repairs and even picked out the best material and colors from Home Depot that offer best bang for the buck! She has a very keen attention to detail and often got the workers to redo portions of their work until she was satisfied with their work. I couldn't have asked for better set of eyes and ears to take care of my investment in repairs. Even though this was not part of her job she helped to keep a watch on the workers to get the best out of them, and to make sure she would be able to sell quickly. I cannot thank her enough for her going above and beyond the call of duty and her personal touch from start to finish. While I am perfectly satisfied at the end results, I am also a bit sad to not have a chance to work/talk to her again. Best of all, she is a gem of a human being and I'd want to work with her again in a heartbeat if ever there is an opportunity. If you are among the lucky ones to run into her for the sale/purchase of your next property in Austin area, or if you are an out of state investor like me, then do yourself a favor and hire her already! Amy is a rock star when it comes to Austin real estate!

Sarabjeet Schugh

March 26 2015

I cannot even begin to describe how absolutely AMAZING Amy is. Our home already had an offer in and she helped us write the winning offer. She was very informative and diligent throughout the whole process, suggesting wonderful vendors and explaining different parts of the process. My husband and I are currently moving into our new home and we couldn't be happier. You NEED Amy on your side in buying OR selling a home. 
There are a ton of agents in Austin, but Amy makes you feel like family and really cares about you and how the outcome of buying or selling a home affects you. Paired with that big heart is a big brain loaded with real estate knowledge, from the buying and selling aspects, to design and remodel tips. 
To sum it up: AMY IS AMAZING and you should definitely use her if you want an amazing Realtor and genuine person on your side!

Kathryn H.

March 26 2015

My wife & I had an absolutely outstanding experience working with Amy Whitston.  We were relocating from the San Francisco Bay Area, didn’t know the Austin market well, and had an uncertain timetable for our move.  Amy gave us her full attention and helped us narrow in on areas that lined up well with our personal & professional needs.  Amy is incredibly accessible & responsive and she answered dozens of questions from us over the phone, text, and e-mail.  During every house hunting trips, Amy showed us a variety of homes in our target neighborhoods.  These days were well-organized & Amy’s range of knowledge across home construction, amenities, quality of neighborhoods & school districts, and potential resale value was invaluable to us. Not only is she an amazing agent that goes above and beyond for her clients- she is truly a great person and so much fun to work with. We did identify the home we wanted to buy & Amy was instrumental in helping us get our offer accepted amid a significant number of competing offers.  Amy helped keep all the other parties (lender, title company, home inspector, notary) on track from offer to closing and beyond- while we were in CA.  It was a great comfort to have her in our corner.We’re very excited about our new home in Austin & couldn’t be happier with our experience with Amy.  She’s a ton of fun & a true professional. We would strongly recommend working with her- you won’t find better!

Kelly Nordin

March 9 2015

Amy, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your thoughtful attention throughout the process of purchasing our new home! You went above and beyond every step of the way. Your patience with my myriad, rapid-fire questions was so appreciated! I knew nothing about real estate or the mortgage / purchase process, and you took the time to make sure I understood everything along the way. I really love and respect your business ethic. You were not in a rush to get me into any house, but you were set on finding me "my house"! I was shocked when you told me I may have made an offer that was a little too high, and suggested I bring it down a bit - even though I know that meant a decrease in your commission!  I am also very grateful that you always shared your professional, experience-informed suggestions, but always said you'd support me in whatever I choose to do. That allowed me to be empowered on so many levels - having your invaluable experience, but always having the decision in my own hands. I am somewhat skeptical, and very much a critical, analytical thinker - especially when it comes to my hard-earned money! But you won my entire confidence quite quickly in this process - and that means a LOT! You were consistently available to me via text, cell, email, and phone, every day of the week and some odd hours as well! I have recommended you to some friends who are thinking about beginning their home search process, and will strongly recommend you to anyone I know in the future!

Beth Hutchinson

March 2 2015

I am a single mom and so my home budget wasn't as high as many in the Austin area. As the market is so hot right now, I really didn't hold out a lot of hope for finding an agent who would really take time for me and give me much individualized attention. With that in mind, I simply requested an agent online and was "assigned" one. I feel like I hit the jackpot with Amy! I have bought and sold two houses prior to this purchase so I have some experience working with an agent. I was amazed by her genuine care for my needs and her knowledge of the industry. She very quickly understood what would and would not work for me and when I asked for her opinion, she gave me sound advice. I really like an agent who isn't simply there to unlock doors but who has knowledge about the likely cost of repairs, investment potential, and experience with different types of sales. She also has a network of people who all want to work with her and will take care of her clients on her behalf. From the inspector to the lender to the contractors that Amy recommended as options to look into, I kept hearing how much they respect and enjoy working with her.

A close friend of mine has been looking to invest in properties for two years now and has met with a dozen agents without finding the right fit. As soon as he met Amy, he knew that he finally found the right person to partner with him long term. I think it says a lot of a person when they can work with high end clients but also take time to make sure their clients with a more modest budget also receive that high end treatment. She is a dedicated, thorough, knowledgeable agent who I would highly recommend to anyone.

Danielle Adams

February 16 2015

My home buying experience with Amy was extremely quick and pleasant. She is the the perfect medium between a friendly consultant and distinguished professional. Amy is by the book and informative from beginning to end. I will continue to recommend her to my friends and family.

Joshua Gonzalez

February 9 2015

My recent experience with Amy was simply AMAZING! When my fiance and I decided that it was time to buy our very first home, I knew exactly who to contact. Let it be known, Amy was initially referred to me by a good friend and helped find our first rental property after relocating to the Austin area. We were extremely happy in our rental but felt it was time to take advantage of the current state of the housing market. As soon as I contacted Amy, she listened to what we were looking for and went right to work. She explained the entire process, step-by-step, and was always readily available to answer our questions. Amy is very professional and personable to work with. She really made this a very positive experience. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends and/or family. Should we ever decide to sell, I know just who to contact!

Roland Leon Guerrero

February 2 2015

I just want to say thank you to Amy for her help with our investment property in the downtown Austin area. She added tremendous value to us throughout this process. For starters, Amy made herself available anytime we needed her assistance or had a question.  Her negotiation skills helped me get the most out of my contract including protecting my interests from any unforeseen future events .  Amy's knowledge in the real estate industry also helped me make the right decisions throughout this process.  All these attributes along with her friendly personality has made this experience productive and enjoyable.

Manny Olivas

December 5 2014

I wanted to take a moment to express our profound gratitude working with Amy throughout the process of selling our home. This is not something the typical homeowner does on a regular basis (especially us) so it is imperative that we have a partner we can wholeheartedly trust to provide the latest information and expert guidance. Amy was the consummate professional and most detailed oriented agent ever. I feel that the smooth transition and rapid time frame we accomplished would not have been possible without her professionalism and positive attitude. Both Kristin and I appreciate all that she did and would HIGHLY recommend her as an agent to anyone selling/buying a home.

Rick and Kristin Zinkl

November 5 2014

Three words that describe Amy Whitston are dependable, resourceful, and personable! She is top notch at what she does and I would totally recommend her service for anyone buying and selling a home! Thanks so much Amy for EVERY thing you did to sell our house quickly!!! You are truly fantastic! I appreciate all you've done!

Shelly Hollander

October 13 2014

Lucky for us, we found Amy Whitston on the Internet when we were looking for a new home. We established instant rapport with her from the beginning and were impressed with her professionalism. She spent several days showing us houses in the area of town we were interested in and helping us evaluate both the homes and neighborhoods. And when we found our home, Amy was invaluable in the negotiation process, acting as a true buyer's agent...not just a Realtor. She is the only Realtor we would use in the future. If you are in the market, buying or selling, call Amy. We are confident you will be glad you did.

Shirley and Ron Stringer

September 25 2014

Amy Whitston did an amazing job! From the market analysis to determining the correct asking price to the marketing and staging of our house. I have bought and sold many houses and Amy was the best. She was very quick in returning calls or text. Bottom Line, we had a contract on the home in a few days.

Ken Otis

August 11 2014

Amy is terrific. She has all the qualities I appreciate in a realtor - proactive, professional (but very friendly), and always on my side. She asked the right questions upfront and educated me through facts and experience wherever needed. Amy understood the time pressure I was under and did what it took - including working evenings and weekends - to get results. I don't live in TX, but Amy's excellent, regular communication made that a non-issue. Highly recommended.

V. Devan

July 22 2014

Amy Whitston is WAY more than a Realtor. From the beginning I knew that she would be by my side during the entire home selling process. We had a lot of work to do on our home before placing it on the market. Not only did she take care of scheduling repairs, but her resources were phenomenal and saved me thousands of dollars. I couldn't believe we were on the market so quickly! The negotiating process was no different. She is strong, assertive, smart, and a savvy negotiator. We received top dollar for our home because of her professional knowledge and skills. I found my Realtor for life and cannot thank her enough. If you want to sell or buy your home with little stress and a lot of ease, Amy is THE Realtor for you.

Dawn Gibson

June 9 2014

I love Amy Whitston! She was amazing in getting my place rented out when we moved out of Austin!!!  There are not enough words to describe how awesome my experience with her was.

In a business where experience makes the difference she definitely came through!! I was referred to Amy and she was so helpful, she came and looked at my place gave me a game plan and helped us price it out and told us that she would have it done within a week since we were in such a good location.  Literally within a week she had multiple applicants and talked me through each one and listed the pros and cons!! We found a great tenant and she helped me broker everything since I was transitioning to another city that was amazing!!!

Please use Amy for all your needs she was such a sweetheart to work with and I can't wait to do more business with her she is my go to person in Austin!!!

Amy has tons of experience and knows exactly what she is talking about, she will negotiate for you and give it to you straight so you know she isn't trying to hustle you she wants to help which is a breath of fresh air in this industry!!

Michael Quach

April 24 2014

Amy Whitston is amazzingness! I have worked closely with Amy and her buyers on numerous home purchases over the years, and cannot say enough good things. I work on the loan side of the transaction, and it is always a pleasure when I have mutual clients with Amy. I know if we need an update on a purchase contract, or whatever, Amy is always available to get what we need right away, which keeps the loan process flowing as quickly as possible, and getting our clients into their new homes sooner.

I know that her clients are taken care of, because they are my clients too, and if they weren't, I'd hear about it! With her extensive knowledge of the area, her willingness to always be available when needed, and the way she listens and explains things to her clients, she is the first person I will always refer my friends and family to :)

Buying a home is a big deal and should be a celebration! Amy makes it just that.

Julie Ann McConnell

April 24 2014

When I first started in real estate, Amy reached out to me as a fellow female investor, took me under her wing and let me know she was there to help me. She has mentored and coached many people, and they all became successful with her help and support!  In both her personal and professional relationships, Amy has integrity and she thinks outside the box. She’s freakishly knowledgeable, generous, nurturing, innovative, and hard-working. She has every real estate connection you could imagine and is happy to generously share her contacts with you and even set up initial introductions; I owe several of my best real estate connections to her! She’s assertive in achieving her—or her client's—goals. But she’s also sweet, empathetic, patient, and if you’re feeling uneasy about something, she’ll be there for you to hold your hand to slowly and gently guide you through it. Whenever I’m stumped by an issue with sales, negotiations, marketing, or even general communication, Amy is the first person I call, and she’s always receptive and happy to lend her advice. She truly has wisdom beyond her years, but she’s also so welcoming and down-to-earth, and she feels like an instant friend! You won’t be disappointed if you work with Amy in ANY capacity:  seller, buyer, landlord, renter, rehabber, owner-finance specialist, or fellow associate.

Lara F.

April 24 2014

Our experience with Amy Whitston was incredible through our house finding experience. She was always very knowledgeable and helpful. Amy treats her clients like they are her only client and she gives them 110%. Thank you Amy for all your dedication and hard work. If we are looking to buy a home again Amy will be the only Realtor we will call.

Debbie Southwick

April 24 2014

Amy Whitston was my Realtor when I purchased my first home. She was actually a replacement for another Realtor that I was not happy with. She did not have me sign a contract nor push me to purchase what she felt was beneficial for her. She worked with my schedule and drove all over the place for me. She also encouraged me look at all the available houses, just to make sure I made the right decision (Thank you for that, Amy). We had a bit of a struggle, because I only had a one week window to close on a house. She timed it perfectly, from the time we started looking to the time of closing. Amy stood by me through the entirety of the process. She has become an amazing friend, and now I want her opinion on everything home related. That is how much I trust her. I will NEVER use another realtor again. She has also inspired me to want to purchase a few rental properties. One word to describe Amy Whitston- “AMAZING”.

Robert Espinosa

April 24 2014

Amy acted as the seller agent on my behalf and did a super job marketing the property and giving me good advice on how to respond to offers I received. I didn't know it at the time but she is a Certified Negotiations Expert ; she certainly lived up to that billing when explaining my options to me and in the way she worked with the buyer's Realtor to get the best price for my property.

Gene T.

April 24 2014

Amy helped me sell my home in Round Rock within just a few weeks! She is very professional, responsive and goes above and beyond. She is a joy to work with and makes the process of selling a home so much easier and stress-free than usual. 

Cynthia S., Attorney-at-law

We recently purchased our first home with the help of Amy Whitston. We had tried purchasing a home back in 2007 with a different company, but met with too many barriers and ended up renting.  Our rental home underwent some upgrades and we were looking at a rent increase, so we decided that it may be time to try purchasing a home again.  I found Amy Whitston through a yard sign for a recently sold home in our neighborhood. This review is for the entire process which took approximately 3 months from first phone call to shortly after closing. We couldn’t be happier with the professional service that Amy provided.  She met with us to discuss our needs and wants in a house to include Location, Price, Features, etc.  From that meeting she created a listing of houses on her website that we could further filter and tailor to what we were looking for.  She also set us up with a lender who took us from pre-approval to closing (see Fairway Mortgage review). After we had created a fairly large list of houses, she followed up and took us on a tour.  During those visits she was helpful in pointing out the pros and cons of each house.  When we had decided on our own to put in an offer on one of those houses, she again was very helpful in putting in our initial offer. From our initial offer all the way through closing there were no hurdles or red tape that caused us a moment of doubt about our decision.  Amy referred us to the proper people for the inspection, as well as a window and roofing contractor to address some minor issues found during the inspection.  She took her time and explained every detail about any document we were sent.  She helped us make sure that any deadlines were met well before they were due. All of our calls, texts, and emails were returned promptly, and with the necessary information.The time and energy she put into this process was one of the main reasons we are in what we feel is the right house for us. There was a cliché I heard in an ad once, “The way car buying should be.”. That phrase was on my mind as I think back about everything that happened in order to write this review.  I highly recommend Amy Whitston if you are ever in the market for a house.

Jay and Rayel Clark

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Price, High to Low
2107 Speidel Drive - listing ID# 105703
  • $280,000
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 105703 
  • Meadows Of Blackhawk
  • 2107 Speidel Drive
  • Pflugerville, TX 78660
  •   3 BD 2 BA 1868 Sq Ft 0.17 AC
  • Residential
Office: Realty Austin Exclusive
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321 Lombardia Dr #21 - MLS# 1639100
  • $2,550
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 1639100 
  • Pinnacle At North Lakeway Condo
  • 321 Lombardia Dr #21
  • Lakeway, TX 78734
  •   3 BD 3 BA 2535 Sq Ft 0.25 AC
  • Rental
Office: Realty Austin
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15327 English River Loop - MLS# 3039219
  • $1,775
  • Active
  • MLS® #: 3039219 
  • Block House Creek
  • 15327 English River Loop
  • Leander, TX 78641
  •   4 BD 2 BA 2070 Sq Ft 0.19 AC
  • Rental
Office: Realty Austin
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The information being provided is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. Based on information from the Austin Board of REALTORS® (alternatively, from ACTRIS) from February 22nd, 2020 at 8:55am CST. Neither the Board nor ACTRIS guarantees or is in any way responsible for its accuracy. The Austin Board of REALTORS®, ACTRIS and their affiliates provide the MLS and all content therein "AS IS" and without any warranty, express or implied. Data maintained by the Board or ACTRIS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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Price, High to Low
1600 Westlake Dr - MLS# 7728148
  • $2,100,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 7728148 
  • Wagner Confirming
  • 1600 Westlake Dr
  • West Lake Hills, TX 78746
  •   5 BD 4 BA 6094 Sq Ft 3.09 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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10800 BROKEN BROOK Cv - MLS# 2711702
  • $612,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 2711702 
  • Canyon Creek
  • 10800 BROKEN BROOK Cv
  • Austin, TX 78726
  •   4 BD 4 BA 4355 Sq Ft 0.29 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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2742 Grand Oaks Loop - MLS# 1729238
  • $610,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 1729238 
  • Twin Creeks
  • 2742 Grand Oaks Loop
  • Cedar Park, TX 78613
  •   5 BD 5 BA 4522 Sq Ft 0.21 AC
  • Residential
  • Seller Represented
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320 Aspen Dr - MLS# 4322761
  • $550,000
  • Sold
  • MLS® #: 4322761 
  • Belterra
  • 320 Aspen Dr
  • Austin, TX 78737
  •   5 BD 5 BA 4381 Sq Ft 0.35 AC
  • Residential
  • Buyer Represented
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The information being provided is for consumers' personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any purpose other than to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. Based on information from the Austin Board of REALTORS® (alternatively, from ACTRIS) from February 22nd, 2020 at 8:55am CST. Neither the Board nor ACTRIS guarantees or is in any way responsible for its accuracy. The Austin Board of REALTORS®, ACTRIS and their affiliates provide the MLS and all content therein "AS IS" and without any warranty, express or implied. Data maintained by the Board or ACTRIS may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

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