Have you reached a point in your real estate career where you are stressed, inefficient, or you feel like you need to clone yourself? Are you finding there are not enough hours in the day to service your existing clients while cultivating new business? In our agent testimonial videos some of our top realtors share first-hand experiences about how joining Realty Austin helped launch their real estate careers to new levels while improving their work/life balance.


Burt Dement didn’t take a vacation for years, until he joined Realty Austin and grew his business from $13M to $25M in 2 years. Now he takes 4 vacations a year and has free time to coach his girls’ sports teams. Watch this short, 2-minute video to find out how you can live the life that you want for your family by doubling your sales and vacations at Realty Austin.

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After relocating to Austin, Mark and France Clausen were struggling to get by at their former brokerage. They joined Realty Austin and their sales took off - increasing from $3M in 2009 to $36M in 2016 - and still growing. Watch the Clausens' short story and learn why they trusted Realty Austin when failure was not an option for them.

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In the first year after joining, Melanie Fenelon’s business increased 50%, and her work/life balance improved 100%. With all the support and marketing tools at her disposal, Melanie wishes she would have made the move to Realty Austin sooner. Learn the secrets to her success by watching her short video.

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Our website generates about 4,000 leads per month, which is 50% more leads than our agents can handle! In the past year alone our agents closed over 1,100 online leads totaling over $400M of our $2B in sales. Their conversion rate was 5x the national average for online leads! Watch this short video to find out what our agents think of the quality and quantity of our leads, and learn how our leads, technology, and training helped them grow their business exponentially since joining Realty Austin.

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After growing his business from $5M to $15M in a few short years, Todd Bailey decided to take a month off to spend with his new baby. With a little help from our support staff and marketing automation systems Todd was able to enjoy his time off while his business continued to thrive. Watch this short interview to find out how Realty Austin made this possible.

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In 2014 Lockie Ealy convinced her husband Warren to join forces in building her real estate business. In their first year together this dynamic duo improved their work/life balance, enjoyed more time together and increased their sales by 122%! We understand the power of teamwork and have the systems and support staff to help you get your life back and close more business.  Watch this short video and learn how Realty Austin helped Lockie & Warren team up for success.

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Todd Grossman moved from Las Vegas to Austin in 2007, not knowing a soul here. After trying to restart his real estate career at two other firms, Todd found Realty Austin in July of 2008. In 2009, Todd was ranked #11 in the ABJ Top 25 Awards, and has continually placed in the top 10 since. Since joining Realty Austin, Todd has closed over $200M in sales by leveraging our website leads, marketing automation and support staff. Watch this short video and learn how Todd partnered with Realty Austin to become a force in the Austin luxury market.

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One of our Lake Travis agents, Sari Pearce, filmed this short video to discuss how her sales increased 5x in the 2 years since she made the move to Realty Austin. Sari explains how our online lead generation and marketing automation systems helped her work smarter; spending more time with her family and making more money than she could have ever imagined. Watch the video and learn what Sari means when she says, 'Don't be like Panda'.

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We sat down with Lisa Muñoz and filmed a short interview to find out how her life has changed since she made the move to Realty Austin back in 2011. Lisa’s career has taken off like a rocket ship. She increased her sales from $12M to $30M in only 3 years, improved her work/life balance and built a team that helped her win ABJ Top 25 and Platinum Top 50 Awards 3 years in a row. Watch this short video where Lisa explains how Realty Austin helped take her career to new heights.

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Jonathan and Yvette Boatwright share the story of how Realty Austin was born and the challenges along the way as they grew to become Austin's #1 independent brokerage. Learn what inspires Jonathan and Yvette to stay on top of the latest real estate technology and how they lead their team of 400+ agents to reach their full potential.

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